7 Ways To Recover From High Cart Abandonment Rate (E-Commerce Guide 101)

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One of the biggest marketing fails for e-commerce businesses is that they solely focus on promoting their brands or products through various channels like SEO and social media marketing. While in the process they do somehow manage to increase their visibility, their sales rate somehow remains low.

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Two facts—did you know?

About 48 per cent of Visitors on e-commerce websites never actually buy.

63 per cent of customers abandon their online carts for one reason or other.

The number clearly suggests that increasing your visibility or visitors shouldn’t be as much your concern as ensuring the visiting prospects do convert into (repeated) buying customers. Metrics like Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and caring about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) becomes too important to ignore.

Unless you have a top ecommerce business consultant by your side, chances are you too have a high cart abandonment rate. Dig in the Google and Baidu Analytics to find how much in water your business is. And soon get back into recovering from it with these 7 ways.

Ecommerce Platform- 7 tweaks to reduce you high cart abandonment rate

Have option for guest checkout– Shoppers hate when they have to create an account just to buy, say a pair of shoes. So have different checkout options for these guests who don’t usually shop at you e-commerce platform.

Encourage Review– Reviews influence buying decisions significantly. So have an easy review system on your platform. Encourage people to leave comments and star your products.

Cut Shipping Charge– 28 per cent shoppers abandon their online cart when charged unexpected shipping cost. So weed out this cost, even if it means increasing the price of your products.

Have a secure checkout process– When entering the credit card numbers and passwords, people needs full assurance that their details are kept safe and secured. So have a reliable and reputed online checkout system.

Cut down unnecessary checkout steps– The longer the checkout process the longer time you’re giving to the prospects to change their buying decision. So exclude the unnecessary steps and keep the process short and uncomplicated.

Retarget visitors with PPC– Retargeting the abandoned visitors have become a very popular practice today, recommended by top ecommerce consulting services So have a definite PPC campaign strategy and retarget the lost prospects easily.

Offer quick delivery– Long delivery period is a big conversion killer. So expand your distribution channels or do business with only reputed shipping companies who offer quick delivery.

Use these 7 tweaks to trim down your cart abandonment rate and boost your conversion. Or better, for tailored and more effective solutions, dial a good ecommerce business consultant.

11 Reasons Why You Need To Hire E-Commerce Consultant TODAY!

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Every data, research and trend suggests that starting your own e-commerce business could be very lucrative. The global industry is booming; and the best news is, this scene isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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But just because the path looks bright doesn’t mean it’s without obstacles. Many venture this industry with high hopes only to be disappointed later; disappointed, not because of the market, but because of their own poor choices and decisions.

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie e-commerce start-ups make is to think they can handle it all by themselves. Even if you’re business studies graduate from Ivy League, you need professionals by your side- you need e-commerce consultant to help you and guide you through all the obstacles that lie in the path, whether by helping you make effective marketing campaigns or improve your selling strategies.

Here are 11 reasons why you must hire e-commerce consultant

You don’t know how to start an ecommerce business whatsoever. You just ‘WANT’ to.

The market is super crowded with competition. You’ll be lost, or worse- targeted through negative campaigns (yes, it happens- ALOT!).

You have few to no business partners. Having someone by your side is one of the most important rules of starting any business. Take example of any big established companies or start-ups, there were (are) more than two founders- Facebook, Virgin, Apple, and Google are some very common examples.

You don’t know (or know very less) about the market trend. Meaning, you’re a lacklustre in tapping on new and uprising opportunities.

You have limited capital. This means you have very limited room to make mistakes. This subsequently means you just cannot take financial chances (risks) or it may hamper your whole business… and dream.

You give a blank face when someone says “Pricing strategy”.

You have no growth plan after the launch. After setting up your e-commerce platform you just want to sit and ‘hope’ for good things to happen.

You want to scale your online business beyond your domestic boundaries- and that too, quickly. You need professionals for that.

You’re clueless about marketing your business.

You think DIY SEO, SMM and PPC techniques will help you- even minutely.

Things like shipping, drop shipping, return policy, payment options, email marketing, branding, website design and aesthetic- all makes you want to pull your hairs off with stress.

These are the 11 simple yet important reasons why you should hire consultant and ecommerce marketing services provider right from the inception of your business.

4 E-Commerce Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

1 commentsSaturday January 2nd, 2016

E-commerce has boomed all over the world in the past couple of years primarily due to the rise in mobile internet access and improvements across payment and delivery structures. There is no doubt that e-commerce is going to drive growth for a country’s economy. If you are someone starting out in the online commerce market and worried about how to reach out to the billions of people around the world with your website, fear not. Here is a list of five e-commerce marketing trends of 2016 to be included into your marketing mix.

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#1 2016 is Going to be the Year of Mobile E-commerce

A surge in the number of Smartphone’s and internet users is really giving a boost to e-commerce. The rise of content marketing is directly related to this trend. Thanks to Android-based platforms, even low-income segments are now able to afford a smart phone. A lot of brands are already trying to use content marketing to connect with and engage customers on mobile, and eventually convert readers into buyers. A lot of online retailers have already shifted their marketing efforts from desktop to mobile-only. Hire the services of an experienced e-commerce consultant in China to decide on the best course of action. They will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business, take into account the strategy of your competitors, study the client-base and target audience, and accordingly will provide you with a solution that best fits your business.

#2 The Next Big Thing – Messaging App

The potential impact of messaging apps on content publishing ecosystem cannot be underestimated. These apps are used for much more than just messaging, users can share videos, photos, content, news and more. They’re emerging as a platform for e-commerce urging users to shop, book taxi; make doctor’s appointments and so much more. Face book, one of the leading social network sites, is also trying to include the same features in its messenger.

#3 Videos as a Key Content Format

A lot of companies are increasingly investing in video content and it is not that difficult to understand why. Videos tend to engage more than one sense of human beings and it can be used as a great vehicle to deliver messages and connecting with an individual in a short time. Moving images with sound tend to have a greater impact on the minds of human beings. Get in touch with leading agencies of e-commerce marketing in China that have the required personnel equipped with the skills and expertise to handle every aspect of digital marketing and advertising.

#4 Phenomenal Growths in Content Marketing

The historical tactics of push marketing is going to be a thing of the past. 2016 is going to be the year when e-commerce brands will have to spend a lot of time and effort in creating relevant, interesting and engaging content than ever before. Well-executed content marketing is going to ensure that there is engagement between consumers and the brand at various touch points throughout the entire purchase cycle. As brands strive to find new ways to connect better with potential target audience, content marketing is going to evolve and become key to marketing and advertising strategies.

There are a number of renowned digital marketing and advertising agencies offering advanced and affordable e-commerce services in China. Get in touch to expand your business and reach out to a large audience.

Here’s Why You Need To Hire E Commerce Consultants for China Oriented Ventures

0 commentsMonday November 23rd, 2015

The expanding business opportunities in China are very accommodative of new and spirited businesses from all over the world. Considering the rising popularity of e commerce ventures among prospective buyers, businesses are likely to have their growth chart doubled within a blink of an eye with the right strategies. Ample stress needs to be exerted on the words ‘right strategies’ because making a mark with the prospective buyers in China can get very difficult if approached in a general or thoroughly westernized ways. The booming market in this rising power of the East has a mind of its own which has to be understood well before making one’s debut.

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All potential and possibilities of success may go down the drain if the e commerce approach made by the ventures fails to adhere to the regulations and often unspoken interests of this nation. In very simple words, there is way too much to navigate through when it comes to establish an indelible and profitable presence in the Chinese market especially through the e commerce route. This can get very taxing for those businesses that may be new or may have very limited experience in functioning in Eastern markets. The good news is, the burden of establishing successful e commerce presence in China can be perfectly possible with the help of some of the most promising e commerce consultants in China.

Seeing the sudden surge of many willful enthusiasts in trying to forge their way to perhaps, the largest buyer base in the world has inspired these mini geniuses to extend their assistance in meaningful and super effective ways. Being based in China, these professional consultants are well abreast about the rules and regulations that are laid out by the authorities through written, spoken and unspoken means. Seeking their guidance will thus ensure that the concerned businesses will never invite warning because of non-adherence to laws.

Secondly, e commerce consultants in China know the nerves of the buyer base. So they are perfect when it comes to guide the concerned businesses about proper strategizing and bonding with the latter to gain maximum attention from the same. Perpetuating one’s endeavor in the Chinese market thus becomes a practically effortless process. As icing on the cake, the e commerce pros in China are very affordable in comparison with others in the field. Newbies and small ventures with restricted budgets can make the most of this deal.

Here Is How You Can Strike The Winning Deal In E-Commerce Marketing

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There is very little that can curb your wings of success in the e-commerce platform if you know how to walk the way of the geniuses as far as marketing is concerned. However, you can consider your wings clipped if you leave things to chance or worse, when you leave it to those who may have no more than a mere smattering about this otherwise wide and yielding weapon of mass attraction and conversion as well.

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Basically, if you are a seller in the online platform that has some genuine products / services that may be worthwhile as far as quality and usefulness is concerned, you can take it for granted that you will have some believable base to build your endeavors. However, how well you fare in reaching out to the people, attract maximum number of target audience while leading to effective conversions depends solely upon how you market your business.

In very simple words, without proper E-commerce marketing, your business is as good as gone, even if the products that you offer happen to be of good standards. It has been stated by experts that in the initial years of your business when you are yet to set up a name, you will have to dedicate almost 75% of your time to marketing and nothing else! At the same time, you will also have to remember that in this form of marketing, ‘change’ as the only constant. So, the strategies and parameters that may have applied 2 years ago may not be applicable any more.


For many newbies in the platforms of E-commerce, handling the task of marketing can be daunting and stressing. Without proper skills for purpose, it could be just as bad as suicide for the endeavor. To ensure staying in track and not losing out on competition though, it is always advisable to reach out for the assistance of experienced consultants. In fact, one can say with all confidence that ‘right E-commerce consultants’ happen to be the 4 word solution to all E-commerce issues.

These consultants are basically armed with all necessary skills, techniques and strategies to flood your website with traffic while increasing your rate of conversions manifold. The success of E-commerce in China can also be attributed to the genius of E-commerce marketing consultants who are available to the established and the new budding firms alike. The matter of costs should not be very worrying because many reputed consultancy agencies are known for offering their services at relaxed prices.