7 Ways To Recover From High Cart Abandonment Rate (E-Commerce Guide 101)

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One of the biggest marketing fails for e-commerce businesses is that they solely focus on promoting their brands or products through various channels like SEO and social media marketing. While in the process they do somehow manage to increase their visibility, their sales rate somehow remains low.

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Two facts—did you know?

About 48 per cent of Visitors on e-commerce websites never actually buy.

63 per cent of customers abandon their online carts for one reason or other.

The number clearly suggests that increasing your visibility or visitors shouldn’t be as much your concern as ensuring the visiting prospects do convert into (repeated) buying customers. Metrics like Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and caring about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) becomes too important to ignore.

Unless you have a top ecommerce business consultant by your side, chances are you too have a high cart abandonment rate. Dig in the Google and Baidu Analytics to find how much in water your business is. And soon get back into recovering from it with these 7 ways.

Ecommerce Platform- 7 tweaks to reduce you high cart abandonment rate

Have option for guest checkout– Shoppers hate when they have to create an account just to buy, say a pair of shoes. So have different checkout options for these guests who don’t usually shop at you e-commerce platform.

Encourage Review– Reviews influence buying decisions significantly. So have an easy review system on your platform. Encourage people to leave comments and star your products.

Cut Shipping Charge– 28 per cent shoppers abandon their online cart when charged unexpected shipping cost. So weed out this cost, even if it means increasing the price of your products.

Have a secure checkout process– When entering the credit card numbers and passwords, people needs full assurance that their details are kept safe and secured. So have a reliable and reputed online checkout system.

Cut down unnecessary checkout steps– The longer the checkout process the longer time you’re giving to the prospects to change their buying decision. So exclude the unnecessary steps and keep the process short and uncomplicated.

Retarget visitors with PPC– Retargeting the abandoned visitors have become a very popular practice today, recommended by top ecommerce consulting services So have a definite PPC campaign strategy and retarget the lost prospects easily.

Offer quick delivery– Long delivery period is a big conversion killer. So expand your distribution channels or do business with only reputed shipping companies who offer quick delivery.

Use these 7 tweaks to trim down your cart abandonment rate and boost your conversion. Or better, for tailored and more effective solutions, dial a good ecommerce business consultant.

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