Why is 2016 Going to be the Year of Mobile Marketing?

1 commentsTuesday January 5th, 2016

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and businesses that want to stay above competition should always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Adopting new technologies can give a tremendous benefit over competitors. Business owners should also look into their pockets when thinking of incorporating a new strategy into their marketing mix. Mobile devices are becoming extremely important for business owners and it provides for exciting new ways to reach out to a wider audience.

Mobile Phone Advertising in China

Mobile Devices Quickly Replacing Desktops

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the way most people access the internet and web services. It is quickly replacing computers. With the use of these smart mobile devices, users can read a website, check email or shop while on the go. It has become the most preferred option and online retailers and business owners trying to reach out to consumers every day, ought to dedicate a part of their advertising budget to create websites that are compatible over various mobile devices. A mobile advertising agency in China can help you with this quest as they have the skilled manpower, tools and experience required for the job.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Reach Your Target Audience Accurately: Mobile marketing enables you to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing communication with a varied group of consumers. Smart phones and tables are mostly owned by one individual, which means that the marketing messages are checked in real time.

Two Way Communications: Mobile marketing is viewed as friendlier or familiar to end-users because they are generally extremely attached to their devices. Loyal customers can easily engage with their favorite brands and establish a sort of relationship. Since mobile apps ask for personal information during sign up, business owners get the personal information of its consumers which can be used to always keep them engaged by informing about the new developments or promotions.

Lower Cost: As compared to traditional marketing methods, this strategy costs much less and can be utilized by small, medium to large-scale businesses to expand their business and connect with a larger audience.

Higher Response Rate: Mobile marketing is considered to be five times more effective in terms of response rate as compared to email marketing. This translates to less media waste and higher return on investment.

Platform for Relevant Conversation: Agencies offering mobile marketing in China specializes in creating apps that are interactive and user-friendly. It gives the consumers and the business owners a platform to communicate with one another based on location and hence, makes it easier for the business owner to gauge the interests and needs of the consumers.

Digital marketing and advertising agencies offering media marketing services in China can help you with your online marketing strategies. Search for the right one that fits your budget requirement and business goals.

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[…] Digital marketing is constantly evolving and businesses that want to stay above competition should always be on the lookout for the next big thing.  […]