7 Tweaks to Your Content Marketing Strategy for more ‘Baidu Love’

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The dynamics of digital marketing in China has changed significantly. Content has become an epicenter of baidu promotion strategy today.

In fact the more the focus will shift from increasing websites’ traffic to metrics like CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversion Rate, the bigger role content marketing will play. Why, you ask?

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Two reasons-

  1. To survive in hyper-competitive market;
  2. To rank better on Baidu, since the search engine is factoring quality content more than ever.

So given the current market trend, likely you have a decent content strategy too, if not an acing one. Maybe your business has a blog to promote the brand or products/services, maybe you’re guest blogging, or maybe Press Release is your best asset of promotion. Regardless, here are 7 tweaks that your content approach needs to drive more traffic (increase CTR) and convert better-

7 Content Strategy Tweaks for Better Conversion

  1. Focus on a narrow target audience

With your content, keep your focus concentrated to selected groups of audience. Segregate your target audience in as many categories and address their specific demands and preferences individually rather than dealing with them together. Like if your target audience is men, categorize them in different ages, demographics, interests and so on.

  1. Offer experience and not products/services

Shift your promotional approach. Instead of marketing products or services, experience converts and sells better. Like if you own a real estate business, instead of selling the house by detailing up the space, direction, rooms and kitchen, promote the happy and filling experience that people will enjoy if they actually buy the place.

  1. Make it a two-way communication

Being communicative with your content is the key to build a repo with your audience. Keep the write-ups, infographics or videos engaging. Ask questions and show an emotional side. Have a decent reply system to make the communication two-way.

  1. Prioritize three content components equally

There are three components of winning content-

  • Information
  • Relevance
  • Entertainment

Offering the three in equal amount GUARANTEES higher conversion. So provide all three in your content. Provide crucial information, but also ensure it is relevant and helpful to the readers. All through, keep things entertaining to ensure the audience is glued-up.

  1. Be consistent and aggressive on your social media reach

Having a well laid out social media content strategy is more important than you think. The number of posts you’re going to be posting every day, their types, size and even the time—all this is very important. Assumingly, you’re already engaging with the audience on social media, bring consistency to it. And use different and definite ways aggressively to meet your end business goals.

  1. Reach out to the audience with Video content

Content Marketing is not just about texts; videos, images and infographics are just as bigger part of it. So mix things up to reach out to your audience. Have you just been using texts till now, use video contents and gauge the response? Infographs are the new craze—must in your social media content strategy.

  1. Spend more time in long-tail keywords research

While the SEO community has bid its goodbye to Keyword stuffing, this doesn’t however mean that keywords aren’t important anymore. Refer Baidu Ranking Factors guide, again. Aside quality, keyword research is one major difference between the content that ranks better and the one that rank last. So invest more of your time in researching long-tail keywords (since they convert better) and use them strategically, and only when it’s relevant of course, in your content.

Give your content marketing strategy a boost with these 7 tweaks and convert your traffic into (repeated) buying customers easily.

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