4 Practical Ways To Level-Up Your Social Media Marketing Game In China

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Marketing in China is a bit complex that does not always vouch high ROI. No wonder majority of brands- local and global- hire professional agencies of social media marketing in China. However, if you have planned to head in this direction by yourself, there are few tips and practices that you can follow to smoothen up your path.

So without much of the delay, here are 4 practical (and effective) ways to level-up your social media marketing game in China-

  1. Don’t be on all platforms

One thing great about social platforms of China is that you really don’t need to be everywhere. Different platforms have different kind of user base. You just have to know about your target audience and then identify the right platform accordingly. Like, if you’re targeting the young high-schoolers and college-goers, RenRen is a much popular and sensible choice for you, given its large young user base.

  1. Don’t overlook Baidu’s social platforms

Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. But it also has many open and social platforms that unfortunately many people overlook. Tieba and Zhidao are its two major social communities. In both of them, you can create small communities and answer questions (much like Yahoo’s Q/A). These platforms are quite good to segment your audience in different groups and target them individually.

  1. Care about quality… but also about the quantity

You have heard it timeless time- ‘quantity over quality’. However, with social media platforms of China, quantity is just as important. These platforms aren’t as smart as, say, Facebook to identify and prioritize relevant posts. To stay ahead of your competitors and to be more visible to the audience, you need to maintain a consistency in your postings.

  1. Use PPC campaigns when it makes sense

Social PPC campaigns have become an integral part of marketing strategy. So you must set out a portion of your budget for it; and should intensively promote, particularly the posts that have a higher in-return value, with a definite CTA. Besides, people in China are more likely to respond positively to paid ads. So often, given you have followed the basics, you are assured of maximum ROI.

These are the 4 very simple ways to help you boost your social media approach in the Chinese market. However, to see better result from your investment, it is better you hire a good social media agency in China.

3 (Essential) Third-Party Tools for Baidu SEO

0 commentsThursday June 30th, 2016

Much like Google, Baidu provides a host of tools to help the advertisers and marketers to supplement their SEO practices- like Baidu index, Tongji (analytics), Webmaster centre and advertising tools. But you shouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to these ones. After all there exists just as amazing and effective tools- if not more- that can help you master SEO for Baidu.

Here we list 3 such tools that can help you make an impeccable strategy to optimize your website for Baidu more effectively and quickly. Note that these are the tools that top SEO optimization services companies use and adore. So… you’re welcome!

Ahrefs– Almost every professional use this and there are PLENTY of good reasons for that. The most important one though is that Ahrefs offers a full and detailed report of the backlinks your website is getting- where they are coming from, the relevance, the negative impact, the source or traffic you’re generating from there and so forth. Ahrefs also offer position tracker facility that helps in tracking (and keeping tab) the ranking of your website. Pretty awesome, right?

Hoot suite– It’s not a secret that a good social media standing is a crucial signal for search engines when indexing. So investing just as much amount of your time and resources building your brand on Weibo and other platforms is very important. And this is where Hootsuite comes in. A social media dashboard, you can manage all your social media accounts right from a single interface- post, schedule, coordinate with the team, analyze and more.

Ontolo– You’re desperate for outbound links (hey, we all are!). But “how?” is the question that looms high. Finding a linking opportunity, and a good one on to of that, is very tough. And this is what Ontolo do. Find linking opportunities for you. Run a search and it will come up with a list of linking partners. Now you choose one, contact the source and build link- easily.

Of course there exist many tools like Linkody and GTmetrix, but the above mentioned three are the essential tools, highly recommended by SEO optimization services professionals. Use them from the day one.

But in case if handling new tools is not a cup of your tea, you might want to consider outsourcing a marketing agency. Aside offering wide range of services from SEO to Social media marketing China, these agencies also guarantee far better ROI.

The Role Of Social Media Marketing In China’s Growing Market

1 commentsTuesday January 12th, 2016

China is one of the most important economies in the Asian zone and therefore it is hardly surprising that companies of the west looking to expand their businesses in this part of the world often look to operate their enterprises in various Chinese cities. Like in the west, the Chinese territories have seen enormous expansion in the recent years in terms of computer technology, internet, smartphone technology and ecommerce. People in China also love to stay in touch with their loved ones and share interesting news and information about the latest happenings. However, the trends of social media in China are quite different from what they are in the rest of the world. Hence it is of utmost importance for a company in the west to be well aware of the China social media marketing trends before beginning to operate its business functions here.

Common social media trends in China

While most business houses in the west would target the leading social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, in China such strategies would hardly produce the expected response from the mainstream market. Although it is true that there are many Chinese men and women who also use these social media platforms, the bulk of the Chinese population prefer using a different set of channels for staying in touch with each other. Some of the most widely used social media sites in China include Sina Weibo, Tencent’s QZone, Kaixin, Renren, Tencent Weibo and Tencent’s Pengyou. A social marketing company in China who regularly works with local and international businesses in China to improve their prospects knows this fact very well and accordingly develops marketing strategies to draw prospective users via these channels.

Advantages of working with social media marketing firms in China

A company offering social media services in China can educate international business firms about the mindset of the local people and help them to formulate advertisement and marketing campaigns that appeal to their target audience. Without the requisite knowledge on social trends in China, it would be impossible for any business house to have the strong impact that they ideally want to achieve. As more business houses are choosing to set up their centers in this part of the world, the demand for companies offering social media marketing China is increasing. Many such companies are now collaborating with large multinational firms to improve their prospects. This is not only helping the international businesses but also expanding the horizons for the social media marketing companies in China.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing in China For Better Business Prospects

0 commentsWednesday June 10th, 2015

China is fast emerging as a major hotspot for international companies who are looking to expand their businesses in the Asian territories. Over the last decade or so, many new companies have opened up their enterprises in China and they are now vying for the maximum attention from the people of China. In such a scenario, social media marketing in China has taken precedence as more companies are now trying to appeal to the Chinese population through them.

Social Media in China

Social media in China

Companies who are looking to appeal to the population in China needs to remember that although a certain part of the crowd uses internationally popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp, they are not really the most popular. In fact, China has its very own range of social media websites that do even better in this region than their western counterparts. The social media platforms that are mostly used in China often have features that are similar to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. For example, the sites Tencent’s Pengyou, Tencent’s QZone, Kaixin and Renren are quite like Facebook in that they offer users with features like the creation of social profiles, buddies, albums and social gaming. Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo operate much like Twitter; Sina Weibo has also got a lot of media attention in other parts of the world as well.

Chinese online marketing companies offer the best SEO and SMM solutions

SEO Services

If you are looking to expand to expand your company’s mass appeal in China, then you need to hire the services of the online marketing firms based in this country who can deliver you comprehensive SEO and SMM solutions. An SEO marketing China firm can not only understand your specific requirements and guide you in the right manner to appeal to the Chinese population but can also help you to solidify your position in the Chinese market for a long haul.

Why Small Businesses Also Need To Be Present In Social Media?

0 commentsTuesday April 28th, 2015

Are you a small business owner with a hesitation about implementing social media marketing strategy? If the answer is yes, you must read this article to understand the impact of social media presentation in the present market scenario and also get a transparent idea regarding why small business owners like you should also go for it.

Social media marketing refers to the process of attracting and gaining traffic through popular social media sites. It is equally effective for all business organizations irrespective of its size and scale of operations. Those days of experimentations are already a history and it has been already proved that social media is the ideal channel for all B2B and B2C companies of all sizes in respect of marketing potential.

Social Media Services

So if your business is not present in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you are going to be a looser. You are virtually missing the chance of building awareness about your business and product to the world by your own choice. No doubt you are also failing to develop a deep relationship with the consumers too who may turn out to be your repetitive customers.

Therefore to enhance your visibility on Social Media Marketer. Their experts will be able to rightly assess your specific needs and help you out in your media journey regarding establishing your brand. They will provide authentic services in the following areas:

•    Social Media Strategy: They develop a customized Social media marketing strategy for you that best utilizes the Internet marketing opportunities through social networking websites as a marketing tool. To achieve this goal they focus on producing engaging contents that users will share with their social network, which in return enhances a brand and broaden its customer reach.

•    Social Listening: It actually indicates towards social media monitoring which makes assessment about a particular company by tracking down various social media contents which helps you to plan your marketing approach.

•    Real-Time Monitoring: This is the cutting edge social media marketing tool which helps you to analyze your brand’s performance and the areas you need to put more attention.

•    Community Management: Socially or conversationally you can make your community relationship stronger which also include reputation management the increases your credibility over the social networking sites.

•    Content Development & Distribution: By creating engaging contents and distributing them in proper channels your social media marketing partner will help you to remain on top of discussion on the social. It will drive traffic to your site and increase your business.

Graphic design. No doubt visual impacts have a great importance in digital marketing. That is why developing and implementing eye-catching designs is also a major part of social media services.