5 Marketing Approach to Expand Your Brand Influence in Russia

0 commentsWednesday August 3rd, 2016

Web marketing in Russia, at large, is a tad complex. However things are even more difficult for international brands looking to expand their influence in this country. The digital rule of this land is simple- don’t follow any rule!

And this often leaves some people with a clueless face, lost into why’s, how’s, and what’s.

Russia Digital Marketing

If you’re one of them, good thing is you’ve got us by your side. Here are 5 winning digital marketing approach to scale your business in Russia easily-

  1. Let go of the western marketing strategies and notions

Over the years, Russia has managed to have a very distinctive digital marketing space from the rest of the world. The current trend in the western countries might NOT hold true in this country. Like for example, in USA, video content for marketing is on the rise and while referral marketing is on the decline. However, this trend is not very much true in the digital space of Russia. So, you should- in fact, you must- let go of all the marketing notions of the western world when in Russia.

  1. Have multiple marketing approaches even for the same target audience

Russia is a HUGE country, expanded well over 17.1 million square kilometer. Meaning, different sub-divisions have different kind of population or consumers. Like for example, the internet-use congestion in and around Moscow is very high, while places on the rim like Chukotka and Murmansk has a low internet penetration.

So even if you’re targeting younger consumers, you must have different marketing approach for consumers on the basis of their geographic location, internet usage and browsing habits.

  1. Segment your target audience on the basis of what social platforms they use

The digital space of Russia is big and wide, with too many local social media websites, including the popular ones- Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. Although for a wider reach and better exposure, it might look like a good practice to be busy on multiple platforms, we advise to limit yourself on selected few platforms.

Know your exact target audience. Segment them in different groups on the basis of the social media platforms they use- i.e. who use VK, who use Facebook and so forth. Whichever platform has larger portion of your target audience, spend most of your time only on them.

  1. Have a definite SEO strategy for Yandex

Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia, followed by Google. It enjoys 54 per cent of search engine market penetration. So given its wider reach, it is rather essential to have a well defined SEO approach for Yandex; like keywords planning, content and PPC strategy. Also, you must be well adept with all the latest and effective SEM practices.

  1. Make your overall strategy fun and convenient

In a research of 2014, it showed that 65 per cent of Russians consider online shopping as ‘routine’ as opposed to 53 per cent globally. And only 16 per cent of them ‘enjoy’ shopping, compared to 26 per cent globally. Adding a flavor of fun to your Russia Digital Marketing strategy could give you a significant edge over the competitors and glue your audience to your brand even more.

Making web based games for VK is a great choice; using unique content strategy by including infographics makes data consumption very convenient. Plus, having an App for your business opens-up plenty of doors to make your marketing strategy more fun and convenient.

These are the 5 marketing approach to help your brand/company expand its reach in the consumer market of Russia easily. For better ROI though, it is recommended to go for Russia Digital Marketing agencies.

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