3 Important Benefits of O2O Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

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Although, at large, the aim of any marketing campaign is to make sales, things have slightly changed over the past few years. Today, businesses are just as careful and concerned about building reliability and trust of their brands. It has finally dawn on them- thankfully- that to sustain their business, the age-old ‘buy, sell and leave’ rule has failure written all over it.

Digital Marketing Macau

And it is for this reason, there exist many brands these days, particularly in China, who are going beyond the regular online marketing efforts, with new and innovative ways, to give their customers a seamless experience. They are intensively using Online to Offline (or Offline to Online) marketing approach to build their brand value.

3 Important benefits of O2O Marketing

  1. It builds brand reputation

Among many, there are two important components of brand building. One, consistent exposure; two, storytelling. And O2O digital marketing in China provides you with both. It gives a consistent exposure to your brand in both the online and offline world. Plus, the exposure, accompanied by a relevant message, shares your brand’s personal story. These create a connection between your business and audience, which increase reputation and trust of your brand.

  1. It retains a customer for a long term

O2O campaigns build a long lasting relation between the audience and the brands. Now, with better reputation, the brand enjoys more loyalty of the customers. This eventually sustains the business and increase sales significantly.

  1. Edge the competitors

Even with the higher and sustainable ROI, not many businesses have integrated their online marketing activities with the offline operation. And this presents a big opportunity for the early adopters of O2O marketing. With the right strategies, a brand can easily edge its competitors.

These are the 3 important benefits, particularly for ecommerce businesses- of O2O digital marketing Macau, China.

6 practical tips to implement O2O marketing plan in eCommerce model

Use limited time period sales promotion to get your audience respond quicker.

Offer additional discounts and coupons to online (or offline) buyers.

Run online contests that strategically bring your potential customers to offline POS (Point of Sales).

Don’t rely on one communication channel. Instead embrace wide range of social media platforms with a robust strategy.

Use PPC campaigns intensively to boost your O2O efforts.

Organize fun events, not necessarily aiming to make direct sales but to attract new audience and build brand’s goodwill.

Of course there are many other ways to plan and implement O2O marketing strategy. Want better result? Instead of relying fully on your in-house marketing team, dial experts and professionals of digital marketing in China.

4 Practical Ways To Level-Up Your Social Media Marketing Game In China

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Marketing in China is a bit complex that does not always vouch high ROI. No wonder majority of brands- local and global- hire professional agencies of social media marketing in China. However, if you have planned to head in this direction by yourself, there are few tips and practices that you can follow to smoothen up your path.

So without much of the delay, here are 4 practical (and effective) ways to level-up your social media marketing game in China-

  1. Don’t be on all platforms

One thing great about social platforms of China is that you really don’t need to be everywhere. Different platforms have different kind of user base. You just have to know about your target audience and then identify the right platform accordingly. Like, if you’re targeting the young high-schoolers and college-goers, RenRen is a much popular and sensible choice for you, given its large young user base.

  1. Don’t overlook Baidu’s social platforms

Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. But it also has many open and social platforms that unfortunately many people overlook. Tieba and Zhidao are its two major social communities. In both of them, you can create small communities and answer questions (much like Yahoo’s Q/A). These platforms are quite good to segment your audience in different groups and target them individually.

  1. Care about quality… but also about the quantity

You have heard it timeless time- ‘quantity over quality’. However, with social media platforms of China, quantity is just as important. These platforms aren’t as smart as, say, Facebook to identify and prioritize relevant posts. To stay ahead of your competitors and to be more visible to the audience, you need to maintain a consistency in your postings.

  1. Use PPC campaigns when it makes sense

Social PPC campaigns have become an integral part of marketing strategy. So you must set out a portion of your budget for it; and should intensively promote, particularly the posts that have a higher in-return value, with a definite CTA. Besides, people in China are more likely to respond positively to paid ads. So often, given you have followed the basics, you are assured of maximum ROI.

These are the 4 very simple ways to help you boost your social media approach in the Chinese market. However, to see better result from your investment, it is better you hire a good social media agency in China.

3 Worthy Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016 That Begs Your Attention

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Each year brings its own set of trends- whether in fashion scene, retailing or gaming. And mobile marketing space is no different. We’re past the mid-2016 mark; a lot has happened this year already and many things continue to roll.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

While top mobile and app advertising companies have recognized these trends to befit their clients, there are many individual marketers who seem lost. Are you one of these individuals? Do you know what’s going on in the mobile marketing world? Have you incorporated the hottest (and worthys) trends to your overall marketing approach?

No, you say?

Worry not; here is 3 (very) important mobile marketing trends of 2016 that’s also going to carry on to 2017.

SERPS are listing much more than WebPages

The result pages of Google are showing much more than just the links to WebPages. Today, you will find short answers to simple questions directly on the SERP like. Plus, it also displays tweets from twitter in real time. This calls in for more efficient content and social media marketing approach. It also reinforces what Google has always said- be customer centric and you’ll do well on result pages.

Also the prominence of targeted PPC ads- particularly for long tail keywords- has increased.

Apps are converting better than mobile web

Report says Apps covert better than mobile web. For online retailers in 2015, apps converted 120 per cent better than mobile web and 20 per cent better than desktops. So if you’re still struggling with the “should I or should I not” contest regarding having a beautiful mobile application for your business, this trends clearly suggests- you should; you should immediately hire developers and app advertising companies.

The internet of me with ultra-personalized UX

While offering personalized experience has long been a key component of CRO strategies (Conversion Rate Optimization), in 2016 it has reached to new levels. The amount of data collected about the users from cross platforms and devices, and the depth of these data is simply outstanding (and even scary). These details are helping businesses to target customers on a more micro level- and the conversion is much higher.

These are the three biggest trends of 2016 as of yet. And the by the looks of it, one can easily anticipate- not only are they here to stay but rather grow intensively. So if you haven’t already slotted them in your overall mobile marketing campaigns, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. If anything, you should dial a good digital marketing companies to help you bank on these trends more efficiently.

Creating an Affiliate Program to Sell Your Products – a Beginner’s Guide

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Setting an affiliate program to boost your sales is a great decision, but unfortunately not many businesses root this way for whatever reasons. It comes with a host of benefits comparing to other forms of marketing-

China Affiliate Marketing

Straightforward and effective and perfect to manage even for the beginners.

The program/system is fully automated.

Effortless marketing with no additional cost.

It positively affects SEO- improving webpage’s visibility on SERPs.

Reach to wide range of audiences at a short period of time.

Risk-free; you only pay when any sale is made.

No early investment required as is the case with other forms of marketing.

Consistent sales and promotion.

No limit to how many sales.

Conversion rate is easily measureable.

With so many fits, no wonder there is an upsurge in the number of China affiliate marketing agencies today.

So how do you go about from the moment you made up your mind to create an affiliate program for your own products or services?

Well, it is best you outsource a good digital marketing agency Hong Kong. But if you’re going to do things by yourself, here’s how to begin with.

Settling on a commission rate- how much to pay the affiliates

When deciding on the commission that you should pay the affiliates on sale, you have to consider a range of factors-

Price of your products or services What is the price of what you’re offering sways the commission rate (and number of people who’s going to apply for the program). Like, 20 per cent cut on $100 product is better than 50 per cent cut on $10 product.

Your total expense You don’t want to pay more to the affiliates and end up with no profit whatsoever. Calculating all the additional expenses, particularly if you offer tangible goods, that would include warehouse fees, shipping fees, taxes and more, is very important.

Your current sales If you’re well established in market and have sufficient amount of customers already, you don’t have to particularly rely on affiliates; offering low commission is a way to go. But in case if you’re just starting up and haven’t made any sales, high commission is a better choice.

Your market competition If your market is very competitive- you competitors have affiliate programs at cut-throat rate- you are better off with higher commission. You’ll attract many affiliates and edge others in your market.

Two important things to do

How do you track your sales or affiliates? You bank on the services of affiliate networks. There are many networks like Commission Junction Clickbank who offer a nice and user-friendly tracking system to manage everything on a single platform.

Having a clean and appealing landing page for your affiliate program is very important. The page must explain everything in details; about the products or services, their prices, the affiliate commission and other terms and conditions.

Attracting affiliates for your program

How do you reach your potential affiliates or how do your market your affiliate program is a question many ponder. There are few ways-

Content marketing– Promoting your affiliate program through content is a simple and straightforward way. Write blogs or articles to promote it to the readers. Aside mentioning about your offering and the cut, explain also how the affiliates can “successfully make sales”, or what communication channels should they use more, where they can find the potential customers, should they rely on SEO or work hard on social media platforms, and so forth.

Email Marketing– If you maintain an email list, it is best to begin from there. People have given you their emails to you- meaning, they trust you. Inform them about your new affiliate program and all its benefits. They are more likely to respond positively and apply to the program.

‘Pick your platform’– You don’t necessarily have to promote your program on any and every platform. Do a thorough market research and pick a single platform where you are more likely to find new affiliates. And then fully focus on reaching and communicating with them on consistent basis.

Learning from competitors– If your competitors too have affiliate programs, learn where they are finding their affiliates from- how they are finding them. What medium of communication are they using and what type of campaigns are they using. Are they using social media intensively or relying heavily on affiliate networks.

With these simple ways you easily glue more affiliates to your program. Of course, doing things yourself is easier said than done. If the path looks too steep for you to walk, we suggest, hire a good digital marketing agency Hong Kong based.

Making Money from Your App (Easily) – A Comprehensive Guide (PART 2)

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In the previous part we discussed about two methods of monetizing your business or personal apps- putting a price tag on your app and partnering with someone of your own niche.

Have read it? Go here- How to monetize your App- A comprehensive guide (PART 1)

Mobile Advertising Companies

Now, time for 2 another amazing and effective methods that are also highly recommended (and used) by top mobile advertising companies.

Paid Advertisements

Using Google’s Adsense network is another popular choice to make money from app. You give a small spot (space) on your app to Google where they display third party’s advertisements on the basis of users’ location, browsing behavior and overall relevancy.

Although it’s a nice choice, but showing ads on app comes in the way of good UX, speed and smoothness of App and data consumption of the user. Hence it is best to take help from mobile advertising companies.

If you’re using this technique, avoid multiple ads, and go with popular and right ad networks (of course Adsense, clicksor and more) who works PPC or CMP model and offer decent return.

Exclusive paid-content

Exclusive paid-contents and subscription packages are another way of making money from your app. It is one of the most effective and favorites of top app advertising companies.

You simply create content and put a price tag on it. And now let your audience (who already you’re your app) decide whether they want to buy it or not. Few things to remember here-

It must be EXCLSUIVE and unique.

It must add value to what you already offer.

You must market it and give people reasons to pay for this content.

One simple strategy is to make your content (write-ups or videos) or your overall service in two or more parts. Offer the first one (s) for free and the one (s) after at a price. With this strategy, the rate of conversion would be much higher considering your audience have already consumed the first part (s) and already know what to expect from the next one (s) after paying.

Another strategy is to design subscription packages (one-time pay or recurring) and offer and engage with the paid subscribers continuously with exclusive and exciting contents.

These are the 2 another simple ways to monetize your personal or business app effectively.

When deciding on “how to make money from your app” be also considerate of how you’re going to receive the money or how your customers are going to pay you. Many overlook this department and their insufficient and untrustworthy payment options and gateways limit the number of their sales and subscriptions.

Only PayPal is just not enough today. Offer your customers multiple payment options, channels. Ensure you have taken all the necessary security steps to assure (and announce) the customers that their data is safe and secured.

But in case if these looks a bit tough for you set up, outsource app advertising companies for assistance.

If all goes well, hopefully, in next few weeks, you will have your money-making app perfectly set up- ready to woo your customers and make you a decent amount of money.

6 Outdated Baidu Ranking Factors That You STILL Follow (But Shouldn’t)

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Baidu came into existence in 2000. And it has evolved significantly since then. But even today some people hold the same outdated notions of this leading Chinese search engine, in regards to SEO, as if it’s 2010. And the worst part is many new webmasters fall for these outdated concepts, plan their Baidu marketing approach accordingly and end up doing more harm to their websites than good.

SEO on Baidu

Wondering if you’re doing the same mistakes? Following the same outdated practices? Following the same flawed SEO techniques?

Here are 6 obsolete Baidu ranking factors that you should STOP following-

Quantity over quality– Prioritizing quantity over quality, in any regard- blogs, articles, inbound links, outbound links, keywords usage and more- is a thing of the past and cannot trick Baidu anymore.

UX is not as important– There was a time when webmasters would make and run websites for search engines and not for the users. The result was poor quality websites with worst UX. This wasn’t much of the deal until Baidu started factoring Users’ Experience. So consider UX in everything you do.

Less priority to mobile-friendliness– Just like Google, Baidu has become just as strict about the responsiveness of the websites. They must be smooth and mobile friendly. And if you don’t start prioritizing this factor, stay prepared to see a downfall in your ranking.

Running after high keyword density– Ah, those days when ranking high on Baidu’s SERP was just as easy as Keyword Stuffing. Good days, weren’t they? Sadly, it doesn’t work now. In fact, do that today and your website might end up getting penalized.

Keyword stuffing in Meta tags– The relevance of Meta tags is always a topic of heated debates, whether on Baidu, Google, Bing or Yandex. Regardless, one thing is crystal clear- stuffing keywords in Meta titles and Meta description is pretty useless. And by an extent, it just jinxes CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Too many outbound links– Getting many links from other websites is a dream of webmasters. And it does help, largely. But quality of the outbound links has become more important than the quantity. Getting links from third-grade webpages and platforms do no good. If anything, it reduces the credibility of your website. So it’s 2016; please say goodbyes to link farms and useless directories.

These are the 6 outdated Baidu ranking factors that you should immediately stop running after. Give up these practices and root for techniques that are actually going to work. Still confused? Dial a good marketing agency and bank on their professional and affordable service of SEO on Baidu.

Importance Of SEO Content For Casino Related Sites

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Since the internet made its appearance in the world so many things went through big changes. For example, the way we get information. Today, most internet users prefer to find news and other relevant information they need in the net, rather than to go and buy a specific magazine or newspaper.

In fact, online news are more diversified and they offer a comprehensive information about events of all types, even from overseas. News are often easy to find in blogs or other websites, that aren’t focused on news but that from time to time they may offer readers some news.

Content – How To Produce Excellent SEO Content

Certain news look fake at first glance, while others are extremely interesting to read. How is this difference possible? The reason stays in the way news content is dealt and offered to the reader.

There are certain most common mistakes that should be always avoided. For example, the followings:

  • Copying from existing written content
  • Writing false information
  • Display personal information of people involved in the news
  • Writing about things that are not related to the main topic
  • Lack of serious links

Many more mistakes can be mentioned here. Anyways, the better you can write content for readers, the more interesting your piece will be and, by consequence, the SEO efforts will be boosted straight away.

Casino Games – How To Talk About

If you are writing a piece for a casino, you will have to mention the casino name, types of games, safety information and other relevant aspects of that casino. Parklane Casino, for example, is a great new online casino launched in 2015, one of the very few recommendable casino environments in the net.

If you want to write something attractive about Parklane Casino, explain why it’s great to play online slots at parklaneecasino.com and what players should do in order to receive the special bonuses this online venue offers.

Parklane Casino is a fully verified and licensed casino, having a Curacao license and being owned and managed by Game Tech Group NV Casinos, a reputable and well known casino company.

Slots – Feeling Lucky When Playingparklane casino slots

Certain casino games require a lot of strategy and mental focusing, while other games like slots are way easier to play. This is also why most casino players tend to prefer slots rather than to complicated poker hands. Moreover, at Parklane Casino slots are excellent games to try also for the incredible bonuses and extra benefits they bring to the player, like the Free Spins bonuses.

Other important features of Parklane Casino slots include a 100% fair gaming experience, since all game results are 100% random. In fact, Parklane Casino employs only the best and leading game software for its slot games, brand names like Amaya, Betsof, Netent, GS, Microgaming and 1×2 Gaming along with a few more game software are worldwide popular for their reliability and efficiency.

Deposits at Parklane Casino can be smoothly processed by means of one of the most popular payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, PostePay, GiroPay, Sofort, Paysafe Card, EntroPay, Diners Club, VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

How To Monetize Your App- A Comprehensive Guide (PART 1)

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The number suggests that over 60 per cent of apps don’t make money, or have no monetization strategy whatsoever. No wonder we hear stories of ‘grand failure’ in the app market every other day.

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

Unless yours is a business that can afford extravagant loss- at least for a short term- you should work towards making money from your supposedly amazing App from the get go, even though your main focus is just to expand your brand reach and communicate with your target audience.

Here are 2 ways to make money from your app that many online marketing companies vouch for-

Putting a price tag on your app

While making people pay to install and use your app is a very straightforward to make money, things might not work as planned unless your app is really (really) amazing with high utility.

Statistics show that about 82 per cent people factors price when deciding to download an app; and 3 in every 4 people expect apps to be of free of cost.

So the moment one labels an app with the price, the likelihood of the app getting downloads is pushed significantly below. Here are 4 important things that you should consider to work this method successfully-

The utility value– Your app must offer a decent amount of utility value. It must fill an important purpose that convinces people to actually pay for it.

Market competition– If there is a tough (or even slight) competition in your niche, pricing could be very difficult given your competitors might be offering low to no fee for their app. So why would people buy your app when they can get somewhat same at low or free cost.

‘Awesomeness’ factor– Even if the market competition is low, people wouldn’t pay for your app unless it’s straight-out awesome- unique, offering something exclusive and worthy of people’s time.

Target Audience– You must know about your target audience and where to find them. People are not going to pay for an app that they don’t require in the first place. So you must be visible strictly to your relevant audience who are more likely to buy it. Face book app marketing could be your great weapon here.

Partnering with someone of your niche

One of the biggest obstacles of finding a partner in your own niche is to actually recognize the difference between a potential partner and a competitor. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when finalizing on a partner-

Make sure they are not offering the same product or service as yours, but rather something that complements and supplements your offerings. (Like if you teach Math via your app to high schoolers, you can partner with middle school math teacher or high school English teacher.)

They are well established in the market with high reputation.

What they are offering is pretty awesome with high utility that your target audience will find valuable.

You simply dial your partners and workout a deal to either promote (via ads or contents) their brands or let them promote yours. Of course a lot of decision-making is involved here- like the money to be exchanged, mechanism to gauge conversion, how to promote, what to promote, when to promote and so forth. But if you have picked a right partner who needs you just as much as you need them, working through things becomes easy and smooth.

These are 2 simple and highly effective ways to monetize your app, often recommended by top mobile app marketing companies.

Read the second part of this guide (2 another amazing methods of making money from your personal and business app) from here- Making money from your App (easily)- A comprehensive guide (PART 2)