7 Tweaks to Your Content Marketing Strategy for more ‘Baidu Love’

0 commentsFriday August 26th, 2016

The dynamics of digital marketing in China has changed significantly. Content has become an epicenter of baidu promotion strategy today.

In fact the more the focus will shift from increasing websites’ traffic to metrics like CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversion Rate, the bigger role content marketing will play. Why, you ask?

baidu promotion

Two reasons-

  1. To survive in hyper-competitive market;
  2. To rank better on Baidu, since the search engine is factoring quality content more than ever.

So given the current market trend, likely you have a decent content strategy too, if not an acing one. Maybe your business has a blog to promote the brand or products/services, maybe you’re guest blogging, or maybe Press Release is your best asset of promotion. Regardless, here are 7 tweaks that your content approach needs to drive more traffic (increase CTR) and convert better-

7 Content Strategy Tweaks for Better Conversion

  1. Focus on a narrow target audience

With your content, keep your focus concentrated to selected groups of audience. Segregate your target audience in as many categories and address their specific demands and preferences individually rather than dealing with them together. Like if your target audience is men, categorize them in different ages, demographics, interests and so on.

  1. Offer experience and not products/services

Shift your promotional approach. Instead of marketing products or services, experience converts and sells better. Like if you own a real estate business, instead of selling the house by detailing up the space, direction, rooms and kitchen, promote the happy and filling experience that people will enjoy if they actually buy the place.

  1. Make it a two-way communication

Being communicative with your content is the key to build a repo with your audience. Keep the write-ups, infographics or videos engaging. Ask questions and show an emotional side. Have a decent reply system to make the communication two-way.

  1. Prioritize three content components equally

There are three components of winning content-

  • Information
  • Relevance
  • Entertainment

Offering the three in equal amount GUARANTEES higher conversion. So provide all three in your content. Provide crucial information, but also ensure it is relevant and helpful to the readers. All through, keep things entertaining to ensure the audience is glued-up.

  1. Be consistent and aggressive on your social media reach

Having a well laid out social media content strategy is more important than you think. The number of posts you’re going to be posting every day, their types, size and even the time—all this is very important. Assumingly, you’re already engaging with the audience on social media, bring consistency to it. And use different and definite ways aggressively to meet your end business goals.

  1. Reach out to the audience with Video content

Content Marketing is not just about texts; videos, images and infographics are just as bigger part of it. So mix things up to reach out to your audience. Have you just been using texts till now, use video contents and gauge the response? Infographs are the new craze—must in your social media content strategy.

  1. Spend more time in long-tail keywords research

While the SEO community has bid its goodbye to Keyword stuffing, this doesn’t however mean that keywords aren’t important anymore. Refer Baidu Ranking Factors guide, again. Aside quality, keyword research is one major difference between the content that ranks better and the one that rank last. So invest more of your time in researching long-tail keywords (since they convert better) and use them strategically, and only when it’s relevant of course, in your content.

Give your content marketing strategy a boost with these 7 tweaks and convert your traffic into (repeated) buying customers easily.

6 Outdated Baidu Ranking Factors That You STILL Follow (But Shouldn’t)

0 commentsWednesday July 6th, 2016

Baidu came into existence in 2000. And it has evolved significantly since then. But even today some people hold the same outdated notions of this leading Chinese search engine, in regards to SEO, as if it’s 2010. And the worst part is many new webmasters fall for these outdated concepts, plan their Baidu marketing approach accordingly and end up doing more harm to their websites than good.

SEO on Baidu

Wondering if you’re doing the same mistakes? Following the same outdated practices? Following the same flawed SEO techniques?

Here are 6 obsolete Baidu ranking factors that you should STOP following-

Quantity over quality– Prioritizing quantity over quality, in any regard- blogs, articles, inbound links, outbound links, keywords usage and more- is a thing of the past and cannot trick Baidu anymore.

UX is not as important– There was a time when webmasters would make and run websites for search engines and not for the users. The result was poor quality websites with worst UX. This wasn’t much of the deal until Baidu started factoring Users’ Experience. So consider UX in everything you do.

Less priority to mobile-friendliness– Just like Google, Baidu has become just as strict about the responsiveness of the websites. They must be smooth and mobile friendly. And if you don’t start prioritizing this factor, stay prepared to see a downfall in your ranking.

Running after high keyword density– Ah, those days when ranking high on Baidu’s SERP was just as easy as Keyword Stuffing. Good days, weren’t they? Sadly, it doesn’t work now. In fact, do that today and your website might end up getting penalized.

Keyword stuffing in Meta tags– The relevance of Meta tags is always a topic of heated debates, whether on Baidu, Google, Bing or Yandex. Regardless, one thing is crystal clear- stuffing keywords in Meta titles and Meta description is pretty useless. And by an extent, it just jinxes CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Too many outbound links– Getting many links from other websites is a dream of webmasters. And it does help, largely. But quality of the outbound links has become more important than the quantity. Getting links from third-grade webpages and platforms do no good. If anything, it reduces the credibility of your website. So it’s 2016; please say goodbyes to link farms and useless directories.

These are the 6 outdated Baidu ranking factors that you should immediately stop running after. Give up these practices and root for techniques that are actually going to work. Still confused? Dial a good marketing agency and bank on their professional and affordable service of SEO on Baidu.

3 (Essential) Third-Party Tools for Baidu SEO

0 commentsThursday June 30th, 2016

Much like Google, Baidu provides a host of tools to help the advertisers and marketers to supplement their SEO practices- like Baidu index, Tongji (analytics), Webmaster centre and advertising tools. But you shouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to these ones. After all there exists just as amazing and effective tools- if not more- that can help you master SEO for Baidu.

Here we list 3 such tools that can help you make an impeccable strategy to optimize your website for Baidu more effectively and quickly. Note that these are the tools that top SEO optimization services companies use and adore. So… you’re welcome!

Ahrefs– Almost every professional use this and there are PLENTY of good reasons for that. The most important one though is that Ahrefs offers a full and detailed report of the backlinks your website is getting- where they are coming from, the relevance, the negative impact, the source or traffic you’re generating from there and so forth. Ahrefs also offer position tracker facility that helps in tracking (and keeping tab) the ranking of your website. Pretty awesome, right?

Hoot suite– It’s not a secret that a good social media standing is a crucial signal for search engines when indexing. So investing just as much amount of your time and resources building your brand on Weibo and other platforms is very important. And this is where Hootsuite comes in. A social media dashboard, you can manage all your social media accounts right from a single interface- post, schedule, coordinate with the team, analyze and more.

Ontolo– You’re desperate for outbound links (hey, we all are!). But “how?” is the question that looms high. Finding a linking opportunity, and a good one on to of that, is very tough. And this is what Ontolo do. Find linking opportunities for you. Run a search and it will come up with a list of linking partners. Now you choose one, contact the source and build link- easily.

Of course there exist many tools like Linkody and GTmetrix, but the above mentioned three are the essential tools, highly recommended by SEO optimization services professionals. Use them from the day one.

But in case if handling new tools is not a cup of your tea, you might want to consider outsourcing a marketing agency. Aside offering wide range of services from SEO to Social media marketing China, these agencies also guarantee far better ROI.

3 Simple (But Less Talked About) SEO Practices To Master Baidu

0 commentsThursday June 16th, 2016

To improve your ranking on Baidu’s SERP, you have heard it countless times- focus on meta title, meta description, quality content, social shares, permalink and what not. While all these practices are quite effective, they are for the rookies. If you are already jaded with these DIY tips and are ready to take your Baidu marketing knowledge up a notch, here we provide you with 3 simple- but less talked about- SEO practices to master Baidu.

SEO on Baidu

Yes, you’re welcome!

Creating content for Baidu’s own Social Platforms

Muck like Google, Baidu has its own range of social products; be it its own version of Picasa, Blogger, Forum, Answers, Wiki and more. Although they themselves have not confirmed it (and they never will!), Baidu prefers its own user generated content (on its social platforms) over others. And this should change everything (!)- Right from your content marketing strategy to how you factor social sharing for SEO on Baidu.

You must have a definite content strategy for these Baidu’s owned products; you must improve your social engagement on these platforms and so forth.

Back links from TRUSTED websites

Okay, you’ve been told thousands (and thousands) of time to get as many back links from other platforms to your website to increase the ‘reputation’ in front of Baidu’s spiders. This was a very effective practice few years back, but same can’t be said today. Baidu has evolved and its bots understand when people are tricking the system with paid advertising (third-party) and back links network. And it penalizes the websites involved in this whole scene.

Today, for Baidu SEO, quality has become more important than quantity. It factors more ‘from where you’re getting the back links from than how many back links you get’. So, back links from reputed and trusted would benefit you more than links from little known forums, websites and directories.

Focusing on long-tail keywords over generic ones

For some rather unknown reason, very few people talk about long tail keywords when discussing Baidu SEO practises, which is quite surprising given that is what all they talk when discussing Google. Long tail keywords on this Chinese search engine have much higher conversion rate and above all, they are less competitive. So, even when you’re planning a PPC campaign, you won’t have to spend heaps.

If you’re creating content for Baidu’s social platform (like its version of Blogger), generic keywords can help you, but to drive traffic to your own website you must focus on long-tail keywords.

Use these three simples- yet non-mainstream- practices of SEO on Baidu and master the Baidu Marketing scene.

SEO For Baidu- 13 Underrated Ranking Factors Of This Chinese Search Engine

0 commentsTuesday May 31st, 2016

The land of search engines is sort of mysterious. Ranking factors are not known for sure but only guessed. The only difference is with newbie’s it’s more like ‘shooting in the dark’ and with professionals the guesses are tried, tested and tried again.

SEO for Baidu

While the internet is filled with all the guess works regarding ranking factors that mighty Google consider, we thought why not do those for another mighty, of Chinese market, Baidu? Only difference, we’re not going to guess but ‘state’; and we’re not going to bore you with clichés (like title tags, quality contents, regular updates, meta description and so on).

So here are 13 underrated ranking factors of SEO for Baidu (If you own Baidu SEO guide book, you might want to jot down these points)-

Using censored words– Chinese authorities keep a strict check on internet and regularly censor websites and contents. If you’re using keywords that are blacklisted by them, your website can be penalized.

TLD extension– Baidu prefers local TLD extension; that would be .cn

Web hosted in China– Websites hosted on China based server get better ranking on Baidu SERP.

Link Building– Link building is a very (VERY) common practice. But what’s difference between Google and Baidu is that the latter one cares more about quantity over quality. So you can grace your head with ‘black hat’ for a bit.

Outbound links– Linking to other TRUSTED websites gives Baiduspider bots an idea about what your website and content is about more clearly and easily.

Inbound links– You will be benefitted far more if you’re getting inbound links from authority or popular websites.

Social Share– Although it is not yet confirmed but the amount of shares your content gets on platforms like Weibo and RenRen positively impacts your ranking. So having a Baidu share plugin is a good idea.

Trouble crawling JavaScript– Baidu’s bots have trouble crawling JavaScript and Flash. So if possible, avoid them as a whole. If not, make sure your important contents or keywords are not in JavaScript and Flash.

Sub Domains (and multiple domains)– Pointing multiple domains to one website does not appeal Baidu; neither does it like sub domains. So having ‘www.yourdomain.com/blog’ is a better idea over ‘blog.your domain.com’.

ICP license– Your website needs to have Internet Content Publishing (ICP) license in order to appear on Baidu. Period. Getting the license usually take about a month.

SEO and PPC integration– Even after years the line between organic and paid search results on Baidu is blurred. They appear nearly similar on SERP. So it would pay you off well if you integrate your SEM strategies with Baidu advertising or PPC campaigns more intensively. The conversion rate would be much higher.

New content over old content– For Google, you can regularly update or republish old posts or pages for better SEO; this is not the case with Baidu. It prefers new contents over old (republished ones regardless how popular or how much traffic they got in the past).

Broken links– Having too many broken links will push your website at the back of SERPs. It gives a sense to the search spiders that the site is abandoned and not updated regularly.

These are the 13 important but underrated SEO Baidu factors. Of course there are few other ranking factors that have low to high impact on SERPs, like 301 directs, URL paths, Webpage layouts, site architecture, and so on. If it’s all too much for you to care about and you’re quite serious about SEO for Baidu– which you should, given this platform has over 650 million monthly active mobile search users- you should get in touch with a dedicated digital marketing agency.

Are You Making These 5 Baidu SEO Mistakes?

0 commentsFriday May 13th, 2016

With over 660 million monthly active mobile users, Baidu is one of the golden platforms for businesses to penetrate into the consumer market of China pretty easily. But many make some rather rookie mistakes with their Baidu marketing. Here we list 5 such mistakes that people make when planning their promotion strategies for this leading Chinese search engine. Which one are you making?

Not Prioritizing Baidu Paid Search

Many people, still hung up with the rules of ‘Google SEO’, fail to realize that Baidu is different and that it highly prioritize paid searches. Organic searches are important, but so are paid searches. So you must be ready to spend a good portion of your budget in Baidu PPC campaigns. One good news here though is that people in China are more likely to click on paid links. So a better ROI is assured for your PPC investment.

Slow and Lagging Website

Visitors don’t like slow and lagging WebPages and neither do Baidu search spiders. If your website loads slowly, not only will it rank low on SERP, but can also get penalized. A good measure here is to compress your website’s files. If you can’t, contact web development agencies, they can help you with this easily.

Not Integrating Your Content Marketing with SEM

Your website will rank better on Baidu if you keep it updated all the time; updated with blogs and new contents. This means you must have a definite content marketing strategy and it must be integrated with the Biadu Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

No Back Links From Trusted Websites

Backlinks are the backbone of Baidu SEO, but there are few things that you must be considerate here. Backlinks from one reputed and popular website will yield you far better result than 50 backlinks from unknown WebPages. And this is one of the common mistakes that many people make- caring about backlinks, but prioritizing ‘from reputed website’ less.

Trying To Do Things All By Yourself

This Chinese search Engine is a bit complex and it requires much more than few simple DIY to succeed. If you’re not a SEM professional yourself, you should contact one. Trying to do all by yourself will not only not give you optimum results, but will also cut back the precious time that you should otherwise spend on making or improving your products and services. So contact a good digital marketing agency to take care of your Baidu SEO strategies.

These are the five very common mistakes that people make when making their Baidu marketing strategies. Avoid them, and you’re good to go.

Baidu Vs. Google- Why You Need Professionals For Baidu SEO?

1 commentsFriday May 6th, 2016

Baidu is the biggest and most popular search engine in the Chinese market with a whopping 80 per cent share in the search engine market. But even then many businesses prioritize SEO for baidu in their marketing strategy a bit low, courtesy of mighty Google. To make things clear, to succeed in the Chinese market, incorporating Baidu promotion with your overall marketing campaign is not just important but rather essential.

SEO for Baidu

However, in case if you think you’re going to do the same with Baidu as you do with Google for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you’re sure in for failure. These two search engines are very different SEO-wise. And it is always advisable to seek professional help for your Baidu Pay Per Click and marketing campaigns. Here are 7 areas where these two giants differ-

Baidu prioritize, or rather push, paid results more than Google. This might not be a good news for businesses that completely rely on Organic search results, but for people for who PPC is a big part of marketing strategy, it’s a good news. Conversion rate is much higher here.

While some say the days of ‘meta description’ relevance for Google is over, Baidu is still hung up on that and still very much prioritize it.

Baidu adore high Keyword density while Google often make penalty for that.

Baidu is China based platform; so it prioritize everything that’s Chinese. Right from language to Domain name and host registrar.

Targeting any specific audience-base is much more convenient on Baidu than Google. It allows you to select one or more provinces and run campaigns accordingly. This leads to far better conversion and ROI.

While Google is known to have its algorithm changed or tweaked quite often, that is not necessarily the case with Baidu. So Baidu promotion must be impeccable and have a long term vision.

Integrating Social Media marketing strategy with SEM is less effective on Baidu, for it does not take social links into account- except for its own forum and other platforms. While just the opposite is true for Google.

There are many other minor differences between SEO for Baidu and Google. But the mentioned above directly steer the success of your digital marketing strategy. Running Baidu Pay Per Click campaigns is much more complex. And hence it is always best for businesses or brands to outsource a marketing agency for better result.