SEO For Baidu- 13 Underrated Ranking Factors Of This Chinese Search Engine

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The land of search engines is sort of mysterious. Ranking factors are not known for sure but only guessed. The only difference is with newbie’s it’s more like ‘shooting in the dark’ and with professionals the guesses are tried, tested and tried again.

SEO for Baidu

While the internet is filled with all the guess works regarding ranking factors that mighty Google consider, we thought why not do those for another mighty, of Chinese market, Baidu? Only difference, we’re not going to guess but ‘state’; and we’re not going to bore you with clichés (like title tags, quality contents, regular updates, meta description and so on).

So here are 13 underrated ranking factors of SEO for Baidu (If you own Baidu SEO guide book, you might want to jot down these points)-

Using censored words– Chinese authorities keep a strict check on internet and regularly censor websites and contents. If you’re using keywords that are blacklisted by them, your website can be penalized.

TLD extension– Baidu prefers local TLD extension; that would be .cn

Web hosted in China– Websites hosted on China based server get better ranking on Baidu SERP.

Link Building– Link building is a very (VERY) common practice. But what’s difference between Google and Baidu is that the latter one cares more about quantity over quality. So you can grace your head with ‘black hat’ for a bit.

Outbound links– Linking to other TRUSTED websites gives Baiduspider bots an idea about what your website and content is about more clearly and easily.

Inbound links– You will be benefitted far more if you’re getting inbound links from authority or popular websites.

Social Share– Although it is not yet confirmed but the amount of shares your content gets on platforms like Weibo and RenRen positively impacts your ranking. So having a Baidu share plugin is a good idea.

Trouble crawling JavaScript– Baidu’s bots have trouble crawling JavaScript and Flash. So if possible, avoid them as a whole. If not, make sure your important contents or keywords are not in JavaScript and Flash.

Sub Domains (and multiple domains)– Pointing multiple domains to one website does not appeal Baidu; neither does it like sub domains. So having ‘’ is a better idea over ‘blog.your’.

ICP license– Your website needs to have Internet Content Publishing (ICP) license in order to appear on Baidu. Period. Getting the license usually take about a month.

SEO and PPC integration– Even after years the line between organic and paid search results on Baidu is blurred. They appear nearly similar on SERP. So it would pay you off well if you integrate your SEM strategies with Baidu advertising or PPC campaigns more intensively. The conversion rate would be much higher.

New content over old content– For Google, you can regularly update or republish old posts or pages for better SEO; this is not the case with Baidu. It prefers new contents over old (republished ones regardless how popular or how much traffic they got in the past).

Broken links– Having too many broken links will push your website at the back of SERPs. It gives a sense to the search spiders that the site is abandoned and not updated regularly.

These are the 13 important but underrated SEO Baidu factors. Of course there are few other ranking factors that have low to high impact on SERPs, like 301 directs, URL paths, Webpage layouts, site architecture, and so on. If it’s all too much for you to care about and you’re quite serious about SEO for Baidu– which you should, given this platform has over 650 million monthly active mobile search users- you should get in touch with a dedicated digital marketing agency.

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