Are You Making These 5 Baidu SEO Mistakes?

0 commentsFriday May 13th, 2016

With over 660 million monthly active mobile users, Baidu is one of the golden platforms for businesses to penetrate into the consumer market of China pretty easily. But many make some rather rookie mistakes with their Baidu marketing. Here we list 5 such mistakes that people make when planning their promotion strategies for this leading Chinese search engine. Which one are you making?

Not Prioritizing Baidu Paid Search

Many people, still hung up with the rules of ‘Google SEO’, fail to realize that Baidu is different and that it highly prioritize paid searches. Organic searches are important, but so are paid searches. So you must be ready to spend a good portion of your budget in Baidu PPC campaigns. One good news here though is that people in China are more likely to click on paid links. So a better ROI is assured for your PPC investment.

Slow and Lagging Website

Visitors don’t like slow and lagging WebPages and neither do Baidu search spiders. If your website loads slowly, not only will it rank low on SERP, but can also get penalized. A good measure here is to compress your website’s files. If you can’t, contact web development agencies, they can help you with this easily.

Not Integrating Your Content Marketing with SEM

Your website will rank better on Baidu if you keep it updated all the time; updated with blogs and new contents. This means you must have a definite content marketing strategy and it must be integrated with the Biadu Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

No Back Links From Trusted Websites

Backlinks are the backbone of Baidu SEO, but there are few things that you must be considerate here. Backlinks from one reputed and popular website will yield you far better result than 50 backlinks from unknown WebPages. And this is one of the common mistakes that many people make- caring about backlinks, but prioritizing ‘from reputed website’ less.

Trying To Do Things All By Yourself

This Chinese search Engine is a bit complex and it requires much more than few simple DIY to succeed. If you’re not a SEM professional yourself, you should contact one. Trying to do all by yourself will not only not give you optimum results, but will also cut back the precious time that you should otherwise spend on making or improving your products and services. So contact a good digital marketing agency to take care of your Baidu SEO strategies.

These are the five very common mistakes that people make when making their Baidu marketing strategies. Avoid them, and you’re good to go.

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