From Email To Instant Messaging- The Digital Marketing Trend Is Shifting

1 commentsTuesday April 19th, 2016

Emails have been long adored by marketing gurus and agencies around the world. They are more effective in communicating a message of a brand with the consumers, and above all, they have that personal flavor that eventually helps a business build trust and credibility with its audience. But few can deny, email marketing is becoming a second thought for many. And instant messaging is taking them over.

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But this is not to say, emails aren’t as good the marketing medium today; renowned digital marketing agency Shenzhen based, and around still use it successfully.

Email marketing- declining in popularity but still very prevalent

The popularity of email marketing has declined. Some of the common reasons include-

  • There are just as effective alternatives available today.
  • People are communicating more on social media platforms and IMs than emails.
  • The email account of everyone (EVERYONE!) is filled with heaps of junks; so,
  • Email opening rate has declined.
  • Conversion rate has got even worse.

But all this doesn’t mean their prevalence is on the decline. It simply means, people aren’t using email marketing as effectively as they can and should. Their strategies are outdated and their email structure and tone is just not right.

Email Marketing is still very much used many businesses. And if incorporated well in the sales funnel, they can be very effective.

Rise of Instant Marketing Services- Marketers eyeing them

Few platforms can get as close to emails in personalizing the relation between brands and consumers; Instant Messaging has done that well. IMs have a personal way of communication and the interaction is more personalized, which eventually leads to better ROI for the businesses. And with their popularity peaking high by every passing day, it was only a matter of when; when are Digital marketing agency Beijing based and of around the world are going to capitalize on it?

Whatsapp has over 990 million users, Facebook Messenger has 800 million users and WeChat has 650 million users. So clearly, with these IMs a business can reach a wide audience base in a very short time period. Some of the benefits of marketing on Instant Messaging-

Benefits of IM Marketing

  • A large audience base can be reached in a shorter duration.
  • The interaction is more direct and personalized.
  • The audience can be segmented easily for better and effective targeting.
  • The conversion rate is much higher.

Still yet to come in the mainstream though

Even with all the high numbers and string of benefits, marketing on IMs is yet to come in the mainstream. Some top companies and Guangzhou digital marketing agencies do use this strategy, and many others are jumping on the bandwagon, but there are many people who are still aloof to the so-many-magic of giants like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

But with the current trend, it’s for sure that marketing on Instant Messaging will surge high and everyone (at least the ones who wants to survive competition) will have to change their strategies and techniques accordingly.

Dominate Customers’ Smart Phones with Sustainable App Marketing Methods

1 commentsSaturday April 16th, 2016

With the number of app downloads touching sky on Apple Store and Google Play, people around the world are taking their businesses to Smart phones. In fact there are many businesses today that run and survive gloriously on standalone app platforms- their services are not accessible on web (desktop or mobile); Instagram, Tinder and Snap chat being most popular examples.

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And we get it why app has become so popular for businesses in just a half-decade or so. Right from being visible to the Smartphone owners all the time to having better and direct engagement with them- apps ensures higher ROI. Period. But as fairy tale-esque as it all sounds, like every good thing, the success with apps doesn’t come as easily as one hopes for. After all this is why top mobile app marketing firms are playing the messiah for thousands of businesses around the world today.

Smartphone is a personal space- People won’t download your app

Phone is a personal space for people and they take extra care as to what stays on it- right from media to apps. So, if you think you’re just going to launch your app and people will crazily hit that download button, you sure in for a big surprise. There are over 1.6 millions apps on Google Play and 1.5 millions on Apple Stores- your app is doom to get lost. And even if it’s upfront people, it won’t be downloaded. And even if it’s downloaded, good ROI is not guaranteed. There is a host of steps you need to take pre and post app launch and a range of marketing strategies you need adapt to sustain its growth. The process is complex and unlike any DIY scheme. We recommend hiring or outsourcing a good app marketing agency.

Creating that anticipation before an epic launch

Creating keenness among the people before your app launch is very important. Top marketing agencies approach this in different ways- garnering media attention with their wide establishments, soft-launch for selected groups, guest blogging on your industry’s leaders’ websites, using social media to prepare a consumer base who will download your app when it launches, email marketing and more. All this is to inform and create awareness & excitement among people, specifically your target consumers, about your app, and products or services you will be offering.

Sky-rocketing your downloads with effective optimization

Mobile marketing is different. Unlike on web, you have to use different strategies and methods to optimize it on app stores. Getting good rating is very important; so along with offering smooth platform you have to push the users rigorously to rate that app. User engagement is equally important, be it directly on the app or on emails and social media platforms. Also split testing needs to be done every so often to stay ahead in the market and of your competitors.

When all the dots are connected, including making a smooth-working, secure and bug free app, this sub-niche requires loads of hard work, dedication, planning and patience. So it is best you focus on making and improving your products or services, while mobile app marketing firms take care of other back-end works for sustainable growth of your business.

Why Internet Marketing Agencies Fail- And How You Shouldn’t Pick Any of Them

1 commentsThursday April 14th, 2016

For a business to survive and sustain in today’s world, it is mandatory for it to have an immaculate presence on web. And this is why companies hire internet marketing agencies; in a hope that they would help them build a high profile reputation and subsequently improve their overall sales. As noble as these thoughts are, the problem is, not every agency can help them achieve their web dreams. In fact there are many agencies of internet marketing china and around the world that fail; fail to offer their clients better ROI.

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Here we’ll put it briefly why they fail and points you should remember to avoid them and pick only the best internet marketing company.

Can’t keep up with the pace of ever changing internet marketing world

Internet is a fast paced world, where what was good and effective for you and your business yesterday, might not work today. Many marketing agencies fail to keep up with this pace. They use yesteryear’s strategies and are aloof to all the latest establishments taking place on search engines and social media platforms. Also, they are indifferent to all the latest and extensive tools available to their aid.

So although they work just as hard as yesterday, they don’t get benefitted today. Their strategies become less effective and give them much less than the desired results.

Avoiding these lagged-behind marketing companies

So when you’re looking for affordable SEO service China based providers, you should lookout for the mentioned agencies and avoid them. Here’s what you should look for in a company-

Their experience– The more experience an internet marketing company has, the better its shows their proficiency, reliability and credibility. They have survived so long; they must be doing something right, right?

Their past and current clients– See what kind of clients have they served in the past and if they were left satisfied or not.

Their expertise area– Internet marketing is a very broad term and it includes many things- search engine marketing, social media marketing, app marketing, PPC and more. So see where an agency excels and if it matches your needs.

Sufficient market knowledge– Their experience and expertise area will evidently show if they have sufficient market knowledge, but you should also throw some questions at them and see if their response is clear. See if they are well adept to resolve all your queries.

Do the price calculation correctly– It is difficult to guess the correct amount internet marketing agencies should (and will) charge you; it depends on their services and your business needs & goals. But you can approach your common sense here and ensure you don’t (never) pay them more than the amount they are helping you get in return (ROI).

Keep these 5 pointers in mind; avoid agencies that are bound to fail and stick only with a winning Internet Marketing China based agency.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in Today’s Business

1 commentsSaturday April 2nd, 2016

Digital marketing is very much the in-thing nowadays and business firms all over the world are using it in different ways to promote their business. It involves promotion and advertising of a company and its products and services through different kinds of digital media channels. Some of the leading digital media platforms that are used for marketing include online websites, social media channels, television, radio, mobile or smartphones and even transit signs and billboards. In other words, any media that can communicate the message of a business to end users electronically can be defined as a digital marketing platform.

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Digital marketing and its rising popularity

Over the last few years, many companies are shifting their resources to focus on digital media and digital marketing. Business firms have found that even consumers are responding strongly to digital marketing campaigns. With the increasing usage of smartphones and the web, it is only natural for companies to target their consumers through digital media channels. Another distinct advantage of using digital media for business promotion is that compared to traditional forms of marketing like print advertising, it is much more easier to keep track of all digital marketing campaigns as well as the results that they generate.

Advantages of digital marketing

Companies are also choosing digital media marketing nowadays as it offers them cheap but effective means to reach out to their customers. Many types of digital marketing campaigns require less money to be invested on part of the business owners. For instance, social media marketing, mobile advertising, web advertising requires less investment but they are highly effective in bringing the desired results. In fact, even startup companies can use services like these to promote their enterprises. Moreover, digital marketing offers greater flexibility to companies than traditional marketing methods. This means that they can easily change the marketing messages and slogans as and when they see fit in order to appeal to their target customers.

Considering the fact that digital marketing opens up a whole new world of opportunities, it is not surprising that most companies are now choosing to invest in it. A Guangzhou digital marketing firm can not only offer versatile and customizable services to clients but also make sure that they can produce the desired results. These digital marketing companies in Hong Kong regularly work with international business companies which offers them the experience and exposure required to present their clients with top notch services.

Simple Can Be Impactful In Digital Marketing – Here’s How

1 commentsFriday April 1st, 2016

Digital marketing is a very promising means of carrying the cause of any entity forward whether business, corporate or individual. As the world is getting digitized to the last word, almost all entities who wish to witness a healthy future in the world market are getting busy with updated strategies, evolved techniques and many more. There have been times when the waves of trends and desperation to rise above competitors have been such that many entities fell into the trap of excessiveness which as expected, had very adverse consequences in favor of the concerned ventures.

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In very simple words, overdoing in the world of digital marketing can only lead to apologizing later. Target audience often perceives such moves as intrusive and unnecessary. Considering the fact that audience these days is more enlightened than what they may have been half a decade ago, tactful use of social media as a marketing platform is very necessary. Now, what entities define as ‘tact’ lies solely under within their own dictionaries.

Keeping the current trends in mind, being simplistic seems to be the best way to approach digital media marketing. Single but focus oriented, comprehensive and neat seems to be clicking with the target audience. Anyone who has gone through Epic Estonia travel and tourism promotion carried out by the government of this beautiful nation would know what simplistic yet impactful digital media promotion actually looks like. It is only a neat arrangement of real life experiences in the nation with well written content (as in words, images or videos) which has breathed life into the tourism of this nation like never before.

As far as the budding markets in the east are concerned, the need for simple yet impactful digital media marketing has always been felt. The emoji bonding campaign carried out by Oreo in China can be mentioned as a successful example. This simple campaign allowed participants (usually parents and children) to take images and paste the heads in the emojis and share for a gleeful experience. Similarly, on a luxury scale, luxury car makers BMW carried out a contest for its Weibo fans by taking pictures of their BMW stores and writing memorable stories about the same to win overseas trips. It was simple and worthy at the same time.

Very often it has been seen that mapping out simple digital marketing strategies can actually be complex. It is something like creating a barely there makeup look and getting it right. Hiring professionals like those from Guangzhou digital marketing can be a welcome relief in this respect.