Why Internet Marketing Agencies Fail- And How You Shouldn’t Pick Any of Them

1 commentsThursday April 14th, 2016

For a business to survive and sustain in today’s world, it is mandatory for it to have an immaculate presence on web. And this is why companies hire internet marketing agencies; in a hope that they would help them build a high profile reputation and subsequently improve their overall sales. As noble as these thoughts are, the problem is, not every agency can help them achieve their web dreams. In fact there are many agencies of internet marketing china and around the world that fail; fail to offer their clients better ROI.

Best Internet Marketing Company

Here we’ll put it briefly why they fail and points you should remember to avoid them and pick only the best internet marketing company.

Can’t keep up with the pace of ever changing internet marketing world

Internet is a fast paced world, where what was good and effective for you and your business yesterday, might not work today. Many marketing agencies fail to keep up with this pace. They use yesteryear’s strategies and are aloof to all the latest establishments taking place on search engines and social media platforms. Also, they are indifferent to all the latest and extensive tools available to their aid.

So although they work just as hard as yesterday, they don’t get benefitted today. Their strategies become less effective and give them much less than the desired results.

Avoiding these lagged-behind marketing companies

So when you’re looking for affordable SEO service China based providers, you should lookout for the mentioned agencies and avoid them. Here’s what you should look for in a company-

Their experience– The more experience an internet marketing company has, the better its shows their proficiency, reliability and credibility. They have survived so long; they must be doing something right, right?

Their past and current clients– See what kind of clients have they served in the past and if they were left satisfied or not.

Their expertise area– Internet marketing is a very broad term and it includes many things- search engine marketing, social media marketing, app marketing, PPC and more. So see where an agency excels and if it matches your needs.

Sufficient market knowledge– Their experience and expertise area will evidently show if they have sufficient market knowledge, but you should also throw some questions at them and see if their response is clear. See if they are well adept to resolve all your queries.

Do the price calculation correctly– It is difficult to guess the correct amount internet marketing agencies should (and will) charge you; it depends on their services and your business needs & goals. But you can approach your common sense here and ensure you don’t (never) pay them more than the amount they are helping you get in return (ROI).

Keep these 5 pointers in mind; avoid agencies that are bound to fail and stick only with a winning Internet Marketing China based agency.

With Baidu and Weibo the Scenario of Internet Marketing In China Is Very Different

1 commentsTuesday January 19th, 2016

With global giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter banned, the internet world of China is rather complex and somewhat different from the rest of the world. But before we jump on that, let’s look at two important facts here-

Internet Marketing In China

  • China has over 668 millions internet users, as of 2015;
  • It has over 24 percent global internet share;

These mind-numbing numbers are sufficient to make someone realize the prevalence of Internet in Chinese people’s lives. And this also means a business- big or small- without an impeccable online presence is like a needle in the haystack- lost in the competitive crowd, bound to fail.

And this is why marketing agency China plays such a crucial role. They use different internet channels and methods- search engines, social media, email and PPC marketing, brand building- to help business gain exposure in the market, and hence grow easily and conveniently.

Internet marketing in China is different

Google and Facebook are the biggest search engine and social media platforms, respectively, in the world. But when it comes to China, they are banned. This- an over billion people- nation has its own search engines and social media platforms that have their own programs, coding and algorithms, which needs different internet marketing china strategies and campaigns to succeed.

Search engine– Baidu is the most used search engine in this country with 71.35 market share, followed by Sogou. Unlike Google, where high quality back-links are the backbone of SEO, Baidu prioritize paid advertising the most. It doesn’t uniquely distinct between paid and organic search except with few faded margins. This means, the more you spend on advertisings, the more influencing you will be on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And for this, a whole different PPC campaign needs to planned and strategized.

There are few other areas where Baidu differs from Google and other global search engines, like-

  • They favor websites in Mandarin;
  • They actively censor web contents; and
  • A website/business is better off if they are using local web host and domain services.

Social Media– Banned, Facebook and Twitter does not trend in China. There’s an alternative for them – Weibo, a micro-blogging website- that has over 222 million subscribers and 100 million daily users. This platform does not have any ‘trending’ list and the businesses have to depend a lot on Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote their brand name, products and services. Weibo also offer different formats, styles and themes to make the profile more attractive and complementary to the business. There are few other features of this Chinese social media giant that requires a good and reputable marketing agency China to get the best and optimum result from marketing and promotional campaigns.

So if you think you can handle your business’s internet marketing in China successfully all by yourself, it’s very difficult- if not impossible; for the methods and strategies are way different from that of that of the rest of the world’s. So connect with a professional today.