7 ‘Less Talked About’ Ways To Improve Your App Marketing Game

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One day, a brilliant ‘what if…’ idea struck your mind. You thought what if there was a mobile App for ‘this’ to help people do ‘that’. Seemed like a game changing idea! You hired App makers, pitched your idea, and your idea was now a reality. But just when you were jumping in joy, it dawned on you- the hard part is yet to come; App marketing!

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The fact is, even the best, high utility and amazing mobile applications fail. Why? Well for once, the App stores are super crowded and competitive (Did you know there are over 800,000 apps in the app stores?). Second, even when your app manages to grab people’s attention, few actually install it. And third, the ones who do install it- factually speaking- might uninstall it, for one reason or other, faster than you can even read these words.

So admittedly app marketing is a tough task. But not impossible, if you know how to strike few chords perfectly. While many fail to look and talk beyond ASO (App Store Optimization), here we discuss about 7 ‘less talked about’ ways that can help you improve your app marketing game. Keep reading and thank us later.

Email Newsletters– It is quite surprising that few people, even after years, undermine the power of Email marketing. Integrating your App promotion with email marketing has proved to be very rewarding. For this you need to have an emailing list; that means your business must have a website that asks for visitors’ emails. Sending about and pushing your apps through emails to these contacts, factually speaking, has seen higher installation rate.

Pushing on your website– There is a difference between letting your website visitors know that your business has an app now and pushing them to actually install it. You need to do the latter one. Run contests, offer exclusive contents, products or services, or anything that make people download your app. Good thing about this is people who visit your website are, more often than not, your target audience. Once they download your app, they are less likely to uninstall it, unless your app is really crappy.

Banking on niche forums– Niche forums are much like gold mines. Whether you are looking for customers, website traffic or installers for your app, these public, open forums are there for your aid. So pick one (or many) such forum that matches your industry or niche and promote your app strategically.

Facebook marketing– Over the years, Facebook has introduced heaps of new features for the advertisers. You can now run your app promotion campaigns (via PPC, sponsored stories, promoted posts, and Facebook exchange) quite easily. The ROI is much higher.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Twitter– Finding a KOL of any niche is hard, engaging them even harder. But once you find such person on Twitter, and they agree to promote your app, the install rate could touch moon in a matter of time.

Guest blogging– Blogging about your app on someone else’s website is a very unconventional way that only few professionals and top mobile app marketing companies excel in. First you need to find one such suitable blog (that matches your niche), write a nice and valuable blog post, in which you strategically ask the readers to install your app. If done well, your install rate could jump really high. This is one of the simplest of ways (not easy though), and often does not cost any money.

Hiring app marketing agency– DIY steps will only help you so much. If you’re really serious about your app, or the success of your whole business depends on how well your app is doing, hiring a good app marketing agency is a much better idea. There are many top mobile app marketing companies who can help your app grow and sustain in the over-competitive market quite easily.

These are the 7 ‘less talked about’ ways to up your app marketing game. Good luck!

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