Time to grow your gaming power and break into Chinese market and Boost your sales

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As the international arm of BlueFocus Communication Group, DT Digital is the best local partner for you to reach the other end of the world. Being the game capital of the world, China is constantly growing and attracting new players in the market. Facing such enormous market with great potentials, you certainly do not want to be lagged behind in the race. With our professional DT digital marketing team, you can simply hand over your challenge to us and we will offer you the best solution which covers:

• E-commerce Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Mobile Marketing

Our work
4 Play Studio
By digital marketing, we successfully helped this new market player enter the Greater China market. Our innovative marketing model granted them:
• Extensive online coverage with minimal cost
• Effective first impression
• Top place in the App Store’s “Free RPG Games” and Google Play Store’s “Latest free items” rankings

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Open up your business opportunities in China


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Being the international headquarter of Greater China’s number one digital and public relations firm, BlueFocus Group, DT Digital adopts a holistic approach to promote your brand to the Chinese market. It is always essential to go localised, hence we offer specialised tools dedicated to the Greater China marketing including:

• QQ Marketing
• Baidu Marketing
• Wechat Marketing
• Sina Weibo Marketing
• RenRen Marketing

Our work
Durex – Massage oil products
Digital marketing save the Chinese audiences the embarrassment of talking about sex in the public. With our interactive video, the public are encouraged to understand the production information and stimulate instant online sales. Achievements of our campaign include:

• Over 70,000 users interacted with the video online within and after 14 days on the social platforms
• Average visit length being 6 minute plus
• Associated searches in the Baidu search engine amplified to over 1.6 million from zero
• single product sales augmented within two months and reached over 10,000 units
• Sales on the digital forum escalated thrice as much other sales

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Go Viral, Go Digital


Our service
We are a leading digital marketing agency that provides integrated communication services. By working with DT Digital, member of Blue Focus China, you can enjoy significant online presence across various social networking sites, blogs, search engines, forums, and mobile apps.

Our work
United Arab Emirates government – Zayed Future Energy Prize
Our client is an international renewable energy and sustainability prize who wished to strengthen its presence in Asia as a global award. To foster its development in the Asia Pacific region, we formulated a digital marketing strategy. Our impressive results include:

• Reached over 20 regions in Asia, including major countries such as China, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan with tailored digital strategies
• Leveraging on a multitude of digital platforms and the strategic partnerships with relevant organizations
• Comprehensive data generated from our integrated algorithm

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Geographic Segmentation- A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy In Russia

0 commentsTuesday August 30th, 2016

With all the sanctions and distinctive, unique and multiple platforms, many local and international brands struggle to spread their wings in the digital space of Russia.

Sure hiring digital marketing Russia based agencies is a much saner idea if you’re serious about scaling your business. But if you’re looking for few DIY strategies, we won’t disappoint you.

Russia marketing strategy

Segment! Segment your audience demographically… and geographically.

Geographic segmentation—more important in countries as big as Russia

A winning Russia marketing strategy is to segment your market geographically. Why you ask? Here’s a fact- the country is spread across 17.1 million square kilometers. The income, privileges, purchasing power and internet access is unevenly distributed among the Federal Subjects (States). Meaning, a marketing approach working in Moscow might, and will, not be equally effective in the other end, say in Yagodnoye and Chersky.

In fact the strategy applies and works for every country as large as Russia, like China, Canada and India.

5 Benefits of Geographic segmentation

Cost effective– Targeting several locations individually saves unnecessary expenditure on advertisements and other promotional elements.

Much easier– It is much easier and equally effective than demographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation.

Easy Expansion– Many doors to expand your business get open. With better demographic and population density knowledge, catering efficiently the individual territories gets easy.

Effective Communication– Knowing about the target consumers in different territories, increasing the effectiveness of your communication gets significantly easier.

Beating competition– When you’re dividing consumers geographically, you also get a clearer picture as to who your competitors are and what their approaches are. Knowing this, beating them gets easier.

So looking to expand your brand’s reach in Russia and increase conversion? Segment your target consumers geographically. Or better, hire a good digital marketing Russia based agency.

5 Marketing Approach to Expand Your Brand Influence in Russia

0 commentsWednesday August 3rd, 2016

Web marketing in Russia, at large, is a tad complex. However things are even more difficult for international brands looking to expand their influence in this country. The digital rule of this land is simple- don’t follow any rule!

And this often leaves some people with a clueless face, lost into why’s, how’s, and what’s.

Russia Digital Marketing

If you’re one of them, good thing is you’ve got us by your side. Here are 5 winning digital marketing approach to scale your business in Russia easily-

  1. Let go of the western marketing strategies and notions

Over the years, Russia has managed to have a very distinctive digital marketing space from the rest of the world. The current trend in the western countries might NOT hold true in this country. Like for example, in USA, video content for marketing is on the rise and while referral marketing is on the decline. However, this trend is not very much true in the digital space of Russia. So, you should- in fact, you must- let go of all the marketing notions of the western world when in Russia.

  1. Have multiple marketing approaches even for the same target audience

Russia is a HUGE country, expanded well over 17.1 million square kilometer. Meaning, different sub-divisions have different kind of population or consumers. Like for example, the internet-use congestion in and around Moscow is very high, while places on the rim like Chukotka and Murmansk has a low internet penetration.

So even if you’re targeting younger consumers, you must have different marketing approach for consumers on the basis of their geographic location, internet usage and browsing habits.

  1. Segment your target audience on the basis of what social platforms they use

The digital space of Russia is big and wide, with too many local social media websites, including the popular ones- Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. Although for a wider reach and better exposure, it might look like a good practice to be busy on multiple platforms, we advise to limit yourself on selected few platforms.

Know your exact target audience. Segment them in different groups on the basis of the social media platforms they use- i.e. who use VK, who use Facebook and so forth. Whichever platform has larger portion of your target audience, spend most of your time only on them.

  1. Have a definite SEO strategy for Yandex

Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia, followed by Google. It enjoys 54 per cent of search engine market penetration. So given its wider reach, it is rather essential to have a well defined SEO approach for Yandex; like keywords planning, content and PPC strategy. Also, you must be well adept with all the latest and effective SEM practices.

  1. Make your overall strategy fun and convenient

In a research of 2014, it showed that 65 per cent of Russians consider online shopping as ‘routine’ as opposed to 53 per cent globally. And only 16 per cent of them ‘enjoy’ shopping, compared to 26 per cent globally. Adding a flavor of fun to your Russia Digital Marketing strategy could give you a significant edge over the competitors and glue your audience to your brand even more.

Making web based games for VK is a great choice; using unique content strategy by including infographics makes data consumption very convenient. Plus, having an App for your business opens-up plenty of doors to make your marketing strategy more fun and convenient.

These are the 5 marketing approach to help your brand/company expand its reach in the consumer market of Russia easily. For better ROI though, it is recommended to go for Russia Digital Marketing agencies.

3 Important Benefits of O2O Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

0 commentsFriday July 29th, 2016

Although, at large, the aim of any marketing campaign is to make sales, things have slightly changed over the past few years. Today, businesses are just as careful and concerned about building reliability and trust of their brands. It has finally dawn on them- thankfully- that to sustain their business, the age-old ‘buy, sell and leave’ rule has failure written all over it.

Digital Marketing Macau

And it is for this reason, there exist many brands these days, particularly in China, who are going beyond the regular online marketing efforts, with new and innovative ways, to give their customers a seamless experience. They are intensively using Online to Offline (or Offline to Online) marketing approach to build their brand value.

3 Important benefits of O2O Marketing

  1. It builds brand reputation

Among many, there are two important components of brand building. One, consistent exposure; two, storytelling. And O2O digital marketing in China provides you with both. It gives a consistent exposure to your brand in both the online and offline world. Plus, the exposure, accompanied by a relevant message, shares your brand’s personal story. These create a connection between your business and audience, which increase reputation and trust of your brand.

  1. It retains a customer for a long term

O2O campaigns build a long lasting relation between the audience and the brands. Now, with better reputation, the brand enjoys more loyalty of the customers. This eventually sustains the business and increase sales significantly.

  1. Edge the competitors

Even with the higher and sustainable ROI, not many businesses have integrated their online marketing activities with the offline operation. And this presents a big opportunity for the early adopters of O2O marketing. With the right strategies, a brand can easily edge its competitors.

These are the 3 important benefits, particularly for ecommerce businesses- of O2O digital marketing Macau, China.

6 practical tips to implement O2O marketing plan in eCommerce model

Use limited time period sales promotion to get your audience respond quicker.

Offer additional discounts and coupons to online (or offline) buyers.

Run online contests that strategically bring your potential customers to offline POS (Point of Sales).

Don’t rely on one communication channel. Instead embrace wide range of social media platforms with a robust strategy.

Use PPC campaigns intensively to boost your O2O efforts.

Organize fun events, not necessarily aiming to make direct sales but to attract new audience and build brand’s goodwill.

Of course there are many other ways to plan and implement O2O marketing strategy. Want better result? Instead of relying fully on your in-house marketing team, dial experts and professionals of digital marketing in China.

Creating an Affiliate Program to Sell Your Products – a Beginner’s Guide

0 commentsSaturday July 9th, 2016

Setting an affiliate program to boost your sales is a great decision, but unfortunately not many businesses root this way for whatever reasons. It comes with a host of benefits comparing to other forms of marketing-

China Affiliate Marketing

Straightforward and effective and perfect to manage even for the beginners.

The program/system is fully automated.

Effortless marketing with no additional cost.

It positively affects SEO- improving webpage’s visibility on SERPs.

Reach to wide range of audiences at a short period of time.

Risk-free; you only pay when any sale is made.

No early investment required as is the case with other forms of marketing.

Consistent sales and promotion.

No limit to how many sales.

Conversion rate is easily measureable.

With so many fits, no wonder there is an upsurge in the number of China affiliate marketing agencies today.

So how do you go about from the moment you made up your mind to create an affiliate program for your own products or services?

Well, it is best you outsource a good digital marketing agency Hong Kong. But if you’re going to do things by yourself, here’s how to begin with.

Settling on a commission rate- how much to pay the affiliates

When deciding on the commission that you should pay the affiliates on sale, you have to consider a range of factors-

Price of your products or services What is the price of what you’re offering sways the commission rate (and number of people who’s going to apply for the program). Like, 20 per cent cut on $100 product is better than 50 per cent cut on $10 product.

Your total expense You don’t want to pay more to the affiliates and end up with no profit whatsoever. Calculating all the additional expenses, particularly if you offer tangible goods, that would include warehouse fees, shipping fees, taxes and more, is very important.

Your current sales If you’re well established in market and have sufficient amount of customers already, you don’t have to particularly rely on affiliates; offering low commission is a way to go. But in case if you’re just starting up and haven’t made any sales, high commission is a better choice.

Your market competition If your market is very competitive- you competitors have affiliate programs at cut-throat rate- you are better off with higher commission. You’ll attract many affiliates and edge others in your market.

Two important things to do

How do you track your sales or affiliates? You bank on the services of affiliate networks. There are many networks like Commission Junction Clickbank who offer a nice and user-friendly tracking system to manage everything on a single platform.

Having a clean and appealing landing page for your affiliate program is very important. The page must explain everything in details; about the products or services, their prices, the affiliate commission and other terms and conditions.

Attracting affiliates for your program

How do you reach your potential affiliates or how do your market your affiliate program is a question many ponder. There are few ways-

Content marketing– Promoting your affiliate program through content is a simple and straightforward way. Write blogs or articles to promote it to the readers. Aside mentioning about your offering and the cut, explain also how the affiliates can “successfully make sales”, or what communication channels should they use more, where they can find the potential customers, should they rely on SEO or work hard on social media platforms, and so forth.

Email Marketing– If you maintain an email list, it is best to begin from there. People have given you their emails to you- meaning, they trust you. Inform them about your new affiliate program and all its benefits. They are more likely to respond positively and apply to the program.

‘Pick your platform’– You don’t necessarily have to promote your program on any and every platform. Do a thorough market research and pick a single platform where you are more likely to find new affiliates. And then fully focus on reaching and communicating with them on consistent basis.

Learning from competitors– If your competitors too have affiliate programs, learn where they are finding their affiliates from- how they are finding them. What medium of communication are they using and what type of campaigns are they using. Are they using social media intensively or relying heavily on affiliate networks.

With these simple ways you easily glue more affiliates to your program. Of course, doing things yourself is easier said than done. If the path looks too steep for you to walk, we suggest, hire a good digital marketing agency Hong Kong based.

3 (Essential) Third-Party Tools for Baidu SEO

0 commentsThursday June 30th, 2016

Much like Google, Baidu provides a host of tools to help the advertisers and marketers to supplement their SEO practices- like Baidu index, Tongji (analytics), Webmaster centre and advertising tools. But you shouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to these ones. After all there exists just as amazing and effective tools- if not more- that can help you master SEO for Baidu.

Here we list 3 such tools that can help you make an impeccable strategy to optimize your website for Baidu more effectively and quickly. Note that these are the tools that top SEO optimization services companies use and adore. So… you’re welcome!

Ahrefs– Almost every professional use this and there are PLENTY of good reasons for that. The most important one though is that Ahrefs offers a full and detailed report of the backlinks your website is getting- where they are coming from, the relevance, the negative impact, the source or traffic you’re generating from there and so forth. Ahrefs also offer position tracker facility that helps in tracking (and keeping tab) the ranking of your website. Pretty awesome, right?

Hoot suite– It’s not a secret that a good social media standing is a crucial signal for search engines when indexing. So investing just as much amount of your time and resources building your brand on Weibo and other platforms is very important. And this is where Hootsuite comes in. A social media dashboard, you can manage all your social media accounts right from a single interface- post, schedule, coordinate with the team, analyze and more.

Ontolo– You’re desperate for outbound links (hey, we all are!). But “how?” is the question that looms high. Finding a linking opportunity, and a good one on to of that, is very tough. And this is what Ontolo do. Find linking opportunities for you. Run a search and it will come up with a list of linking partners. Now you choose one, contact the source and build link- easily.

Of course there exist many tools like Linkody and GTmetrix, but the above mentioned three are the essential tools, highly recommended by SEO optimization services professionals. Use them from the day one.

But in case if handling new tools is not a cup of your tea, you might want to consider outsourcing a marketing agency. Aside offering wide range of services from SEO to Social media marketing China, these agencies also guarantee far better ROI.

Dear Global Brands, Look At Macau and Its Digital Space- Here’s why!

0 commentsMonday June 27th, 2016

Macau very well contemplates the saying ‘Don’t get fooled by the size’. This small region located on the western side of China is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. People are tech savvy here. And with the GDP Per Capita of over $91,000, it is the world’s 4th richest territory in the world.

Digital Marketing Macau

These facts itself are convincing enough for global (big or small) brands to enter the consumer market of Macau and scale their business in this beautiful and rich place quite easily- given the market competition here is not as stiff as any other booming economy.

Types Of Businesses That Should Flock To Macau- Today!

Although with the economy as flowering as Macau’s every type of brand can bag big chuck of profits here, there are few types in particular that can be an instant hit.

The economy of Macau is driven by tourism. With millions of people visiting from around the world (31.5 million in 2014, to be exact), the place is famous for its large number of Casinos, which can put the much-hyped Las Vegas to shame. The territory is also famous for beautiful resorts, hotels, malls, food chains, clothing retails, and more.

So for clothing brands, food chains, businesses that deal in tourism, gaming and hotels, Macau is more-than-perfect destination to scale.

Easy Way To Penetrate In The Consumer Market Of Macau

Like mentioned, Macau is a rich territory and people are tech savvy. Nearly 70 per cent of the total population access Internet. Among Social media platforms, Facebook has the largest internet market penetration of over 55 per cent. Other platforms like Google (or course), Instagram, Twitter and even SnapChat are just as popular. All these can be the ideal platforms for brands to reach the target audience in Macau, engage with them and make conversion.

There Are Dedicated Marketing Agencies In Macau

The oversea brands are not alone in their scaling endeavor. There are dedicated, top Macau, Hong Kong, and Korea Digital marketing agency (ies) who are there to assist and help. Offering wide range of services- from SEO to SMM and PPC to App marketing- these professional agencies makes the task of expansion for global businesses in this region rather easy, quick and efficient. Plus, they also extend their services to the local businesses- in case if you want to start a standalone business in Macau. s

So if you’re one of those local or oversea brands, dial a good digital marketing Macau or China based agency today and tap on this booming economy easily.

7 Ways To Master Algorithm Update On Instagram

0 commentsTuesday June 14th, 2016

Recently Instagram did much more than just change its logo. Among a host of roll out updates, notable was its algorithmic feed management. Instagram, just like Facebook, won’t sort the posts on the users’ feed in chronological order from newest to oldest anymore! The posts would rather be filtered on what Instagram (or its algo) deems are more relevant to a particular user.

This imminent change came given the fact that people miss out 70 per cent of their feeds. But not everyone is happy with the update. Not at least those 300,000 people who signed a petition on ‘Change.org’ demanding Instagram to roll back its Algo change. And there are a string of reasons for that-

Formerly, the rule, on Instagram, was quite simple- the more you post and more often you post, chances to reach your target audience are much higher. This often encouraged spamming.

With NO algorithm feed personalization, investing in Instagram ads wasn’t the need of the hour.

The NEED to engage with the target audience regularly was low, unless the brand/person ‘feels’ like engaging or finds it essential.

With history of Facebook, where roll out of algo feed management dipped the organic reach of posts and pages tremendously- in fact some businesses still struggle with that- people are worried something much similar will happen on Instagram.

Surviving the Algo world of Instagram

Many digital marketing services providers believe the roll out of Algorithm on Instagram will kill the organic reach of posts, the fact is- it’s all for good; good, at least for brands/businesses that care about quality and offer something valuable to the target audience by indulging in meaningful engagement with them.

Here are 7 ways to master the feed personalization on Instagram-

Very simple- ask your followers to ‘Turn on Post Notifications’. This will prioritize and show your posts atop their news feeds.

Encourage engagement. Captioning something like “Double Tap If You Agree” or “Tag Your Friends” will do the trick for you.

Use hashtags more carefully. These tags provide you the opportunity to reach new audience directly. So know what’s trending and what’s not in your niche.

An obvious one- post quality and relevant pictures that amuse and entice your followers to ‘like’ it and engage with it.

Take advantage of video posts. Instagram has recently increased the time limit for videos from 15 to 60 seconds. Meaning, you can communicate and engage with your audience in a more clear and effective way.

Bank of paid advertisements. Instagram has revamped its Ads options; plus you get Facebook advertising capabilities on this photo sharing app. Using these, you can reach your target audience and improve your conversion rate much easily.

Hire professional social media marketing services provider to help you. After all you can’t do everything all by your self!

Follow these 7 simple yet effective ways and master the algorithm update of Instagram.