Key Opinion Leaders (Kols) On Weibo- Everything You Need To Know

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You need to buy a pair of shoe. Whose advice would you rather take- Cara Delevingne (the super model) or Caitlyn Louise (a random stranger on open social media platform)? Of course, the former one; unless you’re not in your sane mind. This is the power of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs); a term highly tossed on Weibo.

There are many ways Weibo advertising works; you can use Fen Si Tong and Fans Headlines to spread the good words about your brand or products. But the power (conversion and ROI) of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is unmatched.

Sina Weibo Advertising

Who are they?

KOLs are basically are the authority figures of one particular niche. When they speak, people listen and act on. Like if they are expert in the designer shoes, when they promote any particular brand of shoes, people will listen to them and buy the shoes of that brand. This is the power of KOLs. And this type of promotion is very prevalent on Weibo.

How to find KOLs on Weibo?

Finding an authority figure for Weibo promotion is much like researching to find the right and high traffic keyword; only here you’re finding a person who has more number of followers. How do you find that? Use search option on Weibo. Check different profiles, posts, pictures and hashtag. Things to consider before you finalize on anyone-

Their number of followers– Number of followers is one very evident factor that shows just how much authority a person has in the market. If they have many people following, when they promote your brand, product or services, more people will be listening to them and conversion rate will be much higher.

The trust factor– Maybe a person has heaps of followers but not all of them listen and trust her/him. This means you must do a thorough research on this person or such people. See how they have helped businesses- just like yours- in the past? How do they communicate with their followers? And how they can help you reach your business goals?

The complexities when engaging with KOLs

Trust factor kept aside, even if you managed to find a good KOL of you niche, things might not be as smooth as you would hoped for. Your products or services might be checked (and scrutinized) by the KOL, and they may refuse from the deal if they don’t like your offerings.

Another problem is money. Did you know Kendall Jenner earns up to $300K from a post on Instagram promoting a product or brand? How much should your KOL charge really depend on her/him and their ranking on ‘Popularity meter’. Often businesses end up overspending (they get less conversion and ROI).

Let professionals take care of your Weibo promotion

Given all the hassle of finding and engaging KOLs, the best advice is to let the professionals handle things for you. Top online marketing company in China who offers dedicated Sina Weibo advertising services can make things simple and easy for you. They usually have wide reach to such trusted KOLs. Plus, for an all round success for your brand on this Chinese Social Media platform, they integrate the KOL strategy with overall Weibo advertising campaigns that further maximize the return on investment.

So if you’re really serious about banking on over 195 million active users of Weibo- expand your brand’s reach or/and make direct sales- get in touch with a good marketing agency who specializes in Sina Weibo advertising.

3 Advertising Methods of Weibo- And How to Bank On Them

0 commentsMonday May 16th, 2016

Although, at large, all social media platforms are believed to be similar, same can’t be said about the giant Chinese social media Weibo. It is different (yes, even different from Twitter) and if you own a business and looking to market it on this platform, you will require a slight different strategy and campaign. Hence comes the need for a good marketing agency that not only specializes in SMM (Social Media Marketing) but also provides a dedicated Weibo online service that specifically and strategically caters the people in China.

In 2015, Weibo became advert friendly

Weibo Social media platform boasts of over 195 million monthly active users. There is a large pool of potential customers that businesses can capitalize on. And it is for this, Weibo introduced few changes in its advertising system in 2015- to help the brands reach their target and relevant audience more efficiently.

There are basically three broad ways you can promote your brand or products on Weibo. Although the process is simple, you have to considerate of a range of things- which one of these techniques would give you better ROI, how much from your budget should you distribute on each of them, what kind of campaigns should your run, and so forth. Here are the three ways you can advertise on Weibo online

Fen Si Tong– This is basically paying Weibo to promote your post in front of the users. These ads appear just once in the newsfeed of the users, so it must be engaging and appealing, and you must run multiple campaigns simultaneously to ensure higher conversion. Fen Si Tong is available in CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPE (Cost Per Engagement) – both of them follow a bidding system.

Fans Headlines– This technique follows the method of ‘repetitive exposure’. You pay and your fans, followers and people whose activities shows that they might be interested in your brand or product, will see your ad at the top of their feed for full 24 hours.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)– Every niche has authority figures with large number of fans/followers; and on Weibo we call them KOLs. You can engage with them ask them to promote your product or brand in return for an amount. Of course this is complex- the KOLs will have their own demands, ask for however amount they feel is appropriate and might not promote the way you want them to. But if things go right, KOLs can yield your far better conversion and higher ROI.

These are the three ways you can advertise on Chinese Social Media Weibo. As simple as it may sound, getting better ROI is a bit difficult. And that is why you should always go for Weibo marketing professionals/agencies.