The Dynamic SEO Scenario in China

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Chinese digital marketing landscape has been ever evolving and the search engine companies have been one of the most energized players in the industry. The global search engine scenario is very different from Chinese SEO and online marketing services. The searching experts reveal consumers in China are more inclined toward using China based and other local search engines than the US and UK dominated ones. Statistically, over 75 percent searches are made on the China based search engines.

The Market Scenario of Search Engine In China

Search Engine In China

As per the recent surveys conducted, the total transaction value of China search engine industry was RM B16.26 billion, which is 2.63 billion in US$. This study also shows a hike of 3.7 percent from the third quarter of 2014, while the total transaction exceeded over 45 percent according to the authorized data. Some authentic surveys also showed the dramatic change in search engine operation and optimization in China, happened most in the year 2013, with many other search engine companies cropping up, breaking the monetization in the industry of single SEO company in China to a decent extent of 10 percent.

Struggle of Global Google In China

Global Google In China

One of the most dominating search engines worldwide has not been quite comfortable in China. In fact struggling from 2010 early days after its shutdown by another market giant of China. The 2013 charts declare less than  2.88 percent market share in terms of searches here. The Google Hong Kong search engine have been partially blocked by China’s internet and digital censorship authorities.

Domestic Competition of SEO Market In China

Competition of SEO Market In China

Afore mentioned SEO market is playing a dynamic role in the digital marketing industry, which is definitely a good sign. But this has cropped in a lot of competition with smaller digital marketing companies taking their stances in the field and giving a good competition. Research results also show significant rise of over 32 percent SEO market share while the giant Chinese search engine decreasing to 63 percent from 71 percent in 2013.

Online Marketing Services In China

Online Marketing

While SEO services get more and more active in China, Online marketing is another and in fact the unavoidable stance in digital marketing, because most of the components of digital marketing fall under the online marketing.  Online marketing in the current scenario is getting mobile centric, constantly making searches more app friendly at user’s finger tips. Besides, online marketing services in China promote locally used language and local keywords. It is needless to remind, China stands with the world’s biggest internet user base with 513 million people that is double that of United States of 245 million users. From blogs, micro-blogs to other online communities surveys reveal,  Chinese tech savvies with smartphones use their internet every six minutes summing up a total five hours a day.

Terrific Trends Of Online Digital Marketing In China

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China undeniably today stands as one of the most powerful and largest online communication industry attracting millions of global brands. The impressive chain of digital marketing companies here are consistently growing in number and quite rapidly.

Digital Marketing:

In fact digital marketing has changed the trends of the marketing mix in China making a huge influence on the marketers. To understand the marketing strategies and if they are being successful it is significant to learn about the current scenario in marketing field and the media landscape closely.

Trends in the different digital marketing companies in China:

1. One of the biggest Chinese apparel brand with the help of evolving online digital marketing in China gets their street story go viral through the social networking forums. This fashion apparel brands in China, used the popular Tencent Street showcasing their latest fashion clothing line, turning the busy street into a fashion ramp. This was for a new campaign. This street fashion show earned more than 20,000,000 view online, unlike the usual Fashion Weeks that highlights the stage extravaganza and caters to only the elite audiences. But this Chinese mega brand made it for the digital savvy youth bagging huge success than any Fashion Week before.

Digital Media

2. A national survey in China reveals, each adult in an average spend at least 40 minutes, twice a day time in total reading messages news and more in their smartphones from the latest social apps like We Chat. So one of the big Chinese brand have recently joined the WeChat a big social media giant for their brand positioning advertisements. In fact this is the first Spirits brand selected to advertise on the WeChat platform among many other global prestigious brands. As result, this mega Spirits brand quintupled their passionate followers, which is indeed remarkable.

Digital Marketing

3. Various Chinese fashion apparel brands who have been quite popular in the digital world with shopping website are taking yet another step, reaching the next level of digital media boom. These shopping websites are going app! With smart photo messaging apps available in smartphones, some of the online apparel stores have already invested to a social app called SnapChat making an investment over $200million.

Digital Marketing Company

4. Growing more and more local, the digital marketing companies in China are promoting local contents, local news, even using local language, which helps in engaging customers way better. Instead of following the international standard Chinese websites have indulged hugely in using the local SEO optimization and local paid search marketing services of China. A lot of local slangs, and local keywords are use as well. Changing trend also reveal how the digital marketers interact one-on-one even when they focus on the mass reach.

Online Marketing

5. The biggest Chinese web services company transitioned from a PC-centric company to a mobile-centric company making a huge turnover in 2014. The giant is also of the opinion, mobile’s monetization rate will get more vigorous and stay active throughout 2015.