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Three questions-

1. Can you name the most popular and effective social media platform in Russia for brand building?
2. Can you name the biggest search engine platform in Russia and its per cent of market share?
3. Can you confirm any one big trend in the e-commerce market of Russia?
If you answered the above questions right (without Googling), you’re good at digital marketing Russia; if not, you might want to dial someone who is good at it and can help you capture the digital scene and consumer market of this country.
And when you’re looking for that ‘someone’, DT Digital Asia is your best bet.

Our service of SEO marketing in Russia will boost your presence on Yandex

While there are companies of internet marketing in Russia who focus majorly on Google and Yahoo, DT Digital Asia believe Yandex should be the topmost priority. Why? For once, Yandex has a 62 per cent online search market share in Russia, with also having a stronghold in the neighboring countries like Ukraine, Poland and Turkey. Second, Yandex is the 4th biggest search engine platform in the world.

The numbers and facts shows there is a huge pool of potential consumers that can be engaged and converted with right and effective strategies and campaigns.

But the problem is that not only Yandex is different, but also the way people in Russia communicates, engage and convert is different, which requires standalone marketing strategies and campaigns for effective result and better ROI, which DT Digital Asia provides.

We understand the scene of social media marketing in Russia

You should know the scene of social media marketing in Russia is a bit different. From vKontakte being the most popular platform to Odnoklassniki and Instagram being the favorite hubs for the young internet users- if you’re still following the traditional and clichéd DIY social media marketing guides and hoping to capture the Russian digital and consumer market, you will be disappointed.

And this is where we come in. Our specialized range of services of social media marketing in Russia is two-fold:

• Catering the local brands and businesses to grow and expand their reach.
• Helping the overseas and international brands venture and capture the Russian market.
We understand that Russian home-grown platforms like vKontakte, Moi Mir, and Odonklassniki are just as important as top social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Your ‘go to’ E-commerce consultant in Russia

DT Digital Asia boasts years experience and a big team of professionals who specializes in the e-commerce services in Russia. The scope of our services is very wide. We make use of all the major and relevant platforms- vKontakte, Yandex, Google, and more- and intensively push for cross platform and multi-channel promotion for better results.

Our strategies are unique and different that caters the specific needs and demands of the different clients. So whether you own a grocery e-retail, jewelry or clothing- DT Digital Asia assures for the best of results.

All in all, we blend our social media approach with the overall digital marketing strategies, whether incorporating them with SEO and PPC campaigns or in content and contextual marketing. This ensures an all-round performance and growth for our clients and optimum ROI.

So don’t stress over ‘what’ ‘why’ and ‘how’; bank on the paramount of expertise and experience of DT Digital Asia for all your digital marketing Russia needs. Maximum ROI is assured!

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