3 Simple (But Less Talked About) SEO Practices To Master Baidu

0 commentsThursday June 16th, 2016

To improve your ranking on Baidu’s SERP, you have heard it countless times- focus on meta title, meta description, quality content, social shares, permalink and what not. While all these practices are quite effective, they are for the rookies. If you are already jaded with these DIY tips and are ready to take your Baidu marketing knowledge up a notch, here we provide you with 3 simple- but less talked about- SEO practices to master Baidu.

SEO on Baidu

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Creating content for Baidu’s own Social Platforms

Muck like Google, Baidu has its own range of social products; be it its own version of Picasa, Blogger, Forum, Answers, Wiki and more. Although they themselves have not confirmed it (and they never will!), Baidu prefers its own user generated content (on its social platforms) over others. And this should change everything (!)- Right from your content marketing strategy to how you factor social sharing for SEO on Baidu.

You must have a definite content strategy for these Baidu’s owned products; you must improve your social engagement on these platforms and so forth.

Back links from TRUSTED websites

Okay, you’ve been told thousands (and thousands) of time to get as many back links from other platforms to your website to increase the ‘reputation’ in front of Baidu’s spiders. This was a very effective practice few years back, but same can’t be said today. Baidu has evolved and its bots understand when people are tricking the system with paid advertising (third-party) and back links network. And it penalizes the websites involved in this whole scene.

Today, for Baidu SEO, quality has become more important than quantity. It factors more ‘from where you’re getting the back links from than how many back links you get’. So, back links from reputed and trusted would benefit you more than links from little known forums, websites and directories.

Focusing on long-tail keywords over generic ones

For some rather unknown reason, very few people talk about long tail keywords when discussing Baidu SEO practises, which is quite surprising given that is what all they talk when discussing Google. Long tail keywords on this Chinese search engine have much higher conversion rate and above all, they are less competitive. So, even when you’re planning a PPC campaign, you won’t have to spend heaps.

If you’re creating content for Baidu’s social platform (like its version of Blogger), generic keywords can help you, but to drive traffic to your own website you must focus on long-tail keywords.

Use these three simples- yet non-mainstream- practices of SEO on Baidu and master the Baidu Marketing scene.

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