How To Monetize Your App- A Comprehensive Guide (PART 1)

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The number suggests that over 60 per cent of apps don’t make money, or have no monetization strategy whatsoever. No wonder we hear stories of ‘grand failure’ in the app market every other day.

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

Unless yours is a business that can afford extravagant loss- at least for a short term- you should work towards making money from your supposedly amazing App from the get go, even though your main focus is just to expand your brand reach and communicate with your target audience.

Here are 2 ways to make money from your app that many online marketing companies vouch for-

Putting a price tag on your app

While making people pay to install and use your app is a very straightforward to make money, things might not work as planned unless your app is really (really) amazing with high utility.

Statistics show that about 82 per cent people factors price when deciding to download an app; and 3 in every 4 people expect apps to be of free of cost.

So the moment one labels an app with the price, the likelihood of the app getting downloads is pushed significantly below. Here are 4 important things that you should consider to work this method successfully-

The utility value– Your app must offer a decent amount of utility value. It must fill an important purpose that convinces people to actually pay for it.

Market competition– If there is a tough (or even slight) competition in your niche, pricing could be very difficult given your competitors might be offering low to no fee for their app. So why would people buy your app when they can get somewhat same at low or free cost.

‘Awesomeness’ factor– Even if the market competition is low, people wouldn’t pay for your app unless it’s straight-out awesome- unique, offering something exclusive and worthy of people’s time.

Target Audience– You must know about your target audience and where to find them. People are not going to pay for an app that they don’t require in the first place. So you must be visible strictly to your relevant audience who are more likely to buy it. Face book app marketing could be your great weapon here.

Partnering with someone of your niche

One of the biggest obstacles of finding a partner in your own niche is to actually recognize the difference between a potential partner and a competitor. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when finalizing on a partner-

Make sure they are not offering the same product or service as yours, but rather something that complements and supplements your offerings. (Like if you teach Math via your app to high schoolers, you can partner with middle school math teacher or high school English teacher.)

They are well established in the market with high reputation.

What they are offering is pretty awesome with high utility that your target audience will find valuable.

You simply dial your partners and workout a deal to either promote (via ads or contents) their brands or let them promote yours. Of course a lot of decision-making is involved here- like the money to be exchanged, mechanism to gauge conversion, how to promote, what to promote, when to promote and so forth. But if you have picked a right partner who needs you just as much as you need them, working through things becomes easy and smooth.

These are 2 simple and highly effective ways to monetize your app, often recommended by top mobile app marketing companies.

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When It’s Time To Look For A New And Better Online Marketing Company…

1 commentsWednesday June 1st, 2016

It happens to the best of us. You do all your research, ask for all the recommendations and references and even then end up with the wrong online marketing company in China and around. Like said already, it happens to the best of us. But what do you do then? How do you rescue your brand and business from the moment you realize you made the wrong choice? What would be your damage control measures? We answer these some rather complex questions here.

Know When it’s Time to Move On

Before you do anything, you need to know that something needs to be done in the first place. Knowing when it’s time to move away from your SEO and Social Media Marketer in China is important. Answer these questions-

Are you achieving your set digital goals?

Are your outsourced marketing professionals acting responsibly?

Do they have any definite growth plan for your brand?

Do you think they are working optimally and cannot do any better for your business on the digital space?

If you answered any of the above questions with ‘NO’, know that it’s time to move on to a new, reliable and better online marketing company in China.

Saying Goodbye Immediately

Many people even after knowing that it’s time to ‘move on’ choose to wait. They wait for things to change and results to improve. Of course internet marketing is a lot more complex and it takes time to see things get better. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you wait for months while your business hampers. Just as soon you realize it’s not working with your outsourced marketing agency, you must end things right then, without delay.

Being Definite With Your Needs and Business Goals

One of the reasons why you ended up with the not-so good SEO and Social Media Marketer in China in the first place is because you were not clear with your needs and business goals.

“I need someone to help my business grow through Internet”- it’s very vague. You must know what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for someone to help you grow your brand reach or push your direct sales? In what capacity do you expect marketing professionals to help you? Do you want them to take care of your Social media presence? Or want them to improve your presence on Google and Baidu? Being specific is very important.

Aligning You Needs With Marketing Company’s Services

Now you know what exactly you want- what are your business goals and what you need from your marketing professionals- it’s time to look for a good agency. Search and pick a marketing company who offer services that matches your specific needs. Like, if you need someone to help you expand your brand presence on WeChat, look for someone who offers dedicated WeChat promotion services.

This is important to ensure that you and the online marketing agency are on the same page with the same goals.

Putting Your Trust on Your Marketer

You have selected a new and supposedly better online marketing company in China, now instead of being paranoid- given your past experience- you must put your full trust on them. You must wait for some time. And hopefully things will be different this time and positive results will unfold for you and your business.

Trust Building Facts In Favor Of Online Marketing Companies In China

1 commentsWednesday March 30th, 2016

Word of mouth may not carry as much weight as statistics. And statistics seem to have spoken in favor of online marketing companies in China. At present, the markets of Asia are experiencing a surge of fertility which has been inviting thousands of global brands and entities to bring out their best before a few billion strong buyer bases. However, considering the idiosyncrasies as far as buyer behavior and the market laws and standards of the concerned nations are concerned, making an approach without proper assistance from proper PR and marketing companies can cast death blows to the concerned entities.

Online Marketing Company China

At present, a larger section of buyer base in Asia is equipped with smart phones, tablets, laptops and other such digital devices and has also been showing a massive growth in online shopping trends. This makes it more than just imperative for all enthusiastic entities to fortify their online marketing endeavor which is possible only with the assistance of well reputed indigenous digital marketing agencies. At present, top online marketing companies China have managed to emphasize their role in assisting global names forge impactful presence in the Asian market for a profitable, productive and symbiotic future.

These companies have also thrown light upon certain trust building facts that motivate more and more global entities to approach digital marketing agencies in China with confidence. To begin with, it is no one other than these agencies that understand the nature, behavior and trends of the Asian markets. When it comes to getting a grasp of buyer behavior of the East and the marketing moves that they respond to, these are the companies that can offer the most believable and functional assistance.

Having an in depth understanding of every minute details of the legalities surrounding business in this side of the world, there is no way that global entities could go wrong while laying their foundations in the eastern markets. Such in depth understanding of the eastern markets is usually not seen in any other digital marketing agencies from any corner of the world.

Besides this, any top online marketing company China offer the advantage of affordability which makes it very easy for smaller entities to carry out their ventures successfully and productively. This is one of those welcome opportunities that the world is up for grabs. Till date, certain very successful ad campaigns of well known global brands carried out by leading digital marketing agencies in China have made their way into the books of successful case studies.