7 Mobile Marketing Tips For New Bloggers To Boost Conversion

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From being a pastime hobby to becoming a full-fledge profession, blogging sure has come a long way. Today we have millions of influencers who make their full-time income from their personal blogs.

Did you know, 2 million blog posts are written every day? THAT. IS. TOO. MANY.

Mobile Marketing Trends

While as commendable as your dreams are to become a professional blogger, given the crowd, things aren’t as smooth as you have made to be believed. This profession isn’t a quick money scheme. To succeed, aside working like a workhorse (with some privileges though), you must be smart as well.

You don’t have to be a ‘marketing pro’ to get decent amount of traffic on your blog. However, you must know a thing or two in order to edge the competition and leverage on your target audience effectively.

Since it’s a digital world of Smartphone users, here are 7 golden mobile marketing tips for you- a new blogger- to boost your conversion rate easily.

  1. Clean and simple navigation with single column theme

As opposed to the computers, the display of Smartphone is quite small. This means, it is more than important for your website to have a clean interface and easy navigation for the mobile users. A single column blog is lightweight, quick and easily navigable. So go for them rather than magazine-style themes and templates.

  1. Responsive design—and no separate mobile-friendly version of your blog

While there are many who recommend having a separate mobile-friendly version of the blogs, you shouldn’t necessarily follow it. A responsive design is a way to go for the new bloggers. If you have managed to scale your blog with thousands of daily visitors, you can hire development and mobile marketing companies to take your game up a level, with different versions of your blogs. Till then, focus on the just the one.

  1. Be strategic in your content creation

For bloggers, content is everything, even when offering physical products than digital ones. So you must create great content—to genuinely help your audience and to promote your products and services— consistently. However, you have to be a bit strategic here. While mobile marketing trends suggest that long, in-depth write-ups of <2000 words perform far better than the shorter version of 200, 300 words, you must specifically consider the mobile users. Depending on your content, their attention span might not be as long as the PC users; they might prefer images, infographics and videos over texts. So understand your audience needs in respect to your contents.

  1. A clear Call To Action (CTA) buttons

Whether you are selling a product, a service and want the viewers to subscribe to your newsletter, you must have a clean and clear CTA button. You must tell the readers what exactly do you want them to do and how exactly do you want them to response. So stress and push (but with caution) your Call To Action buttons.

  1. Content first, content second, advertisement third

Banner advertisements are a big source of income for the new bloggers. Even with a very small PPC rate, if the blog is getting a decent amount of traffic and has the ads placed on the right spots, return could be plenty. But with mobile users, you must be careful. Too many banners will look spammy and will overshadow your content—something for which the visitors are on your blog in the first place. Small and limited banners and in-text ads is a great option. But be careful with the later one; use it improperly and you might end up penalized by Google.

  1. Avoid pop-ups and offer easy opt-out option for everything

Pop-ups look a great way to display advertisements, offers, subscription forms and products. But for mobile users, particularly the ones who aren’t using high-end Smartphone, it could get annoying. Slider plugins (if you’re using WordPress) is a better alternative. Regardless, whichever way you head, give your visitors the option to opt-out of everything. You don’t want to be too pushy and trap them with your offerings. Give them options.

  1. Split testing again and again and then again

You can follow many tips, read books and replicate successful blogs, but what will work for you would be unique to your blog, niche, audience and competitors. Maybe others in your niche are making big money selling e-books. This might not necessarily work for you. Considering your content and overall approach, a digital course for your readers might be a better source of revenue for you. So conduct A/B testing for your mobile using audience regularly. Know what’s working—and most importantly, what’s not.

These 7 simple and practical tips— highly recommended by top mobile marketing companies—can easily help you boost your conversion rate of your blog even in the highly competitive market.

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