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RenRen Marketing

There are few people who argue China-based RenRen Social Network is losing its touch in the competitive market, there is more potential to explore, and we, at DT Digital Asia,  stand by it. We think that RenRen marketing is still very effective for a range of business types and that this platform can help our clients increase their brand awareness and hence, sales. And we’re not even talking out of blue; there are legitimate reasons behind that.

RenRen China has well over 40 million monthly users (according to 2014 report). The best part? The majority of its users are aged between16 and 30 years. This makes this popular social media platform very suitable particularly for businesses that target the young consumers.

We, at DT Digital Asia, are very experienced; you can even call us ‘RenRen advertising pros’! Homing a large team of experts and professionals, we make use of the best and most efficient tools and strategies that ensure the maximum return for our clients. Our campaigns are unique and fun that aims to engage the young users more effectively. And it is with this effective communication, we help our clients expand their brand reach and meet their business goals.

We cater to a diverse range of businesses and our clients are from various industries, right from ecommerce business and hotel owners to SaaS providers and more. So regardless of the kind of business you run, you can count on us to help it grow and capture the market of RenRen app (mobile and web).

DT Digital Asia also specializes in various wings of marketing- social media, search engine, PPC and app marketing. So, we can effectively integrate RenRen advertising campaigns with other overall marketing strategies. This ensures a 360 digital success for our clients, right under a single roof.

So whether you’re looking specifically for someone to expand your brand’s presence on RenRen or a ‘whole package’ internet marketing companion, DT Digital Asia is your perfect answer.

14 day FREE Trial on SEM, SMO & Market Places services. Limited time offer ! Request Free Trial Know More