Tencent QQ- 3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Marketing On This Platform

1 commentsFriday May 20th, 2016

Tencent QQ is one of the most popular Instant Messaging (IM) services in China that boast over 800 million active users. As wide as its reach is, and as diverse as its users are, it is significant for businesses to incorporate QQ marketing in their overall digital marketing strategies. Here we will provide you with 3 important reasons why you should get serious about QQ promotion if you are looking to spread your brand’s wing in the internet market of China.

Qq Marketing

  1. It is very popular in the Chinese market

Like mentioned already, Tencent QQ is very popular in the Chinese market with over 800 million active users, which is more than the reach of Skype, Whatsapp and WeChat. What makes this number even sweeter is that out of these users, 70 per cent of them are mobile users; and most of them are open to communicate with brands. So businesses, with their mobile and content marketing strategies, can very easily put forth their brand’s message and build a repo with the users, either one on one or in groups.

  1. It has a sister Social Network platform that young population adores

Tencent QQ also has a sister social media platform- QZone. Much like RenRen, this platform is highly used by the young Chinese population. This is a good news particularly for businesses whose target audience mostly comprise of young consumers. Targeting them, with all the features that QZone offers, becomes easy and effective.

  1. Cross platform promotion on Tencent QQ and Weibo is convenient

Tencent is a company, which along with QQ, also owns Weibo- China’s biggest social media platform with over 700 million registered users. This means, with the help of professionals, you can easily integrate your QQ promotion strategies with Weibo. Your work load lessens. Plus, cross platform promotion becomes more convenient and targeting becomes easier. The conversion rate and ROI could jump higher with less effort.

These are the three important reasons why you should get serious about QQ marketing. So get in touch with a digital marketing agency who, along with offering social media marketing services, also offers dedicated QQ promotion service. Contact them and bank on this IM platform effortlessly.

Creating A Marketing Funnel For China-Based QQ App

1 commentsSaturday May 7th, 2016

While majority of brands, to target the Chinese market, is focusing intensively on WeChat marketing today, there is another Instant Messaging (IM) platform that needs just as much attention and importance. It is QQ app– both mobile and web based.

QQ Application

The establishment of QQ is very wide with about 850 million registered users and around 59.5 per cent penetration rate among the internet users in China. Add to this the number of 639 million active users who use this platform from their mobile, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience in a more easy and efficient way.

Connecting with users on more personal level

While professionals once considered E-mails as the most personal medium of marketing, that is not the case today with Instant Messaging (IM) becoming an epicenter in the marketing world. App QQ provides a host of features that allow the brands to connect with their audience on a much more personal level.

Creating a marketing funnel for QQ application

Qzone– It is a QQ social network platform using which you can contact a wide and large range of audience at the same time. Also you can run PPC campaigns here; QQ ad usually yield high conversion rate.

QQ Groups– Group is a setup where you can communicate only a limited number of audience, but at the same time. You can segment your potential customers here much easily, and interact with people often who are more likely to purchase your products or services.

QQ Personal Account– Name suggests all. With QQ personal accounts you can communicate with your potential customers one-on-one. A rather last stage of segmentation, you can sell directly to individual customers and even ask for their opinions to improve your products. The conversion rate here is higher and much easier to measure.

Of course there are host of other features in QQ application that will supplement your regional targeting, efficient segmentation and more too eventually help you meet your business goals. So if you still haven’t incorporated QQ app– mobile and web based- in your overall marketing strategy, you better do now. Contact a reputable social media marketing agency today.