4 Play Studio

Situation analysis

4 Play Studio, a newcomer in the mobile game industry, had to design a strategy to raise consumer awareness regarding their mobile game, but also, gain market share, and increase the download rate with a limited budget. To achieve these challenging goals, we customized a “zero-budget marketing strategy” for 4 Play Studio upon conducting marketing analysis. We implemented this approach through the use of low-cost and highly interactive online platforms, especially the ones which would appeal to the target audience as shown through our analytics. As a result, 4 Play Studio successfully tapped into the Greater China market with its first mobile game product “PokerHero”, and was ranked first on the Google Play game list and App Store “Free RPG Games”.


  • ZeroBudget Marketing Execution Plan – we adopted an innovative marketing model, called the Zero-Budget Campaign. We reached this Zero-Budget effect in three aspects: 1. Using DT proprietary analytics method to identify target market to minimize promotional and operation cost. 2. A propriety algorithm designed to capture and apply Zero-Budget resources on non-first tier platforms 3. A Zero-Budget spokesperson; 4. A Zero-Budget Cost Per Sale advertising model.

Objectives & Target audience

  • 4 Play Studio as a rising mobile game company needs to rapidly increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth communication among customers.
  • Launch the company’s first mobile phone game – PokerHero, and increase the game download rates.
  • Appeal the target audience, 15 to 35-year-old gamers in Asia, with the purpose of expanding brand awareness.


By reaching a target population of 50,000 individuals through online media, and targeted websites and forums, as well as delivering daily updates with more than 100 articles and inquiries featuring the mobile game, we successfully helped the newcomer, 4 Play Studio, enter Greater China market, ensuring an effective first impression. Moreover, PokerHero managed to get the top place on the App Store’s “Free RPG Games” and Google Play Store’s “Latest free items” rankings by increasing awareness of 4 Play Studio’s mobile games towards its target audience.

Finally, according to historical records, this was one of the first mobile games developed in Hong Kong which conquered the App Store’s or Google Play Store’s top five. In addition, PokerHero had only a week to stand out from more than a hundred applications, and still won the top spot in rankings, corresponding to an unprecedented milestone in Hong Kong.