3 Worthy Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016 That Begs Your Attention

0 commentsTuesday July 19th, 2016

Each year brings its own set of trends- whether in fashion scene, retailing or gaming. And mobile marketing space is no different. We’re past the mid-2016 mark; a lot has happened this year already and many things continue to roll.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

While top mobile and app advertising companies have recognized these trends to befit their clients, there are many individual marketers who seem lost. Are you one of these individuals? Do you know what’s going on in the mobile marketing world? Have you incorporated the hottest (and worthys) trends to your overall marketing approach?

No, you say?

Worry not; here is 3 (very) important mobile marketing trends of 2016 that’s also going to carry on to 2017.

SERPS are listing much more than WebPages

The result pages of Google are showing much more than just the links to WebPages. Today, you will find short answers to simple questions directly on the SERP like. Plus, it also displays tweets from twitter in real time. This calls in for more efficient content and social media marketing approach. It also reinforces what Google has always said- be customer centric and you’ll do well on result pages.

Also the prominence of targeted PPC ads- particularly for long tail keywords- has increased.

Apps are converting better than mobile web

Report says Apps covert better than mobile web. For online retailers in 2015, apps converted 120 per cent better than mobile web and 20 per cent better than desktops. So if you’re still struggling with the “should I or should I not” contest regarding having a beautiful mobile application for your business, this trends clearly suggests- you should; you should immediately hire developers and app advertising companies.

The internet of me with ultra-personalized UX

While offering personalized experience has long been a key component of CRO strategies (Conversion Rate Optimization), in 2016 it has reached to new levels. The amount of data collected about the users from cross platforms and devices, and the depth of these data is simply outstanding (and even scary). These details are helping businesses to target customers on a more micro level- and the conversion is much higher.

These are the three biggest trends of 2016 as of yet. And the by the looks of it, one can easily anticipate- not only are they here to stay but rather grow intensively. So if you haven’t already slotted them in your overall mobile marketing campaigns, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. If anything, you should dial a good digital marketing companies to help you bank on these trends more efficiently.

Making Money from Your App (Easily) – A Comprehensive Guide (PART 2)

0 commentsFriday July 8th, 2016

In the previous part we discussed about two methods of monetizing your business or personal apps- putting a price tag on your app and partnering with someone of your own niche.

Have read it? Go here- How to monetize your App- A comprehensive guide (PART 1)

Mobile Advertising Companies

Now, time for 2 another amazing and effective methods that are also highly recommended (and used) by top mobile advertising companies.

Paid Advertisements

Using Google’s Adsense network is another popular choice to make money from app. You give a small spot (space) on your app to Google where they display third party’s advertisements on the basis of users’ location, browsing behavior and overall relevancy.

Although it’s a nice choice, but showing ads on app comes in the way of good UX, speed and smoothness of App and data consumption of the user. Hence it is best to take help from mobile advertising companies.

If you’re using this technique, avoid multiple ads, and go with popular and right ad networks (of course Adsense, clicksor and more) who works PPC or CMP model and offer decent return.

Exclusive paid-content

Exclusive paid-contents and subscription packages are another way of making money from your app. It is one of the most effective and favorites of top app advertising companies.

You simply create content and put a price tag on it. And now let your audience (who already you’re your app) decide whether they want to buy it or not. Few things to remember here-

It must be EXCLSUIVE and unique.

It must add value to what you already offer.

You must market it and give people reasons to pay for this content.

One simple strategy is to make your content (write-ups or videos) or your overall service in two or more parts. Offer the first one (s) for free and the one (s) after at a price. With this strategy, the rate of conversion would be much higher considering your audience have already consumed the first part (s) and already know what to expect from the next one (s) after paying.

Another strategy is to design subscription packages (one-time pay or recurring) and offer and engage with the paid subscribers continuously with exclusive and exciting contents.

These are the 2 another simple ways to monetize your personal or business app effectively.

When deciding on “how to make money from your app” be also considerate of how you’re going to receive the money or how your customers are going to pay you. Many overlook this department and their insufficient and untrustworthy payment options and gateways limit the number of their sales and subscriptions.

Only PayPal is just not enough today. Offer your customers multiple payment options, channels. Ensure you have taken all the necessary security steps to assure (and announce) the customers that their data is safe and secured.

But in case if these looks a bit tough for you set up, outsource app advertising companies for assistance.

If all goes well, hopefully, in next few weeks, you will have your money-making app perfectly set up- ready to woo your customers and make you a decent amount of money.

Dominate Customers’ Smart Phones with Sustainable App Marketing Methods

1 commentsSaturday April 16th, 2016

With the number of app downloads touching sky on Apple Store and Google Play, people around the world are taking their businesses to Smart phones. In fact there are many businesses today that run and survive gloriously on standalone app platforms- their services are not accessible on web (desktop or mobile); Instagram, Tinder and Snap chat being most popular examples.

Mobile App Marketing Firms

And we get it why app has become so popular for businesses in just a half-decade or so. Right from being visible to the Smartphone owners all the time to having better and direct engagement with them- apps ensures higher ROI. Period. But as fairy tale-esque as it all sounds, like every good thing, the success with apps doesn’t come as easily as one hopes for. After all this is why top mobile app marketing firms are playing the messiah for thousands of businesses around the world today.

Smartphone is a personal space- People won’t download your app

Phone is a personal space for people and they take extra care as to what stays on it- right from media to apps. So, if you think you’re just going to launch your app and people will crazily hit that download button, you sure in for a big surprise. There are over 1.6 millions apps on Google Play and 1.5 millions on Apple Stores- your app is doom to get lost. And even if it’s upfront people, it won’t be downloaded. And even if it’s downloaded, good ROI is not guaranteed. There is a host of steps you need to take pre and post app launch and a range of marketing strategies you need adapt to sustain its growth. The process is complex and unlike any DIY scheme. We recommend hiring or outsourcing a good app marketing agency.

Creating that anticipation before an epic launch

Creating keenness among the people before your app launch is very important. Top marketing agencies approach this in different ways- garnering media attention with their wide establishments, soft-launch for selected groups, guest blogging on your industry’s leaders’ websites, using social media to prepare a consumer base who will download your app when it launches, email marketing and more. All this is to inform and create awareness & excitement among people, specifically your target consumers, about your app, and products or services you will be offering.

Sky-rocketing your downloads with effective optimization

Mobile marketing is different. Unlike on web, you have to use different strategies and methods to optimize it on app stores. Getting good rating is very important; so along with offering smooth platform you have to push the users rigorously to rate that app. User engagement is equally important, be it directly on the app or on emails and social media platforms. Also split testing needs to be done every so often to stay ahead in the market and of your competitors.

When all the dots are connected, including making a smooth-working, secure and bug free app, this sub-niche requires loads of hard work, dedication, planning and patience. So it is best you focus on making and improving your products or services, while mobile app marketing firms take care of other back-end works for sustainable growth of your business.

The Benefits of Implementing Effective App Marketing Services

1 commentsMonday March 21st, 2016

With the advancement of the mobile technology, more and more business enterprises are now coming forward in order to take the advantage of smartphones and exploring what they can do for their companies. People all over the world now prefers to use smartphone devices of different kinds. As the number of smartphone users are increasing day by day, business enterprises are trying to come up with new ways in which they can promote their brands and reach out to their target customers.

App Marketing Companies

Role of a mobile app in business promotion

A mobile app that showcases the products and services of a brand or business and serve as a platform of communication between the end users and the manufacturers can serve as a great way to augment business. However, as many similar companies have their own apps in the market it is necessary to promote the apps in the right way so that they fetch maximum number of downloads. It is exactly here that the services of app marketing companies become important.

Benefits of app marketing

Helps to improve visibility of the app

App Store optimization is a technique that is used for promoting apps and making sure that they are downloaded by maximum number of people. The ASO technique helps to improve the visibility of an app in the leading app stores, namely Google Play Store for Android and Apple iTunes for Android. App advertising companies can also provide with localization services that in turn involve multilingual localization services for apps.

Increase app downloads

With the right kind of social media marketing as well as effective app reviews, it is possible to increase the number of downloads for a given app. Some internet marketing firms also offer cost per install benefits for their clients and help to make sure that well planned app marketing campaigns are used for app promotion.

Promotional marketing strategies

A professional app marketing company can provide with services like data collection and analysis which aims to study the extent of market penetration of specific mobile apps. Information like this eventually helps companies to take better decisions that in turn help them to promote their brands and products in a better way through the applications.

Targeting specific end users

Effective app marketing services can help companies to target specific audiences or end users by implementing localized marketing campaigns that help to promote an app within that group only.

5 Types of Popular App Advertising Campaigns

0 commentsMonday February 29th, 2016

In the last few years, the mobile advertising space has grown a lot and apps are a pretty new phenomenon which is growing leaps and bounds. App marketing companies are growing in a great manner, and advertising through apps is growing a lot. A lot of revenues are generated with the help of varied display formats. App marketing agencies make use of varied mobile ad networks these days. Read and find out about the 5 various kinds of app advertising campaigns on the basis of ad formats.

App Marketing Companies

Banner Ads

Mobile Banner ads happen to be one of the commonest ad formats used by mobile advertising networks. Such kinds of ads are either displayed at the bottom or the top of an app screen. As banner ads can convey information very fast, these are used a lot and found to be effective in displaying brand messages.

Interstitial Ads

As the name indicates, these are displayed in-between or within transition points in apps. This can be at the time of launch or after levels have been completed, whether in the form of video pre-roll or a gaming app. These are full-screen advertisements and are more complex in comparison.

Video Ads

These ads are used by many app advertising companies, and have optimal scope of shining in future. Video ads are attractive and attention-grabbing for viewers. Such kinds of ads are in the form of standard video commercials which promote an item which can be displayed within the app. Given the popularity of video content, and the rise in percentage of video content viewers, video ads are becoming more and more famous among users. Marketers are increasingly finding these ads to be better for conveying information to users within a shorter time span.

Rich Media Ads

These types of ads provide users with the most superior experience via multimedia experiences which is more than simply videos, pictures, animations or text. These ads convey a lot of information in a more effectual manner than standard banner ads. The extra multimedia elements also make the ads more interesting and attention grabbing. But it leads to better engagement, bigger conversions and click-through rates.

Reward Ads

Also referred to as Incentivized ads, these provide users with promotional offers, coupons and more for downloading apps. Such kinds of ads make applications more interactive by providing users with incentives for achievements in-app. This ensures a proper way to enhance app engagement.