Renren Is a Goldmine of Young Consumers- 9 Tips to Capture This Market

1 commentsSaturday May 14th, 2016

Even after years, RenRen still holds a dominant position in the digital scene of China. Founded in 2005, today it has become a haven for businesses, particularly the ones who target the young consumers. And why not really; after all, this leading social media platform boasts over 40 million unique monthly users, out of which majority of them are aged between 16 to 30 years. If you own a business that target the young audience, RenRen marketing is your ultimate way to capture the Chinese market.

RenRen Marketing

Here are 9 tips that can help you woo this young audience base on RenRen-

Have a clear picture of the ultimate goal of your RenRen marketing. This platform is good for both- making sales and building brands. Pick which one do you want and act accordingly.

But again, regardless your goal, engaging with the target audience is very important to build long term relationship.

Post and communicate regularly. But don’t spam your fans’ timeline either.

If yours is a global brand (or at least that’s what you aspire for), be considerate of the fans whos doesn’t live in China. According to a 2014 report, over 23 per cent of RenRen traffic comes from USA.

Don’t completely rely on organic fans and campaigns.

Spend well on RenRen ads. People in China are more likely to engage with and click on paid ads.

Fun. Fun. Keep your campaigns ‘College fun’ and ‘High school fun’.

Keep your brand page clean and well organized that gives a clear picture as to what kind of business do you deal in.

If you’re really serious about RenRen advertising and think that this platform can unlock the gates of success for your business, get in touch with a good digital marketing agency. They can help you run campaigns and communicate with the target audience more effectively, with far better ROI.

These are the 9 tips to help you capture the young consumer market of China via one of the biggest social media platform in this country- RenRen. Good Luck!