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Baidu Marketing

For some marketing experts Search Engine Marketing (SEM) begins and ends with Google. Admittedly, Google is giant and important for success of different businesses, but so is China-based Baidu search engine- even if your business is in Asia or globally focused.
Let’s talk about facts-

  • Baidu is the biggest and most popular Chinese search engine.
  • Its share of global search engine market is 7.52.
  • The total number of monthly active Baidu mobile search users is well above 660 million and is growing fast.

These facts, along with many others, show just how important it is to incorporate Baidu SEO in the online marketing strategy. And this is what DT Digital Asia does.

DT Digital Asia is a one of the largest and highly reputed marketing agencies with presence in well about 7 countries. We have a proven track record with hundreds of past and present happy clients from diverse niche. We offer a host of services, including SEO for Baidu.

We understand that for business success and an optimum ROI for our clients, Baidu is just as important as an internet platform and a search engine. The Chinese consumer market is big, whose inclusion in the marketing strategy is very crucial even if yours is not a China-based business (the facts and numbers screams this importance.

Besides, Baidu is much more than just a regular search. It has a range of diverse services, right from having its own maps, music and news platform to social media site, encyclopedia, games, internet TV and much more- all somehow, directly or indirectly, plays an important role in SEO Baidu. So to put in short, we know Baidu is a big deal, and so should you.

Unlike the other regular strategies for Google and alike, Baidu marketing is a bit complex. Its algorithms change often, and the ranking factors are different- right from factoring paid Baidu ads high to having its own priorities with link building and content sharing.

DT Digital Asia employs the industry’s best professionals who have observed Baidu promotion or marketing world up close. Our expertise, experience and different custom tools help us to ace Baidu pay per click and overall marketing on this giant Chinese search engine.

So, notch up the scope of your online marketing with DT Digital Asia by your side. Let us incorporate Baidu search engine strategy with your overall marketing strategy to ensure your highest Return On Investment (ROI) and success for your business with least effort.

14 day FREE Trial on SEM, SMO & Market Places services. Limited time offer ! Request Free Trial Know More