3 (Essential) Third-Party Tools for Baidu SEO

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Much like Google, Baidu provides a host of tools to help the advertisers and marketers to supplement their SEO practices- like Baidu index, Tongji (analytics), Webmaster centre and advertising tools. But you shouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to these ones. After all there exists just as amazing and effective tools- if not more- that can help you master SEO for Baidu.

Here we list 3 such tools that can help you make an impeccable strategy to optimize your website for Baidu more effectively and quickly. Note that these are the tools that top SEO optimization services companies use and adore. So… you’re welcome!

Ahrefs– Almost every professional use this and there are PLENTY of good reasons for that. The most important one though is that Ahrefs offers a full and detailed report of the backlinks your website is getting- where they are coming from, the relevance, the negative impact, the source or traffic you’re generating from there and so forth. Ahrefs also offer position tracker facility that helps in tracking (and keeping tab) the ranking of your website. Pretty awesome, right?

Hoot suite– It’s not a secret that a good social media standing is a crucial signal for search engines when indexing. So investing just as much amount of your time and resources building your brand on Weibo and other platforms is very important. And this is where Hootsuite comes in. A social media dashboard, you can manage all your social media accounts right from a single interface- post, schedule, coordinate with the team, analyze and more.

Ontolo– You’re desperate for outbound links (hey, we all are!). But “how?” is the question that looms high. Finding a linking opportunity, and a good one on to of that, is very tough. And this is what Ontolo do. Find linking opportunities for you. Run a search and it will come up with a list of linking partners. Now you choose one, contact the source and build link- easily.

Of course there exist many tools like Linkody and GTmetrix, but the above mentioned three are the essential tools, highly recommended by SEO optimization services professionals. Use them from the day one.

But in case if handling new tools is not a cup of your tea, you might want to consider outsourcing a marketing agency. Aside offering wide range of services from SEO to Social media marketing China, these agencies also guarantee far better ROI.

Dear Global Brands, Look At Macau and Its Digital Space- Here’s why!

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Macau very well contemplates the saying ‘Don’t get fooled by the size’. This small region located on the western side of China is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. People are tech savvy here. And with the GDP Per Capita of over $91,000, it is the world’s 4th richest territory in the world.

Digital Marketing Macau

These facts itself are convincing enough for global (big or small) brands to enter the consumer market of Macau and scale their business in this beautiful and rich place quite easily- given the market competition here is not as stiff as any other booming economy.

Types Of Businesses That Should Flock To Macau- Today!

Although with the economy as flowering as Macau’s every type of brand can bag big chuck of profits here, there are few types in particular that can be an instant hit.

The economy of Macau is driven by tourism. With millions of people visiting from around the world (31.5 million in 2014, to be exact), the place is famous for its large number of Casinos, which can put the much-hyped Las Vegas to shame. The territory is also famous for beautiful resorts, hotels, malls, food chains, clothing retails, and more.

So for clothing brands, food chains, businesses that deal in tourism, gaming and hotels, Macau is more-than-perfect destination to scale.

Easy Way To Penetrate In The Consumer Market Of Macau

Like mentioned, Macau is a rich territory and people are tech savvy. Nearly 70 per cent of the total population access Internet. Among Social media platforms, Facebook has the largest internet market penetration of over 55 per cent. Other platforms like Google (or course), Instagram, Twitter and even SnapChat are just as popular. All these can be the ideal platforms for brands to reach the target audience in Macau, engage with them and make conversion.

There Are Dedicated Marketing Agencies In Macau

The oversea brands are not alone in their scaling endeavor. There are dedicated, top Macau, Hong Kong, and Korea Digital marketing agency (ies) who are there to assist and help. Offering wide range of services- from SEO to SMM and PPC to App marketing- these professional agencies makes the task of expansion for global businesses in this region rather easy, quick and efficient. Plus, they also extend their services to the local businesses- in case if you want to start a standalone business in Macau. s

So if you’re one of those local or oversea brands, dial a good digital marketing Macau or China based agency today and tap on this booming economy easily.

Boosting Your App Installs Via Facebook Advertisement- An Ultimate Guide

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Today, in the hyper-competitive digital market, App Store Optimization alone won’t help you boost your app installation rate. You need a well-round strategy that incorporates the use of various platforms and practices. Many top developers and mobile app marketing companies have significantly raised their budget for mobile advertising and are using social media platforms, particularly Facebook, extensively.

Mobile App Marketing Companies

With a billion plus (and growing) user base, Facebook has become an integral part of App marketing strategy. The ROI here is much higher comparatively and this leading platform also provides a string of features to help the advertisers make the campaigns appealing, custom and more effective.

Two different options of promoting your app on Facebook

When creating your advertisement on Facebook, you get to options- (i) to increase your app install; (ii) to increase your app engagement.

App Install helps you reach your target audience, inform them about the existence of your app and persuade them to install the application.

On the other hand, App Engagement seeks to connect with the audience who has already installed your app (the ones who hasn’t installed, will be prompted to install it). With CTA (Call To Action), you can direct them to particular page- subscription, sales, review, and more- and achieve your desired goals rather easily.

Both the advertisements appear on the News Feed of your target audience.

So now the important question comes, how do you run effective and successful App Install and Engagement campaigns? How do you ensure the ROI and conversion are optimum? Well, unfortunately, there are no magical charms for that. You can either hire a good mobile marketing agency to help you here or follow few smart ways.

3 Smart ways to improve your Facebook App Install, Engagement Advertisements

Concentrated targeting– Facebook have the largest user base, and it has an ocean of data. This helps you- an advertiser- in micro-targeting. You can target an audience on the basis of their age, demographics, interests and even behavior. So the clearer you are about the target audience (who they are, their interest, their budget, their location and so forth) the more effective will be your advertisement campaigns.

Content of advertisement– You need your advert to be appealing enough that when it reaches the target audience, they follow the CTA. So foremost, use attention-grabbing pictures or videos. Come up with texts that interest the audience, excite them, and tempt them to go to the landing page. This is the department where you can (and must) look different and unique from your competitors.

Likable landing page– You have reached your target audience, grabbed their attention (with interesting ad content), the potential-installers followed your CTA button and ended up on your landing page. Now what if they don’t like the landing page itself? They sure will abandon it. So regardless whether you’re targeting for install or engagement, the landing page must be interesting, valuable and likable enough. Here are few things that you need to consider about the landing page-




Its value to consumers’ time

Definite CTA for the audience

These are the 3 smart ways with which you can make your Facebook App Install and App Engagement Adverts more effective and more successful. In case if it looks too much for you to handle and “How?” still crowds your mind, dial a good mobile advertising agency and seek their professional help.

11 Reasons Why You Need To Hire E-Commerce Consultant TODAY!

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Every data, research and trend suggests that starting your own e-commerce business could be very lucrative. The global industry is booming; and the best news is, this scene isn’t going to change anytime soon.

E-Commerce Marketing Services

But just because the path looks bright doesn’t mean it’s without obstacles. Many venture this industry with high hopes only to be disappointed later; disappointed, not because of the market, but because of their own poor choices and decisions.

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie e-commerce start-ups make is to think they can handle it all by themselves. Even if you’re business studies graduate from Ivy League, you need professionals by your side- you need e-commerce consultant to help you and guide you through all the obstacles that lie in the path, whether by helping you make effective marketing campaigns or improve your selling strategies.

Here are 11 reasons why you must hire e-commerce consultant

You don’t know how to start an ecommerce business whatsoever. You just ‘WANT’ to.

The market is super crowded with competition. You’ll be lost, or worse- targeted through negative campaigns (yes, it happens- ALOT!).

You have few to no business partners. Having someone by your side is one of the most important rules of starting any business. Take example of any big established companies or start-ups, there were (are) more than two founders- Facebook, Virgin, Apple, and Google are some very common examples.

You don’t know (or know very less) about the market trend. Meaning, you’re a lacklustre in tapping on new and uprising opportunities.

You have limited capital. This means you have very limited room to make mistakes. This subsequently means you just cannot take financial chances (risks) or it may hamper your whole business… and dream.

You give a blank face when someone says “Pricing strategy”.

You have no growth plan after the launch. After setting up your e-commerce platform you just want to sit and ‘hope’ for good things to happen.

You want to scale your online business beyond your domestic boundaries- and that too, quickly. You need professionals for that.

You’re clueless about marketing your business.

You think DIY SEO, SMM and PPC techniques will help you- even minutely.

Things like shipping, drop shipping, return policy, payment options, email marketing, branding, website design and aesthetic- all makes you want to pull your hairs off with stress.

These are the 11 simple yet important reasons why you should hire consultant and ecommerce marketing services provider right from the inception of your business.

3 Simple (But Less Talked About) SEO Practices To Master Baidu

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To improve your ranking on Baidu’s SERP, you have heard it countless times- focus on meta title, meta description, quality content, social shares, permalink and what not. While all these practices are quite effective, they are for the rookies. If you are already jaded with these DIY tips and are ready to take your Baidu marketing knowledge up a notch, here we provide you with 3 simple- but less talked about- SEO practices to master Baidu.

SEO on Baidu

Yes, you’re welcome!

Creating content for Baidu’s own Social Platforms

Muck like Google, Baidu has its own range of social products; be it its own version of Picasa, Blogger, Forum, Answers, Wiki and more. Although they themselves have not confirmed it (and they never will!), Baidu prefers its own user generated content (on its social platforms) over others. And this should change everything (!)- Right from your content marketing strategy to how you factor social sharing for SEO on Baidu.

You must have a definite content strategy for these Baidu’s owned products; you must improve your social engagement on these platforms and so forth.

Back links from TRUSTED websites

Okay, you’ve been told thousands (and thousands) of time to get as many back links from other platforms to your website to increase the ‘reputation’ in front of Baidu’s spiders. This was a very effective practice few years back, but same can’t be said today. Baidu has evolved and its bots understand when people are tricking the system with paid advertising (third-party) and back links network. And it penalizes the websites involved in this whole scene.

Today, for Baidu SEO, quality has become more important than quantity. It factors more ‘from where you’re getting the back links from than how many back links you get’. So, back links from reputed and trusted would benefit you more than links from little known forums, websites and directories.

Focusing on long-tail keywords over generic ones

For some rather unknown reason, very few people talk about long tail keywords when discussing Baidu SEO practises, which is quite surprising given that is what all they talk when discussing Google. Long tail keywords on this Chinese search engine have much higher conversion rate and above all, they are less competitive. So, even when you’re planning a PPC campaign, you won’t have to spend heaps.

If you’re creating content for Baidu’s social platform (like its version of Blogger), generic keywords can help you, but to drive traffic to your own website you must focus on long-tail keywords.

Use these three simples- yet non-mainstream- practices of SEO on Baidu and master the Baidu Marketing scene.

7 Ways To Master Algorithm Update On Instagram

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Recently Instagram did much more than just change its logo. Among a host of roll out updates, notable was its algorithmic feed management. Instagram, just like Facebook, won’t sort the posts on the users’ feed in chronological order from newest to oldest anymore! The posts would rather be filtered on what Instagram (or its algo) deems are more relevant to a particular user.

This imminent change came given the fact that people miss out 70 per cent of their feeds. But not everyone is happy with the update. Not at least those 300,000 people who signed a petition on ‘Change.org’ demanding Instagram to roll back its Algo change. And there are a string of reasons for that-

Formerly, the rule, on Instagram, was quite simple- the more you post and more often you post, chances to reach your target audience are much higher. This often encouraged spamming.

With NO algorithm feed personalization, investing in Instagram ads wasn’t the need of the hour.

The NEED to engage with the target audience regularly was low, unless the brand/person ‘feels’ like engaging or finds it essential.

With history of Facebook, where roll out of algo feed management dipped the organic reach of posts and pages tremendously- in fact some businesses still struggle with that- people are worried something much similar will happen on Instagram.

Surviving the Algo world of Instagram

Many digital marketing services providers believe the roll out of Algorithm on Instagram will kill the organic reach of posts, the fact is- it’s all for good; good, at least for brands/businesses that care about quality and offer something valuable to the target audience by indulging in meaningful engagement with them.

Here are 7 ways to master the feed personalization on Instagram-

Very simple- ask your followers to ‘Turn on Post Notifications’. This will prioritize and show your posts atop their news feeds.

Encourage engagement. Captioning something like “Double Tap If You Agree” or “Tag Your Friends” will do the trick for you.

Use hashtags more carefully. These tags provide you the opportunity to reach new audience directly. So know what’s trending and what’s not in your niche.

An obvious one- post quality and relevant pictures that amuse and entice your followers to ‘like’ it and engage with it.

Take advantage of video posts. Instagram has recently increased the time limit for videos from 15 to 60 seconds. Meaning, you can communicate and engage with your audience in a more clear and effective way.

Bank of paid advertisements. Instagram has revamped its Ads options; plus you get Facebook advertising capabilities on this photo sharing app. Using these, you can reach your target audience and improve your conversion rate much easily.

Hire professional social media marketing services provider to help you. After all you can’t do everything all by your self!

Follow these 7 simple yet effective ways and master the algorithm update of Instagram.

Your App Marketing Strategy Is Flawed- These Numbers Prove That!

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Some businesses decide to go with App marketing companies for their ASO (App Store Optimization) to improve their overall download and conversion rate, and there are those who decide to take this tedious task on themselves. If you’re one of the later ones- completely novice, depending on rookie DIY techniques- chances are, you must be making some rather silly (and not so silly) app marketing mistakes. In fact, we, here, will unfold how your whole app marketing strategy is flawed- given, hopefully, you have a strategy in the first place.

Mobile App Marketing Companies

Here are some important research data that shows you’ve got it all wrong with your App marketing strategy and why your App is not receiving the love it truly and dearly- at least according to- deserves.

  1. You’re focusing too much on App store optimization (ASO)
  • 52 per cent of App users discover about the Apps through a family member, friend, or colleague.
  • 24 per cent of them discover through the brand’s website.
  • 22 per cent discover through TV.

These numbers debunk the extra-effort you put on ASO. Yes, App stores are important for the discoverability of your App, but there are just as good and effective platforms and ways where your target audience can get to know about your mobile application. So don’t put all your efforts and resources in ASO and app marketing companies must play their cards, well.

  1. You’re not investing in PPC campaigns
  • 1 in 4 app users discover about app through Search Engines.
  • Search Ads influence the download rate of the app by 50 per cent.
  • Social Ads influence the download rate of the app 49 per cent.

These numbers shows just how important it is to invest in paid advertisement, rather than just depend on organic results. PPC campaigns on search engines and social media platforms could improve your App discoverability and up its download rate significantly.

  1. You have no brand recognition
  • 24 per cent of users download an app because they are familiar with the brand or company.
  • 33 per cent of users download an app on recommendation by others (assumingly, the recommenders were familiar with the brand to have its app downloaded in the first place).

So if you think making an app and promoting it through advertisements would do the trick for you, you sure are living in la-la land. You must invest your resources and energy into building a credible brand recognition and reputation to see a significant jump in the app’s download and conversion rate.

  1. You have put a price tag on your app
  • 82 per cent of people factors price when deciding to download an app.
  • 3 in 4 expect apps to be free of cost.

Although it depends on your niche, if you put a price tag on your app- however low- you push down the likability of people to actually download it. It is very true in this competitive internet market where everything- literally- is free.

  1. Your App design is ridiculous
  • 57 per cent of app users say that they are more likely to use an app frequently if it has an appealing and aesthetic design.

So aside offering its original utility value, your app must also be good looking with smooth interface and easy navigation; that, unless you want your app to be that 1 in every 4 apps on Smartphone that never gets used, of course.

  1. You have no audience engagement strategy whatsoever
  • 38 per cent of users are likely to abandon the app if they lose interest, found app not as useful or found a better or more useful app.
  • 45 per cent of users will engage with the app frequently if the app always has new content.

If you’re focused only to increase your download rate and are clueless as how to engage with the app users and convert them to meet your business goals, you are only giving users the chance to abandon or uninstall your application.

These are the 6 important flaws in your app marketing strategy. Fix them today. Or better, hire from among top mobile app marketing companies to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

9 Things You Should Know About Internet Marketing In Russia

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To say that internet marketing in Russia is a bit complex would be an understatement; it is well beyond that. But this shouldn’t stop international brands and business to venture the consumer market of this beautiful country, after all Russia has the largest internet marketing audience in Europe.

Here are 9 important things you should know about digital marketing Russia

This country has well over 88 million active internet users. The market is just too huge to overlook. So for businesses looking to capture the European or even global market, having a definite marketing strategy in Russia is not just significant but rather necessary.

Russia is the largest country in the world with an area of over 17.1 million square kilometres. So one must have multiple marketing strategies to target specific regions. The promotional campaign that worked in Ufa might be ineffective in Tula.

Moscow and the regions around this city are concentrated with more internet users. And the consumers here have higher purchasing power. So when making the market strategy, one should keep this factor in mind.

Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia with penetration of 54 per cent in the internet market. This platform widely differs from Google in terms of SEO. So DIY (Do It Yourself) marketing practices will only help you so much; you will need professionals by your side.

Even social media marketing in Russia is different with home-grown platforms like VKontakte and Odnoklassniki overshadowing popular Facebook as the biggest mediums to connect with people online.

A large portion of Social media users in Russia is young- falls between the age of 20-38 years. So businesses or brands must make and personalize their campaigns accordingly.

The trend of mobile marketing in Russia, just like in the global scene, is tolling high. In 2015, over 37 per cent of users accessed internet via Smartphones, while over 19 per cent of users used tablets. So mobile (web or app) marketing must be an intrinsic part of the overall marketing strategies of businesses.

Much like the Chinese market, people in Russia are much more likely to interact and engage with paid advertisements over organic results. So PPC campaigns yield much higher result (conversion) here.

There are many digital marketing Russia based agencies who offer a wide range of services to not just the local businesses but also to international brands to help them scale in this country by targeting and engaging with the right audience base through the most effective medium.

These are the 9 important things that you should know about the digital scene of Russia. If you are looking to scale your business in this country, dial a good agency of internet marketing in Russia today.

9 Important Questions To Ask Digital Marketing Agency In China

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It’s no secret that digital space of China rivals that of Russia’s and is widely different from the rest of the world. Unlike other countries, mainstream platform and internet trend is non-mainstream in China. This makes the already tough task of picking a good marketing agency in this country even tougher. If you’re a local business owner looking to outsource any China digital marketing agency, here are 9 questions that you should ask to the agencies (and listen to their answers), before finalizing on any one-

China Digital Marketing Agency

  1. What type of services do they offer?

Yes, they offer internet marketing services. But the term itself is very broad, with plenty branches or specializations, like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC promotion and more. A good China digital marketing agency usually covers a wide spectrum and ensures their clients get everything under the same roof.

  1. Where do they specialize in?

Even when an agency offers many types of marketing services, their specialization lies in one department. See where they specialize- SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing in China or any other- and then see if it matches your specific needs.

  1. What type of businesses do they cater?

You have a retail clothing business and the marketing agency offers its services specifically to SaaS. Do you expect them to offer you decent services? Exactly! So see what kind of business, industries do they offer their services to and choose accordingly.

  1. How will they find your target audience?

You own a women’s fitness wear retail store. Obviously your target audience is women. But where would the agency find such women who are more likely to buy your products. And how would they find them. Be sure on these questions.

  1. Do they use local based platforms or not?

Many agencies, although based in China, offer their services on global platforms. While this may suit particular types of businesses, for success in this country, having your impeccable presence on local platforms is imperative. So see if the marketing agency offer dedicated Weibo and Baidu services or not.

  1. What would be their strategy to rank your brand name higher on Baidu SERP?

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China with 660 million monthly mobile users. Having a definite Baidu promotion strategy and plan is very crucial for the success of your brand on digital space. So ask how the professionals plans to improve your ranking on the SERP of this search engine.

  1. Do they offer RenRen marketing service?

There are some who believe RenRen is a dying platform, we believe otherwise. This platform boasts over 40 million monthly active users- majority of them are high schoolers and college goers. So having you brand presence on this platform is very important, particularly if your products target young consumers. So see to it that the agency offers dedicated RenRen marketing service.

  1. How do they plan to engage with the international audience base?

Maybe you’re targeting local audience. But even the local based online platforms in China has global reach. How does the agency plans to engage with this oversea audience? What if a person in USA wants to communicate with your brand or is interested in your products or services? How will your marketing professionals deal with that?

  1. What if you decide to take your business to the global space?

Yes you’re a local business. But someday you might want to expand beyond the national boundaries and reach out your potential customers in USA, Australia, UK and India. How will the marketing agency tackle this situation? How will they change their strategies and adapt to new ones?

These are the 9 important questions you should ask China digital marketing agency before finalizing on any one.

7 ‘Less Talked About’ Ways To Improve Your App Marketing Game

0 commentsTuesday June 7th, 2016

One day, a brilliant ‘what if…’ idea struck your mind. You thought what if there was a mobile App for ‘this’ to help people do ‘that’. Seemed like a game changing idea! You hired App makers, pitched your idea, and your idea was now a reality. But just when you were jumping in joy, it dawned on you- the hard part is yet to come; App marketing!

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

The fact is, even the best, high utility and amazing mobile applications fail. Why? Well for once, the App stores are super crowded and competitive (Did you know there are over 800,000 apps in the app stores?). Second, even when your app manages to grab people’s attention, few actually install it. And third, the ones who do install it- factually speaking- might uninstall it, for one reason or other, faster than you can even read these words.

So admittedly app marketing is a tough task. But not impossible, if you know how to strike few chords perfectly. While many fail to look and talk beyond ASO (App Store Optimization), here we discuss about 7 ‘less talked about’ ways that can help you improve your app marketing game. Keep reading and thank us later.

Email Newsletters– It is quite surprising that few people, even after years, undermine the power of Email marketing. Integrating your App promotion with email marketing has proved to be very rewarding. For this you need to have an emailing list; that means your business must have a website that asks for visitors’ emails. Sending about and pushing your apps through emails to these contacts, factually speaking, has seen higher installation rate.

Pushing on your website– There is a difference between letting your website visitors know that your business has an app now and pushing them to actually install it. You need to do the latter one. Run contests, offer exclusive contents, products or services, or anything that make people download your app. Good thing about this is people who visit your website are, more often than not, your target audience. Once they download your app, they are less likely to uninstall it, unless your app is really crappy.

Banking on niche forums– Niche forums are much like gold mines. Whether you are looking for customers, website traffic or installers for your app, these public, open forums are there for your aid. So pick one (or many) such forum that matches your industry or niche and promote your app strategically.

Facebook marketing– Over the years, Facebook has introduced heaps of new features for the advertisers. You can now run your app promotion campaigns (via PPC, sponsored stories, promoted posts, and Facebook exchange) quite easily. The ROI is much higher.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Twitter– Finding a KOL of any niche is hard, engaging them even harder. But once you find such person on Twitter, and they agree to promote your app, the install rate could touch moon in a matter of time.

Guest blogging– Blogging about your app on someone else’s website is a very unconventional way that only few professionals and top mobile app marketing companies excel in. First you need to find one such suitable blog (that matches your niche), write a nice and valuable blog post, in which you strategically ask the readers to install your app. If done well, your install rate could jump really high. This is one of the simplest of ways (not easy though), and often does not cost any money.

Hiring app marketing agency– DIY steps will only help you so much. If you’re really serious about your app, or the success of your whole business depends on how well your app is doing, hiring a good app marketing agency is a much better idea. There are many top mobile app marketing companies who can help your app grow and sustain in the over-competitive market quite easily.

These are the 7 ‘less talked about’ ways to up your app marketing game. Good luck!