Social Media and Branding- A Guide for the Aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in China

1 commentsTuesday February 9th, 2016

Today it’s like everybody wants to become a lifestyle entrepreneur; especially in China thanks to the economy slowdown where getting jobs has become comparatively tougher. Having a complete business on internet and living a location-independent life- that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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But just like with every good thing, there’s a flaw here- it’s not all that easy. The market is crowded, and even with the guides and techniques of the almighties Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak, your story will nothing be like that of fairy tales. The biggest challenge you will face is building your brand on social media networks.

Brand of internet entrepreneurs is everything

It is the brand of a renowned internet entrepreneur that distinguish them from the thousands of wannabes and average-Joes, who are supposedly selling the same or bootlegged products or services. Their names carry that trust factor and goodwill. They are the authority figure in their niche with social reach to thousands and millions of loyal fans and followers.

So the first step for any aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur, who don’t want to be categorized under ‘average-Joes’, building a good reputation through of course their blogs but more importantly through their social media presence is very (VERY) important.

It’s not that simple

There are basically millions of brands on social media websites fighting to grab people attentions. This makes it very tough for every beginner to establish without spending extravagantly on rigorous advertisements on cross platforms.

But on a good note, now, more than ever, top social media platforms offer many new tools and interface that are in favor for newbies- which, if used thoughtfully, can yield delightful results. Even with that though, there are some handy pointers here that you should keep in mind.

#1 As is the case with most lifestyle entrepreneurs, your consumer or following base will be global. Keep that in mind while posting anything on your social media handlers. A follower sitting in Detroit won’t care much about the economic downturn of your home city Shanghai.

#2 Don’t try to be on every social media platform. Reserve a custom on each one of them, but use extensively only the ones that are popular and complement your product or services. At max, use four platforms.

#3 Many beginners, naively tries to replicate the posting style of big companies, side-stepping the fact that they are building a person’s brand and not that of any company. The evident and silly mistake is using ‘we’ and ‘our team’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘My team’.

#4 Social Media platforms help a business or brand to connect with its potential, current and past customers on a personal level. And that is what you should focus on the most- connecting with your followers more, talking to them, understanding their needs, why they are following you and what you can do to help them.

There’s a catch

While that’s a good thing, you building your brand on social media platforms, it will come with a trade-off. You will have less time to make new products or services, improve the old ones, and focus more on your current customers. And this is where top social media company China comes in to help you.

These professionals are the experts in building and handling personal brands. So you don’t need to remember all the juggernauts that this wide world of social media includes. No more making silly mistakes while posting, no more irrelevant posts, no more limiting yourself to few platforms just to save time. And definitely no more time spending on coming up with campaign ideas. These Social Media and web marketing company in China takes care of everything at a very affordable price range.

Internet Marketing Has A Different Synonym In The E-Commerce Industry

1 commentsMonday February 8th, 2016

The world of internet is nothing short of a mysterious land. The branches of marketing are tangled-up so complexly with each other it is all but confusing, at least to the newbies and startups.

Web Marketing Company in China

If you have just started an e-commerce business or planning to do so- to replicate the success story of Jack Ma and his ‘Alibaba’- China’s biggest e-commerce platform- should you know, it’s not at all that easy. Unlike any other online business, e-commerce website and its products requires different marketing methods and strategies for success. And this is why specialist web marketing company in China plays such an important role in the online retail and wholesale industry.

That doesn’t work here…

You must have come across hundreds of blog posts reading “Tips and tricks for successful Internet marketing” filled with the same old outdated methods and strategies promising to help you get better ranking on Google, to run successful campaigns on social media platforms and to get better ROI. Those keyword stuffing, buying likes and followers from third parties for your Facebook and Twitter space, spamming various forums, writing unnecessary blog posts- yes all these DIY strategies and methods, they don’t work when it comes to e-commerce business.

How your website work and look like?

One of the biggest and deciding factor for the success of your e-commerce venture is how well your website work, how does it look and how much time does it take to load. Research has shown a website that loads even 0.1 second slower than that of its rival rank low on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and suffers huge financial loss.

Google official data and analysis shows that 47 percent of your visitor will expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less and 40 percent of them will hit the exit button if it takes 3 seconds or more. Another data says, 79 percent of shoppers who had to wait long for the website to load said they won’t come back to purchase their again.

These data shows just how important it is for your website to run smoothly to succeed. And to make you website run ‘smoothly’ you need reputed internet marketing company Asia.

SEO is tricky in this world

Like mentioned already, ranking good on search engine is a tricky business for e-commerce websites, especially when the market competition is as stiff as that of China. And this brings in the need for web marketing company in China. Product descriptions as well as positive reviews from the consumers play an important role here; followed by optimizing the pages of websites on regular interval to meet the new search demands. Also, as is evident on many e-commerce website, the problem of duplicate content or product is very big. And this negatively impacts your businesses’ search engine ranking considerably.

Additionally, cross platform integration and marketing as well as predictive analysis plays a very crucial role in the e-commerce industry.

All these bring in the need for a good internet marketing company Asia. So if you thought you can make it big by buying domain and web host, using CMSs like WordPress and Drupal, uploading few products and using Magento cart and PayPal all by yourself- you’re sure in for big surprises.