Geographic Segmentation- A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy In Russia

0 commentsTuesday August 30th, 2016

With all the sanctions and distinctive, unique and multiple platforms, many local and international brands struggle to spread their wings in the digital space of Russia.

Sure hiring digital marketing Russia based agencies is a much saner idea if you’re serious about scaling your business. But if you’re looking for few DIY strategies, we won’t disappoint you.

Russia marketing strategy

Segment! Segment your audience demographically… and geographically.

Geographic segmentation—more important in countries as big as Russia

A winning Russia marketing strategy is to segment your market geographically. Why you ask? Here’s a fact- the country is spread across 17.1 million square kilometers. The income, privileges, purchasing power and internet access is unevenly distributed among the Federal Subjects (States). Meaning, a marketing approach working in Moscow might, and will, not be equally effective in the other end, say in Yagodnoye and Chersky.

In fact the strategy applies and works for every country as large as Russia, like China, Canada and India.

5 Benefits of Geographic segmentation

Cost effective– Targeting several locations individually saves unnecessary expenditure on advertisements and other promotional elements.

Much easier– It is much easier and equally effective than demographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation.

Easy Expansion– Many doors to expand your business get open. With better demographic and population density knowledge, catering efficiently the individual territories gets easy.

Effective Communication– Knowing about the target consumers in different territories, increasing the effectiveness of your communication gets significantly easier.

Beating competition– When you’re dividing consumers geographically, you also get a clearer picture as to who your competitors are and what their approaches are. Knowing this, beating them gets easier.

So looking to expand your brand’s reach in Russia and increase conversion? Segment your target consumers geographically. Or better, hire a good digital marketing Russia based agency.

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