With Baidu and Weibo the Scenario of Internet Marketing In China Is Very Different

1 commentsTuesday January 19th, 2016

With global giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter banned, the internet world of China is rather complex and somewhat different from the rest of the world. But before we jump on that, let’s look at two important facts here-

Internet Marketing In China

  • China has over 668 millions internet users, as of 2015;
  • It has over 24 percent global internet share;

These mind-numbing numbers are sufficient to make someone realize the prevalence of Internet in Chinese people’s lives. And this also means a business- big or small- without an impeccable online presence is like a needle in the haystack- lost in the competitive crowd, bound to fail.

And this is why marketing agency China plays such a crucial role. They use different internet channels and methods- search engines, social media, email and PPC marketing, brand building- to help business gain exposure in the market, and hence grow easily and conveniently.

Internet marketing in China is different

Google and Facebook are the biggest search engine and social media platforms, respectively, in the world. But when it comes to China, they are banned. This- an over billion people- nation has its own search engines and social media platforms that have their own programs, coding and algorithms, which needs different internet marketing china strategies and campaigns to succeed.

Search engine– Baidu is the most used search engine in this country with 71.35 market share, followed by Sogou. Unlike Google, where high quality back-links are the backbone of SEO, Baidu prioritize paid advertising the most. It doesn’t uniquely distinct between paid and organic search except with few faded margins. This means, the more you spend on advertisings, the more influencing you will be on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And for this, a whole different PPC campaign needs to planned and strategized.

There are few other areas where Baidu differs from Google and other global search engines, like-

  • They favor websites in Mandarin;
  • They actively censor web contents; and
  • A website/business is better off if they are using local web host and domain services.

Social Media– Banned, Facebook and Twitter does not trend in China. There’s an alternative for them – Weibo, a micro-blogging website- that has over 222 million subscribers and 100 million daily users. This platform does not have any ‘trending’ list and the businesses have to depend a lot on Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote their brand name, products and services. Weibo also offer different formats, styles and themes to make the profile more attractive and complementary to the business. There are few other features of this Chinese social media giant that requires a good and reputable marketing agency China to get the best and optimum result from marketing and promotional campaigns.

So if you think you can handle your business’s internet marketing in China successfully all by yourself, it’s very difficult- if not impossible; for the methods and strategies are way different from that of that of the rest of the world’s. So connect with a professional today.

A Brief Look into the Mobile App Marketing Scenario in China

1 commentsThursday January 14th, 2016

Although China was a little slow to warm up to the smartphone revolution that has captured the rest of the world, the country has now more than 500 million registered users and this has certainly grasped the attention of business owners in this part of the world. With its rapidly progressing mobile infrastructure and growth of ecommerce prospects, China is one of the fastest expanding centers in the world in terms of app development and app marketing. The local and international businesses operating in this part of the world are now readily hiring the services of experts who can offer them mobile app marketing in China. In regards to the current state of affairs, there are certain crucial areas that are needed to be discussed.

Mobile Phone Advertising in China

Critical challenges of mobile app marketing in China

The app market in China operates somewhat differently than it does in USA or Europe. This poses some serious challenges for companies who are looking to achieve success with their mobile app marketing strategy. While the mobile infrastructure of China is fast improving, it is still at its nascent stage and therefore lacks certain benefits that are otherwise common in certain other parts of the world. Business houses that aim to launch and promote an app in the app stores have found that they need to work with a monetization model that is suitable for their specific needs and helps in overcoming the technical challenges associated with the Chinese market. This also helps in making sure that the product or the app is unique and is not imitated by another competitor.

Android users and Android apps rule the Chinese market

Statistics reveal that more consumers in China are prone to use Android smartphones and only a third of the overall market show preference for iOS phones. Other smartphone devices that run Windows, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems have even lesser figures. This means that companies that aim to appeal to users in the Chinese market need to target Android smartphones as their first choice. It is also believed that Android run devices will grow further in numbers in the near future. A mobile marketing agency in China looking to achieve substantial success in this scenario should focus on developing optimum marketing strategies for the Android platform.

It is therefore no surprise that local and multinational companies operating in China are now working their way to capture the market that is predominantly dominated by Android smartphone users. In such circumstances, the demand for an experienced service provider offering expertise on mobile app marketing and mobile phone advertising in China among business houses have skyrocketed to the top.

The Role Of Social Media Marketing In China’s Growing Market

1 commentsTuesday January 12th, 2016

China is one of the most important economies in the Asian zone and therefore it is hardly surprising that companies of the west looking to expand their businesses in this part of the world often look to operate their enterprises in various Chinese cities. Like in the west, the Chinese territories have seen enormous expansion in the recent years in terms of computer technology, internet, smartphone technology and ecommerce. People in China also love to stay in touch with their loved ones and share interesting news and information about the latest happenings. However, the trends of social media in China are quite different from what they are in the rest of the world. Hence it is of utmost importance for a company in the west to be well aware of the China social media marketing trends before beginning to operate its business functions here.

Common social media trends in China

While most business houses in the west would target the leading social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, in China such strategies would hardly produce the expected response from the mainstream market. Although it is true that there are many Chinese men and women who also use these social media platforms, the bulk of the Chinese population prefer using a different set of channels for staying in touch with each other. Some of the most widely used social media sites in China include Sina Weibo, Tencent’s QZone, Kaixin, Renren, Tencent Weibo and Tencent’s Pengyou. A social marketing company in China who regularly works with local and international businesses in China to improve their prospects knows this fact very well and accordingly develops marketing strategies to draw prospective users via these channels.

Advantages of working with social media marketing firms in China

A company offering social media services in China can educate international business firms about the mindset of the local people and help them to formulate advertisement and marketing campaigns that appeal to their target audience. Without the requisite knowledge on social trends in China, it would be impossible for any business house to have the strong impact that they ideally want to achieve. As more business houses are choosing to set up their centers in this part of the world, the demand for companies offering social media marketing China is increasing. Many such companies are now collaborating with large multinational firms to improve their prospects. This is not only helping the international businesses but also expanding the horizons for the social media marketing companies in China.

Why is 2016 Going to be the Year of Mobile Marketing?

1 commentsTuesday January 5th, 2016

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and businesses that want to stay above competition should always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Adopting new technologies can give a tremendous benefit over competitors. Business owners should also look into their pockets when thinking of incorporating a new strategy into their marketing mix. Mobile devices are becoming extremely important for business owners and it provides for exciting new ways to reach out to a wider audience.

Mobile Phone Advertising in China

Mobile Devices Quickly Replacing Desktops

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the way most people access the internet and web services. It is quickly replacing computers. With the use of these smart mobile devices, users can read a website, check email or shop while on the go. It has become the most preferred option and online retailers and business owners trying to reach out to consumers every day, ought to dedicate a part of their advertising budget to create websites that are compatible over various mobile devices. A mobile advertising agency in China can help you with this quest as they have the skilled manpower, tools and experience required for the job.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Reach Your Target Audience Accurately: Mobile marketing enables you to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing communication with a varied group of consumers. Smart phones and tables are mostly owned by one individual, which means that the marketing messages are checked in real time.

Two Way Communications: Mobile marketing is viewed as friendlier or familiar to end-users because they are generally extremely attached to their devices. Loyal customers can easily engage with their favorite brands and establish a sort of relationship. Since mobile apps ask for personal information during sign up, business owners get the personal information of its consumers which can be used to always keep them engaged by informing about the new developments or promotions.

Lower Cost: As compared to traditional marketing methods, this strategy costs much less and can be utilized by small, medium to large-scale businesses to expand their business and connect with a larger audience.

Higher Response Rate: Mobile marketing is considered to be five times more effective in terms of response rate as compared to email marketing. This translates to less media waste and higher return on investment.

Platform for Relevant Conversation: Agencies offering mobile marketing in China specializes in creating apps that are interactive and user-friendly. It gives the consumers and the business owners a platform to communicate with one another based on location and hence, makes it easier for the business owner to gauge the interests and needs of the consumers.

Digital marketing and advertising agencies offering media marketing services in China can help you with your online marketing strategies. Search for the right one that fits your budget requirement and business goals.

4 E-Commerce Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

1 commentsSaturday January 2nd, 2016

E-commerce has boomed all over the world in the past couple of years primarily due to the rise in mobile internet access and improvements across payment and delivery structures. There is no doubt that e-commerce is going to drive growth for a country’s economy. If you are someone starting out in the online commerce market and worried about how to reach out to the billions of people around the world with your website, fear not. Here is a list of five e-commerce marketing trends of 2016 to be included into your marketing mix.

E-commerce services in China

#1 2016 is Going to be the Year of Mobile E-commerce

A surge in the number of Smartphone’s and internet users is really giving a boost to e-commerce. The rise of content marketing is directly related to this trend. Thanks to Android-based platforms, even low-income segments are now able to afford a smart phone. A lot of brands are already trying to use content marketing to connect with and engage customers on mobile, and eventually convert readers into buyers. A lot of online retailers have already shifted their marketing efforts from desktop to mobile-only. Hire the services of an experienced e-commerce consultant in China to decide on the best course of action. They will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business, take into account the strategy of your competitors, study the client-base and target audience, and accordingly will provide you with a solution that best fits your business.

#2 The Next Big Thing – Messaging App

The potential impact of messaging apps on content publishing ecosystem cannot be underestimated. These apps are used for much more than just messaging, users can share videos, photos, content, news and more. They’re emerging as a platform for e-commerce urging users to shop, book taxi; make doctor’s appointments and so much more. Face book, one of the leading social network sites, is also trying to include the same features in its messenger.

#3 Videos as a Key Content Format

A lot of companies are increasingly investing in video content and it is not that difficult to understand why. Videos tend to engage more than one sense of human beings and it can be used as a great vehicle to deliver messages and connecting with an individual in a short time. Moving images with sound tend to have a greater impact on the minds of human beings. Get in touch with leading agencies of e-commerce marketing in China that have the required personnel equipped with the skills and expertise to handle every aspect of digital marketing and advertising.

#4 Phenomenal Growths in Content Marketing

The historical tactics of push marketing is going to be a thing of the past. 2016 is going to be the year when e-commerce brands will have to spend a lot of time and effort in creating relevant, interesting and engaging content than ever before. Well-executed content marketing is going to ensure that there is engagement between consumers and the brand at various touch points throughout the entire purchase cycle. As brands strive to find new ways to connect better with potential target audience, content marketing is going to evolve and become key to marketing and advertising strategies.

There are a number of renowned digital marketing and advertising agencies offering advanced and affordable e-commerce services in China. Get in touch to expand your business and reach out to a large audience.