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0 commentsWednesday September 20th, 2017

Our service
Being the international headquarter of Greater China’s number one digital and public relations firm, BlueFocus Group, DT Digital adopts a holistic approach to promote your brand to the Chinese market. It is always essential to go localised, hence we offer specialised tools dedicated to the Greater China marketing including:

• QQ Marketing
• Baidu Marketing
• Wechat Marketing
• Sina Weibo Marketing
• RenRen Marketing

Our work
Durex – Massage oil products
Digital marketing save the Chinese audiences the embarrassment of talking about sex in the public. With our interactive video, the public are encouraged to understand the production information and stimulate instant online sales. Achievements of our campaign include:

• Over 70,000 users interacted with the video online within and after 14 days on the social platforms
• Average visit length being 6 minute plus
• Associated searches in the Baidu search engine amplified to over 1.6 million from zero
• single product sales augmented within two months and reached over 10,000 units
• Sales on the digital forum escalated thrice as much other sales

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