6 Outdated Baidu Ranking Factors That You STILL Follow (But Shouldn’t)

0 commentsWednesday July 6th, 2016

Baidu came into existence in 2000. And it has evolved significantly since then. But even today some people hold the same outdated notions of this leading Chinese search engine, in regards to SEO, as if it’s 2010. And the worst part is many new webmasters fall for these outdated concepts, plan their Baidu marketing approach accordingly and end up doing more harm to their websites than good.

SEO on Baidu

Wondering if you’re doing the same mistakes? Following the same outdated practices? Following the same flawed SEO techniques?

Here are 6 obsolete Baidu ranking factors that you should STOP following-

Quantity over quality– Prioritizing quantity over quality, in any regard- blogs, articles, inbound links, outbound links, keywords usage and more- is a thing of the past and cannot trick Baidu anymore.

UX is not as important– There was a time when webmasters would make and run websites for search engines and not for the users. The result was poor quality websites with worst UX. This wasn’t much of the deal until Baidu started factoring Users’ Experience. So consider UX in everything you do.

Less priority to mobile-friendliness– Just like Google, Baidu has become just as strict about the responsiveness of the websites. They must be smooth and mobile friendly. And if you don’t start prioritizing this factor, stay prepared to see a downfall in your ranking.

Running after high keyword density– Ah, those days when ranking high on Baidu’s SERP was just as easy as Keyword Stuffing. Good days, weren’t they? Sadly, it doesn’t work now. In fact, do that today and your website might end up getting penalized.

Keyword stuffing in Meta tags– The relevance of Meta tags is always a topic of heated debates, whether on Baidu, Google, Bing or Yandex. Regardless, one thing is crystal clear- stuffing keywords in Meta titles and Meta description is pretty useless. And by an extent, it just jinxes CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Too many outbound links– Getting many links from other websites is a dream of webmasters. And it does help, largely. But quality of the outbound links has become more important than the quantity. Getting links from third-grade webpages and platforms do no good. If anything, it reduces the credibility of your website. So it’s 2016; please say goodbyes to link farms and useless directories.

These are the 6 outdated Baidu ranking factors that you should immediately stop running after. Give up these practices and root for techniques that are actually going to work. Still confused? Dial a good marketing agency and bank on their professional and affordable service of SEO on Baidu.

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