SEO For Baidu- 13 Underrated Ranking Factors Of This Chinese Search Engine

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The land of search engines is sort of mysterious. Ranking factors are not known for sure but only guessed. The only difference is with newbie’s it’s more like ‘shooting in the dark’ and with professionals the guesses are tried, tested and tried again.

SEO for Baidu

While the internet is filled with all the guess works regarding ranking factors that mighty Google consider, we thought why not do those for another mighty, of Chinese market, Baidu? Only difference, we’re not going to guess but ‘state’; and we’re not going to bore you with clichés (like title tags, quality contents, regular updates, meta description and so on).

So here are 13 underrated ranking factors of SEO for Baidu (If you own Baidu SEO guide book, you might want to jot down these points)-

Using censored words– Chinese authorities keep a strict check on internet and regularly censor websites and contents. If you’re using keywords that are blacklisted by them, your website can be penalized.

TLD extension– Baidu prefers local TLD extension; that would be .cn

Web hosted in China– Websites hosted on China based server get better ranking on Baidu SERP.

Link Building– Link building is a very (VERY) common practice. But what’s difference between Google and Baidu is that the latter one cares more about quantity over quality. So you can grace your head with ‘black hat’ for a bit.

Outbound links– Linking to other TRUSTED websites gives Baiduspider bots an idea about what your website and content is about more clearly and easily.

Inbound links– You will be benefitted far more if you’re getting inbound links from authority or popular websites.

Social Share– Although it is not yet confirmed but the amount of shares your content gets on platforms like Weibo and RenRen positively impacts your ranking. So having a Baidu share plugin is a good idea.

Trouble crawling JavaScript– Baidu’s bots have trouble crawling JavaScript and Flash. So if possible, avoid them as a whole. If not, make sure your important contents or keywords are not in JavaScript and Flash.

Sub Domains (and multiple domains)– Pointing multiple domains to one website does not appeal Baidu; neither does it like sub domains. So having ‘’ is a better idea over ‘blog.your’.

ICP license– Your website needs to have Internet Content Publishing (ICP) license in order to appear on Baidu. Period. Getting the license usually take about a month.

SEO and PPC integration– Even after years the line between organic and paid search results on Baidu is blurred. They appear nearly similar on SERP. So it would pay you off well if you integrate your SEM strategies with Baidu advertising or PPC campaigns more intensively. The conversion rate would be much higher.

New content over old content– For Google, you can regularly update or republish old posts or pages for better SEO; this is not the case with Baidu. It prefers new contents over old (republished ones regardless how popular or how much traffic they got in the past).

Broken links– Having too many broken links will push your website at the back of SERPs. It gives a sense to the search spiders that the site is abandoned and not updated regularly.

These are the 13 important but underrated SEO Baidu factors. Of course there are few other ranking factors that have low to high impact on SERPs, like 301 directs, URL paths, Webpage layouts, site architecture, and so on. If it’s all too much for you to care about and you’re quite serious about SEO for Baidu– which you should, given this platform has over 650 million monthly active mobile search users- you should get in touch with a dedicated digital marketing agency.

Tencent QQ- 3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Marketing On This Platform

1 commentsFriday May 20th, 2016

Tencent QQ is one of the most popular Instant Messaging (IM) services in China that boast over 800 million active users. As wide as its reach is, and as diverse as its users are, it is significant for businesses to incorporate QQ marketing in their overall digital marketing strategies. Here we will provide you with 3 important reasons why you should get serious about QQ promotion if you are looking to spread your brand’s wing in the internet market of China.

Qq Marketing

  1. It is very popular in the Chinese market

Like mentioned already, Tencent QQ is very popular in the Chinese market with over 800 million active users, which is more than the reach of Skype, Whatsapp and WeChat. What makes this number even sweeter is that out of these users, 70 per cent of them are mobile users; and most of them are open to communicate with brands. So businesses, with their mobile and content marketing strategies, can very easily put forth their brand’s message and build a repo with the users, either one on one or in groups.

  1. It has a sister Social Network platform that young population adores

Tencent QQ also has a sister social media platform- QZone. Much like RenRen, this platform is highly used by the young Chinese population. This is a good news particularly for businesses whose target audience mostly comprise of young consumers. Targeting them, with all the features that QZone offers, becomes easy and effective.

  1. Cross platform promotion on Tencent QQ and Weibo is convenient

Tencent is a company, which along with QQ, also owns Weibo- China’s biggest social media platform with over 700 million registered users. This means, with the help of professionals, you can easily integrate your QQ promotion strategies with Weibo. Your work load lessens. Plus, cross platform promotion becomes more convenient and targeting becomes easier. The conversion rate and ROI could jump higher with less effort.

These are the three important reasons why you should get serious about QQ marketing. So get in touch with a digital marketing agency who, along with offering social media marketing services, also offers dedicated QQ promotion service. Contact them and bank on this IM platform effortlessly.

Wechat Is a Golden Gateway for Brands to Penetrate Into Chinese Consumer Market

1 commentsTuesday May 17th, 2016

If you are looking to get into the Chinese consumer market, you couldn’t get any better platform than WeChat to help you with your goals. While Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat dominate the marketing strategies in USA and in many other countries, in China, WeChat rule.

Wechat Advertising

This Instant Messaging (IM) service, which also works as a social platform, boasts about 570 million daily active users. And with Smart Phones homing people’s pocket more and more by every passing day in this most populated country, the number is anticipated to rise dramatically over the next few years.

So if a brand is looking for ways to penetrate into the Chinese market, WeChat is the golden gateway for them. But of course, just like the saying goes ‘it’s easier said than done. WeChat marketing is complex and DIY steps will only help you to an extent.

The biggest problem- Engagement rate is low

One of the biggest problems that many brands face on WeChat is that engagement rate with their followers and community is very low. Even businesses with mass following fail to garb people’s attention and peak their interests. And there comes a time they post and nobody interacts; they basically talk to themselves. And in such scenarios, the conversion rate (sales) is nearly zero.

Of course this doesn’t have to be this way. With the help and guidance from top marketing agencies, you can plan an impeccable WeChat promotion for better engagement with your audience and higher ROI.

Pushing your organic growth with definite content strategy

If you are looking to increase your organic growth, you must have a definite content strategy- as how and why you want to engage with your community. There are two broad reasons why you’re on WeChat- (I) To make sales- with WeChat payment option available, you can do this pretty easily; (II) To build your brand. You must have a clear picture to achieve these individual goals accordingly.

Aside from texts, WeChat also allows you to interact with your community through Audio, Image, Image and Texts, Videos. Which form of communication would be more effective for you depend on the type of business and community you have.

Of course there are many ways you can improve your organic reach on WeChat. Using QR Codes has become very popular and convenient. Lately O2O campaigns (Online to Offline) has proved to yield very high ROI. It all requires clear and strategically planned WeChat advertising campaigns. And for that you need a good marketing agency by your side.

3 Advertising Methods of Weibo- And How to Bank On Them

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Although, at large, all social media platforms are believed to be similar, same can’t be said about the giant Chinese social media Weibo. It is different (yes, even different from Twitter) and if you own a business and looking to market it on this platform, you will require a slight different strategy and campaign. Hence comes the need for a good marketing agency that not only specializes in SMM (Social Media Marketing) but also provides a dedicated Weibo online service that specifically and strategically caters the people in China.

In 2015, Weibo became advert friendly

Weibo Social media platform boasts of over 195 million monthly active users. There is a large pool of potential customers that businesses can capitalize on. And it is for this, Weibo introduced few changes in its advertising system in 2015- to help the brands reach their target and relevant audience more efficiently.

There are basically three broad ways you can promote your brand or products on Weibo. Although the process is simple, you have to considerate of a range of things- which one of these techniques would give you better ROI, how much from your budget should you distribute on each of them, what kind of campaigns should your run, and so forth. Here are the three ways you can advertise on Weibo online

Fen Si Tong– This is basically paying Weibo to promote your post in front of the users. These ads appear just once in the newsfeed of the users, so it must be engaging and appealing, and you must run multiple campaigns simultaneously to ensure higher conversion. Fen Si Tong is available in CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPE (Cost Per Engagement) – both of them follow a bidding system.

Fans Headlines– This technique follows the method of ‘repetitive exposure’. You pay and your fans, followers and people whose activities shows that they might be interested in your brand or product, will see your ad at the top of their feed for full 24 hours.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)– Every niche has authority figures with large number of fans/followers; and on Weibo we call them KOLs. You can engage with them ask them to promote your product or brand in return for an amount. Of course this is complex- the KOLs will have their own demands, ask for however amount they feel is appropriate and might not promote the way you want them to. But if things go right, KOLs can yield your far better conversion and higher ROI.

These are the three ways you can advertise on Chinese Social Media Weibo. As simple as it may sound, getting better ROI is a bit difficult. And that is why you should always go for Weibo marketing professionals/agencies.

Renren Is a Goldmine of Young Consumers- 9 Tips to Capture This Market

1 commentsSaturday May 14th, 2016

Even after years, RenRen still holds a dominant position in the digital scene of China. Founded in 2005, today it has become a haven for businesses, particularly the ones who target the young consumers. And why not really; after all, this leading social media platform boasts over 40 million unique monthly users, out of which majority of them are aged between 16 to 30 years. If you own a business that target the young audience, RenRen marketing is your ultimate way to capture the Chinese market.

RenRen Marketing

Here are 9 tips that can help you woo this young audience base on RenRen-

Have a clear picture of the ultimate goal of your RenRen marketing. This platform is good for both- making sales and building brands. Pick which one do you want and act accordingly.

But again, regardless your goal, engaging with the target audience is very important to build long term relationship.

Post and communicate regularly. But don’t spam your fans’ timeline either.

If yours is a global brand (or at least that’s what you aspire for), be considerate of the fans whos doesn’t live in China. According to a 2014 report, over 23 per cent of RenRen traffic comes from USA.

Don’t completely rely on organic fans and campaigns.

Spend well on RenRen ads. People in China are more likely to engage with and click on paid ads.

Fun. Fun. Keep your campaigns ‘College fun’ and ‘High school fun’.

Keep your brand page clean and well organized that gives a clear picture as to what kind of business do you deal in.

If you’re really serious about RenRen advertising and think that this platform can unlock the gates of success for your business, get in touch with a good digital marketing agency. They can help you run campaigns and communicate with the target audience more effectively, with far better ROI.

These are the 9 tips to help you capture the young consumer market of China via one of the biggest social media platform in this country- RenRen. Good Luck!

Are You Making These 5 Baidu SEO Mistakes?

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With over 660 million monthly active mobile users, Baidu is one of the golden platforms for businesses to penetrate into the consumer market of China pretty easily. But many make some rather rookie mistakes with their Baidu marketing. Here we list 5 such mistakes that people make when planning their promotion strategies for this leading Chinese search engine. Which one are you making?

Not Prioritizing Baidu Paid Search

Many people, still hung up with the rules of ‘Google SEO’, fail to realize that Baidu is different and that it highly prioritize paid searches. Organic searches are important, but so are paid searches. So you must be ready to spend a good portion of your budget in Baidu PPC campaigns. One good news here though is that people in China are more likely to click on paid links. So a better ROI is assured for your PPC investment.

Slow and Lagging Website

Visitors don’t like slow and lagging WebPages and neither do Baidu search spiders. If your website loads slowly, not only will it rank low on SERP, but can also get penalized. A good measure here is to compress your website’s files. If you can’t, contact web development agencies, they can help you with this easily.

Not Integrating Your Content Marketing with SEM

Your website will rank better on Baidu if you keep it updated all the time; updated with blogs and new contents. This means you must have a definite content marketing strategy and it must be integrated with the Biadu Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

No Back Links From Trusted Websites

Backlinks are the backbone of Baidu SEO, but there are few things that you must be considerate here. Backlinks from one reputed and popular website will yield you far better result than 50 backlinks from unknown WebPages. And this is one of the common mistakes that many people make- caring about backlinks, but prioritizing ‘from reputed website’ less.

Trying To Do Things All By Yourself

This Chinese search Engine is a bit complex and it requires much more than few simple DIY to succeed. If you’re not a SEM professional yourself, you should contact one. Trying to do all by yourself will not only not give you optimum results, but will also cut back the precious time that you should otherwise spend on making or improving your products and services. So contact a good digital marketing agency to take care of your Baidu SEO strategies.

These are the five very common mistakes that people make when making their Baidu marketing strategies. Avoid them, and you’re good to go.

Creating A Marketing Funnel For China-Based QQ App

1 commentsSaturday May 7th, 2016

While majority of brands, to target the Chinese market, is focusing intensively on WeChat marketing today, there is another Instant Messaging (IM) platform that needs just as much attention and importance. It is QQ app– both mobile and web based.

QQ Application

The establishment of QQ is very wide with about 850 million registered users and around 59.5 per cent penetration rate among the internet users in China. Add to this the number of 639 million active users who use this platform from their mobile, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience in a more easy and efficient way.

Connecting with users on more personal level

While professionals once considered E-mails as the most personal medium of marketing, that is not the case today with Instant Messaging (IM) becoming an epicenter in the marketing world. App QQ provides a host of features that allow the brands to connect with their audience on a much more personal level.

Creating a marketing funnel for QQ application

Qzone– It is a QQ social network platform using which you can contact a wide and large range of audience at the same time. Also you can run PPC campaigns here; QQ ad usually yield high conversion rate.

QQ Groups– Group is a setup where you can communicate only a limited number of audience, but at the same time. You can segment your potential customers here much easily, and interact with people often who are more likely to purchase your products or services.

QQ Personal Account– Name suggests all. With QQ personal accounts you can communicate with your potential customers one-on-one. A rather last stage of segmentation, you can sell directly to individual customers and even ask for their opinions to improve your products. The conversion rate here is higher and much easier to measure.

Of course there are host of other features in QQ application that will supplement your regional targeting, efficient segmentation and more too eventually help you meet your business goals. So if you still haven’t incorporated QQ app– mobile and web based- in your overall marketing strategy, you better do now. Contact a reputable social media marketing agency today.

Baidu Vs. Google- Why You Need Professionals For Baidu SEO?

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Baidu is the biggest and most popular search engine in the Chinese market with a whopping 80 per cent share in the search engine market. But even then many businesses prioritize SEO for baidu in their marketing strategy a bit low, courtesy of mighty Google. To make things clear, to succeed in the Chinese market, incorporating Baidu promotion with your overall marketing campaign is not just important but rather essential.

SEO for Baidu

However, in case if you think you’re going to do the same with Baidu as you do with Google for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you’re sure in for failure. These two search engines are very different SEO-wise. And it is always advisable to seek professional help for your Baidu Pay Per Click and marketing campaigns. Here are 7 areas where these two giants differ-

Baidu prioritize, or rather push, paid results more than Google. This might not be a good news for businesses that completely rely on Organic search results, but for people for who PPC is a big part of marketing strategy, it’s a good news. Conversion rate is much higher here.

While some say the days of ‘meta description’ relevance for Google is over, Baidu is still hung up on that and still very much prioritize it.

Baidu adore high Keyword density while Google often make penalty for that.

Baidu is China based platform; so it prioritize everything that’s Chinese. Right from language to Domain name and host registrar.

Targeting any specific audience-base is much more convenient on Baidu than Google. It allows you to select one or more provinces and run campaigns accordingly. This leads to far better conversion and ROI.

While Google is known to have its algorithm changed or tweaked quite often, that is not necessarily the case with Baidu. So Baidu promotion must be impeccable and have a long term vision.

Integrating Social Media marketing strategy with SEM is less effective on Baidu, for it does not take social links into account- except for its own forum and other platforms. While just the opposite is true for Google.

There are many other minor differences between SEO for Baidu and Google. But the mentioned above directly steer the success of your digital marketing strategy. Running Baidu Pay Per Click campaigns is much more complex. And hence it is always best for businesses or brands to outsource a marketing agency for better result.