3 Worthy Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016 That Begs Your Attention

0 commentsTuesday July 19th, 2016

Each year brings its own set of trends- whether in fashion scene, retailing or gaming. And mobile marketing space is no different. We’re past the mid-2016 mark; a lot has happened this year already and many things continue to roll.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

While top mobile and app advertising companies have recognized these trends to befit their clients, there are many individual marketers who seem lost. Are you one of these individuals? Do you know what’s going on in the mobile marketing world? Have you incorporated the hottest (and worthys) trends to your overall marketing approach?

No, you say?

Worry not; here is 3 (very) important mobile marketing trends of 2016 that’s also going to carry on to 2017.

SERPS are listing much more than WebPages

The result pages of Google are showing much more than just the links to WebPages. Today, you will find short answers to simple questions directly on the SERP like. Plus, it also displays tweets from twitter in real time. This calls in for more efficient content and social media marketing approach. It also reinforces what Google has always said- be customer centric and you’ll do well on result pages.

Also the prominence of targeted PPC ads- particularly for long tail keywords- has increased.

Apps are converting better than mobile web

Report says Apps covert better than mobile web. For online retailers in 2015, apps converted 120 per cent better than mobile web and 20 per cent better than desktops. So if you’re still struggling with the “should I or should I not” contest regarding having a beautiful mobile application for your business, this trends clearly suggests- you should; you should immediately hire developers and app advertising companies.

The internet of me with ultra-personalized UX

While offering personalized experience has long been a key component of CRO strategies (Conversion Rate Optimization), in 2016 it has reached to new levels. The amount of data collected about the users from cross platforms and devices, and the depth of these data is simply outstanding (and even scary). These details are helping businesses to target customers on a more micro level- and the conversion is much higher.

These are the three biggest trends of 2016 as of yet. And the by the looks of it, one can easily anticipate- not only are they here to stay but rather grow intensively. So if you haven’t already slotted them in your overall mobile marketing campaigns, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. If anything, you should dial a good digital marketing companies to help you bank on these trends more efficiently.

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