5 Types of Popular App Advertising Campaigns

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In the last few years, the mobile advertising space has grown a lot and apps are a pretty new phenomenon which is growing leaps and bounds. App marketing companies are growing in a great manner, and advertising through apps is growing a lot. A lot of revenues are generated with the help of varied display formats. App marketing agencies make use of varied mobile ad networks these days. Read and find out about the 5 various kinds of app advertising campaigns on the basis of ad formats.

App Marketing Companies

Banner Ads

Mobile Banner ads happen to be one of the commonest ad formats used by mobile advertising networks. Such kinds of ads are either displayed at the bottom or the top of an app screen. As banner ads can convey information very fast, these are used a lot and found to be effective in displaying brand messages.

Interstitial Ads

As the name indicates, these are displayed in-between or within transition points in apps. This can be at the time of launch or after levels have been completed, whether in the form of video pre-roll or a gaming app. These are full-screen advertisements and are more complex in comparison.

Video Ads

These ads are used by many app advertising companies, and have optimal scope of shining in future. Video ads are attractive and attention-grabbing for viewers. Such kinds of ads are in the form of standard video commercials which promote an item which can be displayed within the app. Given the popularity of video content, and the rise in percentage of video content viewers, video ads are becoming more and more famous among users. Marketers are increasingly finding these ads to be better for conveying information to users within a shorter time span.

Rich Media Ads

These types of ads provide users with the most superior experience via multimedia experiences which is more than simply videos, pictures, animations or text. These ads convey a lot of information in a more effectual manner than standard banner ads. The extra multimedia elements also make the ads more interesting and attention grabbing. But it leads to better engagement, bigger conversions and click-through rates.

Reward Ads

Also referred to as Incentivized ads, these provide users with promotional offers, coupons and more for downloading apps. Such kinds of ads make applications more interactive by providing users with incentives for achievements in-app. This ensures a proper way to enhance app engagement.

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