7 Mobile Marketing Tips For New Bloggers To Boost Conversion

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From being a pastime hobby to becoming a full-fledge profession, blogging sure has come a long way. Today we have millions of influencers who make their full-time income from their personal blogs.

Did you know, 2 million blog posts are written every day? THAT. IS. TOO. MANY.

Mobile Marketing Trends

While as commendable as your dreams are to become a professional blogger, given the crowd, things aren’t as smooth as you have made to be believed. This profession isn’t a quick money scheme. To succeed, aside working like a workhorse (with some privileges though), you must be smart as well.

You don’t have to be a ‘marketing pro’ to get decent amount of traffic on your blog. However, you must know a thing or two in order to edge the competition and leverage on your target audience effectively.

Since it’s a digital world of Smartphone users, here are 7 golden mobile marketing tips for you- a new blogger- to boost your conversion rate easily.

  1. Clean and simple navigation with single column theme

As opposed to the computers, the display of Smartphone is quite small. This means, it is more than important for your website to have a clean interface and easy navigation for the mobile users. A single column blog is lightweight, quick and easily navigable. So go for them rather than magazine-style themes and templates.

  1. Responsive design—and no separate mobile-friendly version of your blog

While there are many who recommend having a separate mobile-friendly version of the blogs, you shouldn’t necessarily follow it. A responsive design is a way to go for the new bloggers. If you have managed to scale your blog with thousands of daily visitors, you can hire development and mobile marketing companies to take your game up a level, with different versions of your blogs. Till then, focus on the just the one.

  1. Be strategic in your content creation

For bloggers, content is everything, even when offering physical products than digital ones. So you must create great content—to genuinely help your audience and to promote your products and services— consistently. However, you have to be a bit strategic here. While mobile marketing trends suggest that long, in-depth write-ups of <2000 words perform far better than the shorter version of 200, 300 words, you must specifically consider the mobile users. Depending on your content, their attention span might not be as long as the PC users; they might prefer images, infographics and videos over texts. So understand your audience needs in respect to your contents.

  1. A clear Call To Action (CTA) buttons

Whether you are selling a product, a service and want the viewers to subscribe to your newsletter, you must have a clean and clear CTA button. You must tell the readers what exactly do you want them to do and how exactly do you want them to response. So stress and push (but with caution) your Call To Action buttons.

  1. Content first, content second, advertisement third

Banner advertisements are a big source of income for the new bloggers. Even with a very small PPC rate, if the blog is getting a decent amount of traffic and has the ads placed on the right spots, return could be plenty. But with mobile users, you must be careful. Too many banners will look spammy and will overshadow your content—something for which the visitors are on your blog in the first place. Small and limited banners and in-text ads is a great option. But be careful with the later one; use it improperly and you might end up penalized by Google.

  1. Avoid pop-ups and offer easy opt-out option for everything

Pop-ups look a great way to display advertisements, offers, subscription forms and products. But for mobile users, particularly the ones who aren’t using high-end Smartphone, it could get annoying. Slider plugins (if you’re using WordPress) is a better alternative. Regardless, whichever way you head, give your visitors the option to opt-out of everything. You don’t want to be too pushy and trap them with your offerings. Give them options.

  1. Split testing again and again and then again

You can follow many tips, read books and replicate successful blogs, but what will work for you would be unique to your blog, niche, audience and competitors. Maybe others in your niche are making big money selling e-books. This might not necessarily work for you. Considering your content and overall approach, a digital course for your readers might be a better source of revenue for you. So conduct A/B testing for your mobile using audience regularly. Know what’s working—and most importantly, what’s not.

These 7 simple and practical tips— highly recommended by top mobile marketing companies—can easily help you boost your conversion rate of your blog even in the highly competitive market.

How To Monetize Your App- A Comprehensive Guide (PART 1)

0 commentsMonday July 4th, 2016

The number suggests that over 60 per cent of apps don’t make money, or have no monetization strategy whatsoever. No wonder we hear stories of ‘grand failure’ in the app market every other day.

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

Unless yours is a business that can afford extravagant loss- at least for a short term- you should work towards making money from your supposedly amazing App from the get go, even though your main focus is just to expand your brand reach and communicate with your target audience.

Here are 2 ways to make money from your app that many online marketing companies vouch for-

Putting a price tag on your app

While making people pay to install and use your app is a very straightforward to make money, things might not work as planned unless your app is really (really) amazing with high utility.

Statistics show that about 82 per cent people factors price when deciding to download an app; and 3 in every 4 people expect apps to be of free of cost.

So the moment one labels an app with the price, the likelihood of the app getting downloads is pushed significantly below. Here are 4 important things that you should consider to work this method successfully-

The utility value– Your app must offer a decent amount of utility value. It must fill an important purpose that convinces people to actually pay for it.

Market competition– If there is a tough (or even slight) competition in your niche, pricing could be very difficult given your competitors might be offering low to no fee for their app. So why would people buy your app when they can get somewhat same at low or free cost.

‘Awesomeness’ factor– Even if the market competition is low, people wouldn’t pay for your app unless it’s straight-out awesome- unique, offering something exclusive and worthy of people’s time.

Target Audience– You must know about your target audience and where to find them. People are not going to pay for an app that they don’t require in the first place. So you must be visible strictly to your relevant audience who are more likely to buy it. Face book app marketing could be your great weapon here.

Partnering with someone of your niche

One of the biggest obstacles of finding a partner in your own niche is to actually recognize the difference between a potential partner and a competitor. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when finalizing on a partner-

Make sure they are not offering the same product or service as yours, but rather something that complements and supplements your offerings. (Like if you teach Math via your app to high schoolers, you can partner with middle school math teacher or high school English teacher.)

They are well established in the market with high reputation.

What they are offering is pretty awesome with high utility that your target audience will find valuable.

You simply dial your partners and workout a deal to either promote (via ads or contents) their brands or let them promote yours. Of course a lot of decision-making is involved here- like the money to be exchanged, mechanism to gauge conversion, how to promote, what to promote, when to promote and so forth. But if you have picked a right partner who needs you just as much as you need them, working through things becomes easy and smooth.

These are 2 simple and highly effective ways to monetize your app, often recommended by top mobile app marketing companies.

Read the second part of this guide (2 another amazing methods of making money from your personal and business app) from here- Making money from your App (easily)- A comprehensive guide (PART 2)

Boosting Your App Installs Via Facebook Advertisement- An Ultimate Guide

0 commentsWednesday June 22nd, 2016

Today, in the hyper-competitive digital market, App Store Optimization alone won’t help you boost your app installation rate. You need a well-round strategy that incorporates the use of various platforms and practices. Many top developers and mobile app marketing companies have significantly raised their budget for mobile advertising and are using social media platforms, particularly Facebook, extensively.

Mobile App Marketing Companies

With a billion plus (and growing) user base, Facebook has become an integral part of App marketing strategy. The ROI here is much higher comparatively and this leading platform also provides a string of features to help the advertisers make the campaigns appealing, custom and more effective.

Two different options of promoting your app on Facebook

When creating your advertisement on Facebook, you get to options- (i) to increase your app install; (ii) to increase your app engagement.

App Install helps you reach your target audience, inform them about the existence of your app and persuade them to install the application.

On the other hand, App Engagement seeks to connect with the audience who has already installed your app (the ones who hasn’t installed, will be prompted to install it). With CTA (Call To Action), you can direct them to particular page- subscription, sales, review, and more- and achieve your desired goals rather easily.

Both the advertisements appear on the News Feed of your target audience.

So now the important question comes, how do you run effective and successful App Install and Engagement campaigns? How do you ensure the ROI and conversion are optimum? Well, unfortunately, there are no magical charms for that. You can either hire a good mobile marketing agency to help you here or follow few smart ways.

3 Smart ways to improve your Facebook App Install, Engagement Advertisements

Concentrated targeting– Facebook have the largest user base, and it has an ocean of data. This helps you- an advertiser- in micro-targeting. You can target an audience on the basis of their age, demographics, interests and even behavior. So the clearer you are about the target audience (who they are, their interest, their budget, their location and so forth) the more effective will be your advertisement campaigns.

Content of advertisement– You need your advert to be appealing enough that when it reaches the target audience, they follow the CTA. So foremost, use attention-grabbing pictures or videos. Come up with texts that interest the audience, excite them, and tempt them to go to the landing page. This is the department where you can (and must) look different and unique from your competitors.

Likable landing page– You have reached your target audience, grabbed their attention (with interesting ad content), the potential-installers followed your CTA button and ended up on your landing page. Now what if they don’t like the landing page itself? They sure will abandon it. So regardless whether you’re targeting for install or engagement, the landing page must be interesting, valuable and likable enough. Here are few things that you need to consider about the landing page-




Its value to consumers’ time

Definite CTA for the audience

These are the 3 smart ways with which you can make your Facebook App Install and App Engagement Adverts more effective and more successful. In case if it looks too much for you to handle and “How?” still crowds your mind, dial a good mobile advertising agency and seek their professional help.

Your App Marketing Strategy Is Flawed- These Numbers Prove That!

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Some businesses decide to go with App marketing companies for their ASO (App Store Optimization) to improve their overall download and conversion rate, and there are those who decide to take this tedious task on themselves. If you’re one of the later ones- completely novice, depending on rookie DIY techniques- chances are, you must be making some rather silly (and not so silly) app marketing mistakes. In fact, we, here, will unfold how your whole app marketing strategy is flawed- given, hopefully, you have a strategy in the first place.

Mobile App Marketing Companies

Here are some important research data that shows you’ve got it all wrong with your App marketing strategy and why your App is not receiving the love it truly and dearly- at least according to- deserves.

  1. You’re focusing too much on App store optimization (ASO)
  • 52 per cent of App users discover about the Apps through a family member, friend, or colleague.
  • 24 per cent of them discover through the brand’s website.
  • 22 per cent discover through TV.

These numbers debunk the extra-effort you put on ASO. Yes, App stores are important for the discoverability of your App, but there are just as good and effective platforms and ways where your target audience can get to know about your mobile application. So don’t put all your efforts and resources in ASO and app marketing companies must play their cards, well.

  1. You’re not investing in PPC campaigns
  • 1 in 4 app users discover about app through Search Engines.
  • Search Ads influence the download rate of the app by 50 per cent.
  • Social Ads influence the download rate of the app 49 per cent.

These numbers shows just how important it is to invest in paid advertisement, rather than just depend on organic results. PPC campaigns on search engines and social media platforms could improve your App discoverability and up its download rate significantly.

  1. You have no brand recognition
  • 24 per cent of users download an app because they are familiar with the brand or company.
  • 33 per cent of users download an app on recommendation by others (assumingly, the recommenders were familiar with the brand to have its app downloaded in the first place).

So if you think making an app and promoting it through advertisements would do the trick for you, you sure are living in la-la land. You must invest your resources and energy into building a credible brand recognition and reputation to see a significant jump in the app’s download and conversion rate.

  1. You have put a price tag on your app
  • 82 per cent of people factors price when deciding to download an app.
  • 3 in 4 expect apps to be free of cost.

Although it depends on your niche, if you put a price tag on your app- however low- you push down the likability of people to actually download it. It is very true in this competitive internet market where everything- literally- is free.

  1. Your App design is ridiculous
  • 57 per cent of app users say that they are more likely to use an app frequently if it has an appealing and aesthetic design.

So aside offering its original utility value, your app must also be good looking with smooth interface and easy navigation; that, unless you want your app to be that 1 in every 4 apps on Smartphone that never gets used, of course.

  1. You have no audience engagement strategy whatsoever
  • 38 per cent of users are likely to abandon the app if they lose interest, found app not as useful or found a better or more useful app.
  • 45 per cent of users will engage with the app frequently if the app always has new content.

If you’re focused only to increase your download rate and are clueless as how to engage with the app users and convert them to meet your business goals, you are only giving users the chance to abandon or uninstall your application.

These are the 6 important flaws in your app marketing strategy. Fix them today. Or better, hire from among top mobile app marketing companies to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

7 ‘Less Talked About’ Ways To Improve Your App Marketing Game

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One day, a brilliant ‘what if…’ idea struck your mind. You thought what if there was a mobile App for ‘this’ to help people do ‘that’. Seemed like a game changing idea! You hired App makers, pitched your idea, and your idea was now a reality. But just when you were jumping in joy, it dawned on you- the hard part is yet to come; App marketing!

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

The fact is, even the best, high utility and amazing mobile applications fail. Why? Well for once, the App stores are super crowded and competitive (Did you know there are over 800,000 apps in the app stores?). Second, even when your app manages to grab people’s attention, few actually install it. And third, the ones who do install it- factually speaking- might uninstall it, for one reason or other, faster than you can even read these words.

So admittedly app marketing is a tough task. But not impossible, if you know how to strike few chords perfectly. While many fail to look and talk beyond ASO (App Store Optimization), here we discuss about 7 ‘less talked about’ ways that can help you improve your app marketing game. Keep reading and thank us later.

Email Newsletters– It is quite surprising that few people, even after years, undermine the power of Email marketing. Integrating your App promotion with email marketing has proved to be very rewarding. For this you need to have an emailing list; that means your business must have a website that asks for visitors’ emails. Sending about and pushing your apps through emails to these contacts, factually speaking, has seen higher installation rate.

Pushing on your website– There is a difference between letting your website visitors know that your business has an app now and pushing them to actually install it. You need to do the latter one. Run contests, offer exclusive contents, products or services, or anything that make people download your app. Good thing about this is people who visit your website are, more often than not, your target audience. Once they download your app, they are less likely to uninstall it, unless your app is really crappy.

Banking on niche forums– Niche forums are much like gold mines. Whether you are looking for customers, website traffic or installers for your app, these public, open forums are there for your aid. So pick one (or many) such forum that matches your industry or niche and promote your app strategically.

Facebook marketing– Over the years, Facebook has introduced heaps of new features for the advertisers. You can now run your app promotion campaigns (via PPC, sponsored stories, promoted posts, and Facebook exchange) quite easily. The ROI is much higher.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Twitter– Finding a KOL of any niche is hard, engaging them even harder. But once you find such person on Twitter, and they agree to promote your app, the install rate could touch moon in a matter of time.

Guest blogging– Blogging about your app on someone else’s website is a very unconventional way that only few professionals and top mobile app marketing companies excel in. First you need to find one such suitable blog (that matches your niche), write a nice and valuable blog post, in which you strategically ask the readers to install your app. If done well, your install rate could jump really high. This is one of the simplest of ways (not easy though), and often does not cost any money.

Hiring app marketing agency– DIY steps will only help you so much. If you’re really serious about your app, or the success of your whole business depends on how well your app is doing, hiring a good app marketing agency is a much better idea. There are many top mobile app marketing companies who can help your app grow and sustain in the over-competitive market quite easily.

These are the 7 ‘less talked about’ ways to up your app marketing game. Good luck!

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing

1 commentsThursday February 18th, 2016

Mobile marketing is the process of reaching out to existing and prospective customers with the help of mobile devices, such as tablets and smart-phones. The rise in popularity of the devices and their growing usage is leading many companies to sign up with mobile advertising agency in China. Find out about the top 5 benefits of mobile marketing for businesses.

Mobile Advertising Agency in China

Anytime, anywhere marketing

Since customers take their smartphones along with them, mobile marketing campaigns can reach to them anywhere they go. The campaigns can be effective on them irrespective of time or location. As customers can get the advertising messages on a real-time basis, the targeted audience can be aimed at easily. Proper responses can be elicited from the targeted section with a much targeted approach.

2-way communication

With mobile marketing, a two-way communication can be achieved and businesses can maintain their relationship with customers very easily. Customers can also find a convenient platform to engage with the brand of their choice. This can result in a strong bond, which is vital for the growth of any business. This is made more convenient due to the fact that mobile phones are user-friendly and can be carried anywhere.

Higher rate of response

As compared to email campaigns and other modes, mobile marketing can offer a higher rate of response. While targeted users may take several days to read an email, mobile messages are instantly reachable and are more direct. These evoke timely responses from the audience, lower wastage of resources and lead to better returns on investments. With the help of location based advertising, brands can have meaningful conversations about business with existing and potential customers. With Bluetooth broadcast services, NFC and QR codes, this can be achieved. Customers can have a deeper understanding of businesses, while mobile marketing companies in China can devise better plans to improve the brand.

Easier data collection

Such type of marketing also helps businesses to obtain relevant and precise information about consumers easily. This is due to the fact that the names and information of customers can easily be availed from phone databases against their numbers. Tracking and evaluating businesses is easier with mobile marketing.

Greater affordability

Mobile marketing is also affordable, as compared to various standard channels used for promotional purposes. As various other media channels, such as TV, radio, print and social media can also be integrated into it, the medium is more cost effective.

A Brief Look into the Mobile App Marketing Scenario in China

1 commentsThursday January 14th, 2016

Although China was a little slow to warm up to the smartphone revolution that has captured the rest of the world, the country has now more than 500 million registered users and this has certainly grasped the attention of business owners in this part of the world. With its rapidly progressing mobile infrastructure and growth of ecommerce prospects, China is one of the fastest expanding centers in the world in terms of app development and app marketing. The local and international businesses operating in this part of the world are now readily hiring the services of experts who can offer them mobile app marketing in China. In regards to the current state of affairs, there are certain crucial areas that are needed to be discussed.

Mobile Phone Advertising in China

Critical challenges of mobile app marketing in China

The app market in China operates somewhat differently than it does in USA or Europe. This poses some serious challenges for companies who are looking to achieve success with their mobile app marketing strategy. While the mobile infrastructure of China is fast improving, it is still at its nascent stage and therefore lacks certain benefits that are otherwise common in certain other parts of the world. Business houses that aim to launch and promote an app in the app stores have found that they need to work with a monetization model that is suitable for their specific needs and helps in overcoming the technical challenges associated with the Chinese market. This also helps in making sure that the product or the app is unique and is not imitated by another competitor.

Android users and Android apps rule the Chinese market

Statistics reveal that more consumers in China are prone to use Android smartphones and only a third of the overall market show preference for iOS phones. Other smartphone devices that run Windows, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems have even lesser figures. This means that companies that aim to appeal to users in the Chinese market need to target Android smartphones as their first choice. It is also believed that Android run devices will grow further in numbers in the near future. A mobile marketing agency in China looking to achieve substantial success in this scenario should focus on developing optimum marketing strategies for the Android platform.

It is therefore no surprise that local and multinational companies operating in China are now working their way to capture the market that is predominantly dominated by Android smartphone users. In such circumstances, the demand for an experienced service provider offering expertise on mobile app marketing and mobile phone advertising in China among business houses have skyrocketed to the top.

Why is 2016 Going to be the Year of Mobile Marketing?

1 commentsTuesday January 5th, 2016

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and businesses that want to stay above competition should always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Adopting new technologies can give a tremendous benefit over competitors. Business owners should also look into their pockets when thinking of incorporating a new strategy into their marketing mix. Mobile devices are becoming extremely important for business owners and it provides for exciting new ways to reach out to a wider audience.

Mobile Phone Advertising in China

Mobile Devices Quickly Replacing Desktops

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the way most people access the internet and web services. It is quickly replacing computers. With the use of these smart mobile devices, users can read a website, check email or shop while on the go. It has become the most preferred option and online retailers and business owners trying to reach out to consumers every day, ought to dedicate a part of their advertising budget to create websites that are compatible over various mobile devices. A mobile advertising agency in China can help you with this quest as they have the skilled manpower, tools and experience required for the job.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Reach Your Target Audience Accurately: Mobile marketing enables you to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing communication with a varied group of consumers. Smart phones and tables are mostly owned by one individual, which means that the marketing messages are checked in real time.

Two Way Communications: Mobile marketing is viewed as friendlier or familiar to end-users because they are generally extremely attached to their devices. Loyal customers can easily engage with their favorite brands and establish a sort of relationship. Since mobile apps ask for personal information during sign up, business owners get the personal information of its consumers which can be used to always keep them engaged by informing about the new developments or promotions.

Lower Cost: As compared to traditional marketing methods, this strategy costs much less and can be utilized by small, medium to large-scale businesses to expand their business and connect with a larger audience.

Higher Response Rate: Mobile marketing is considered to be five times more effective in terms of response rate as compared to email marketing. This translates to less media waste and higher return on investment.

Platform for Relevant Conversation: Agencies offering mobile marketing in China specializes in creating apps that are interactive and user-friendly. It gives the consumers and the business owners a platform to communicate with one another based on location and hence, makes it easier for the business owner to gauge the interests and needs of the consumers.

Digital marketing and advertising agencies offering media marketing services in China can help you with your online marketing strategies. Search for the right one that fits your budget requirement and business goals.

How to Land with the Best Mobile Advertising Agency in China

0 commentsFriday November 20th, 2015

You should not be too shocked or surprised if you see televisions and laptops being rendered obsolete within the next two decades. All thanks to the onslaught of reasonably sized mobile phones and tablets, that the world of average humans is getting condensed to fit their pockets. More and more people are spending more and more hours with their mobile phones which makes the latter the sole star of visibility as far as marketing just about anything is concerned. Smarter businesses have done their bit to understand the advantage of speaking out through the mobile platform in favor of their businesses, products and services. Till date, the effectiveness of this one simple step has been astoundingly productive.

Mobile Advertising Companies

As far as the eastern markets are concerned, China is one of those ever expanding giants that house millions of smart phone owners. Tapping the Chinese market through mobile advertising is thus the wisest decision any business can take in favor of their growth and profits. This however, has got nothing to do with the size and experience of the ventures considering the fact that mobile advertising agencies in China are available for assistance easily and affordably. It is true that smaller ventures need to put in some serious thought when it comes to planning advertising over any platform whatsoever. Choosing the right agencies for mobile advertising though, can lead to assured results and win the concerned businesses a worthy return for their investments.

Easy as this may seem, a chunk of the success lies in landing with the right mobile advertising agencies, rather, the more suitable ones. As of now, there are companies that offer very high end services suitable for very large companies and businesses, and then there are those that offer reasonable assistance to smaller and newer ventures. As is amply obvious, the larger and the more reputed mobile advertising agencies in China may be a little burdening as far as costs are concerned. The latter though can be approached for sizeable benefits and that too for lesser. At all times, it is necessary to judge the skills and scope of the chosen agencies by requesting to know their success record. Reading through reviews and seeking advice from people who may have sought their assistance before can be very helpful. Guided online searches are usually good enough to get through to the top and the most effective of the lot.

Media Marketing Services – How to Find a Good One?

1 commentsThursday August 6th, 2015

Media marketing companies are gaining more and more precedence in the recent business climate. Promotions on digital and various other types of media been seen as key to the success of any organization. Finding good media marketing services in China, as a result, is deemed as highly important. You should try the following step in order to find top service providers for your media marketing requirements.

Meet the team

Meet The Team

It is a good idea to meet the members of the team that is supposed to handle your marketing requirements. Personal meetings with team members can help you to find out whether or not they are dedicated specialists who are enthusiastic about your work, or simply taking your assignment as a routine affair. Talk to them and discuss how they plan to start with your work. An enthusiastic team can use out of the box strategies to promote your brand on various social channels and highly benefit your business.

Look for weekly reports

Weekly Reports

There are many mobile advertising companies in China that offer weekly reports to their clients, enumerating their efforts and the results that they have yielded. Ask your advertising agency whether or not it will provide you with the same. Look for weekly and not monthly reports, as it will help you to analyze the progress each week and not have to spend months in order to get idea about the results that your promotional efforts are supposed to yield.

Look for references

Look for references

You should request the company to provide you with some references that you can use in order to understand the quality of services offered by the agency and whether or not they have managed to satisfy past and existing clients. If you find that the agency is not too keen to provide you with references, it is better to look for some other company.