4 Practical Ways To Level-Up Your Social Media Marketing Game In China

0 commentsMonday July 25th, 2016

Marketing in China is a bit complex that does not always vouch high ROI. No wonder majority of brands- local and global- hire professional agencies of social media marketing in China. However, if you have planned to head in this direction by yourself, there are few tips and practices that you can follow to smoothen up your path.

So without much of the delay, here are 4 practical (and effective) ways to level-up your social media marketing game in China-

  1. Don’t be on all platforms

One thing great about social platforms of China is that you really don’t need to be everywhere. Different platforms have different kind of user base. You just have to know about your target audience and then identify the right platform accordingly. Like, if you’re targeting the young high-schoolers and college-goers, RenRen is a much popular and sensible choice for you, given its large young user base.

  1. Don’t overlook Baidu’s social platforms

Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. But it also has many open and social platforms that unfortunately many people overlook. Tieba and Zhidao are its two major social communities. In both of them, you can create small communities and answer questions (much like Yahoo’s Q/A). These platforms are quite good to segment your audience in different groups and target them individually.

  1. Care about quality… but also about the quantity

You have heard it timeless time- ‘quantity over quality’. However, with social media platforms of China, quantity is just as important. These platforms aren’t as smart as, say, Facebook to identify and prioritize relevant posts. To stay ahead of your competitors and to be more visible to the audience, you need to maintain a consistency in your postings.

  1. Use PPC campaigns when it makes sense

Social PPC campaigns have become an integral part of marketing strategy. So you must set out a portion of your budget for it; and should intensively promote, particularly the posts that have a higher in-return value, with a definite CTA. Besides, people in China are more likely to respond positively to paid ads. So often, given you have followed the basics, you are assured of maximum ROI.

These are the 4 very simple ways to help you boost your social media approach in the Chinese market. However, to see better result from your investment, it is better you hire a good social media agency in China.

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