Durex Sample Record

Durex Massage and play 2 in 1 Campaign

So, you want to be the king of foreplay? Your desire was valued and Durex condom making organization launched a massage oil named; the Durex Massage 2in1.

Being a conservative country it is difficult to be vocal about such intimacy and therefore they decided to, but very subtly, punch a tone of humor to tackle the launch.


To bring about an alteration in the perception of traditional oil massage products

To aware, educate and value the use of Durex massage oil products


Talking about sex and sexual course of action even today is quite sensitive, and most people in China shy away discussing about it in public. Therefore, adopting subtle means of channelizing such crucial but sensitive issue, where people can be informed and educated about it privately was chosen. DT Digital promoted an interactive video that would spread widely to masses, will be more consumers endearing yet interestingly provided knowledge on couples’ massage, foreplay and even use of massage oil to initiate satisfaction and lubrication. Offering a chance to viewers to apply online for the product or directly the online store for the purchase of Durex products aggravated the sales eliminating the embarrassment otherwise felt. Durex official micro-blogging pages posted the video and discussed social topics, suggesting provocative titles like ‘master foreplay’, ‘rubbing love and affection’ actively to encourage further sales and enhanced the awareness on social forum. The target group of couples for this campaign ranged between 25 and 39.


Over 70,000 users experienced the video online within and after 14 days on the social platforms, the average visit length being 6 minute plus. The ‘Durex massage oil’ associated searches in the Baidu search engine amplified to over 1.6 million from zero, with combined video and different advertising means. While the Durex massage oil combo sales augmented merely within two months and reached over 10,000 units, sales on the digital forum escalated thrice as much other sale.