3 Important Benefits of O2O Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

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Although, at large, the aim of any marketing campaign is to make sales, things have slightly changed over the past few years. Today, businesses are just as careful and concerned about building reliability and trust of their brands. It has finally dawn on them- thankfully- that to sustain their business, the age-old ‘buy, sell and leave’ rule has failure written all over it.

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And it is for this reason, there exist many brands these days, particularly in China, who are going beyond the regular online marketing efforts, with new and innovative ways, to give their customers a seamless experience. They are intensively using Online to Offline (or Offline to Online) marketing approach to build their brand value.

3 Important benefits of O2O Marketing

  1. It builds brand reputation

Among many, there are two important components of brand building. One, consistent exposure; two, storytelling. And O2O digital marketing in China provides you with both. It gives a consistent exposure to your brand in both the online and offline world. Plus, the exposure, accompanied by a relevant message, shares your brand’s personal story. These create a connection between your business and audience, which increase reputation and trust of your brand.

  1. It retains a customer for a long term

O2O campaigns build a long lasting relation between the audience and the brands. Now, with better reputation, the brand enjoys more loyalty of the customers. This eventually sustains the business and increase sales significantly.

  1. Edge the competitors

Even with the higher and sustainable ROI, not many businesses have integrated their online marketing activities with the offline operation. And this presents a big opportunity for the early adopters of O2O marketing. With the right strategies, a brand can easily edge its competitors.

These are the 3 important benefits, particularly for ecommerce businesses- of O2O digital marketing Macau, China.

6 practical tips to implement O2O marketing plan in eCommerce model

Use limited time period sales promotion to get your audience respond quicker.

Offer additional discounts and coupons to online (or offline) buyers.

Run online contests that strategically bring your potential customers to offline POS (Point of Sales).

Don’t rely on one communication channel. Instead embrace wide range of social media platforms with a robust strategy.

Use PPC campaigns intensively to boost your O2O efforts.

Organize fun events, not necessarily aiming to make direct sales but to attract new audience and build brand’s goodwill.

Of course there are many other ways to plan and implement O2O marketing strategy. Want better result? Instead of relying fully on your in-house marketing team, dial experts and professionals of digital marketing in China.

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